Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 9/15/16: Moose Blood

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez 


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(Aired 9/15/16)

Moose Blood 

– When we last left things with “Delete Or Decay,” it was the Broken Hardys who were left shattered, yet intact. The opening cutscene followed up on this, as Broken Matt Hardy discussed how his “platoon was nearly destroyed” with Vanguard 1 missing, Brother Nero badly beaten, Señor Benjamin kidnapped, Rebecca emotionally traumatized and King Maxel nearly abducted. There was a bit where Matt “rejuvenated” Nero in the “Lake Of Reincarnation.” Can’t make this stuff up, but it continued to poke fun at past TNA gimmicks, notably Jeff Hardy’s heel Immortal persona circa 2011, tacky belt and all. Hilarious stuff. The theme of the Hardys was Matt using Jesus-like healing powers to get his family back to where it was before DOD. We left here with the knowledge that Nero was back. Matt now set his attention to Señor Benjamin. That’s where we’d head to the arena.

– The opening in-ring segment with TNA World Heavyweight Champion Lashley, Jeremy Borash, Grado and Moose continued Lashley’s streak of incredible mic work in this Title run. The great thing is that he has actually been able to “destroy” the roster with notable victories over guys like Eddie Edwards and James Storm to build credibility. It’s not like a chicken heel where he says things and we don’t believe him. This time we actually could. It was Lashley’s belief that because he injured Ethan Carter III (his set opponent for the Bound For Glory Pay-Per-View on Oct. 2), he was now left with no challenger. Grado’s place was as the sympathetic underdog who called Lashley out on being a coward, yet allowed Lashley to laugh it up that nobody could be a worthy challenge for him, as he danced his way down the ramp. Even better, Lashley got to put down Grado with fierce elbows and a spear. Moose came out as the equalizer, as they engaged in physicality and it was Moose who vowed to kick Lashley’s ass while the Champ backed away and laughed. Lashley is pretty untouchable now, but it was good to see Moose finally get a moment where he could stand up for himself.

– Aron Rex’s backstage promo hyped his in-ring debut to follow in the TNA Impact Grand Championship Tournament to help crown the first-ever Grand Champion, with a series of matches with confusing stipulations where there are three three-minute rounds and they could end by pinfall to submissions at any time, but if it goes the distance, it gets decided by the judges. His promo was delivered well with the hint that him and Drew Galloway would eventually build to a showdown.

– Lashley’s backstage promo addressed Moose’s earlier challenge as he declined based on the fact that Moose was “here for two days” and dropped a line that “fighting him was bad for his health.” Surprise surprise.

– The TNA Grand Championship Tournament First Round match between Rex and Trevor Lee was an easy way to showcase Rex’s in-ring skills while also letting him advance in the tournament. We all know that him and Galloway will meet in this tourney, it’s just the way it’s shaped out. Rex’s spinning punch seems like a weak finisher, but maybe they’ll adjust it down the road to look more menacing. Just for fun, try to say “Rex won round one” 10 times fast. You’ll do better than Commentator Josh Mathews.

– TNA Knockouts Champion Maria’s backstage promo hyped the Gauntlet match where we’d find out her challenger at BFG while she also revealed that in order not to overshadow her victory at BFG, she was moving Gail Kim’s TNA Hall Of Fame Induction ceremony to later. Oh, this is going to be so good.

– The cutscene with Matt and Vanguard 1 saw Matt “rejuvenate” his drone in an effort to find Señor Benjamin, as he commanded the gods to install the power he wiped out from Brother Nero into Vanguard 1. Sure enough, the drone reemerged and flew off. That was so inspirational.

– The in-ring segment with Maria, Allie, Kim and TNA Chairman Dixie Carter was very good, mainly because of Maria’s over-the-top character and how she continued to draw heat for her mistreatment of Allie. Maria was hellbent on revenge against Dixie/TNA President Billy Corgan and this was her way to mess up their plans. Kim confronted Maria on this, as Maria showed us a video package to “remember Kim” that consisted of only the times Maria beat her down. Excellent. To add insult to injury, Maria presented Kim with a “gift” of a picture of herself as the Champion. A sympathy moment for Allie where she praised Kim as an all-rime great and revealed another box for a present she had bought herself, before Maria snatched it away and stomped on it. Kim and Maria had it out before Dixie came down to remind Maria that she held no official decision-making power while she was KO Champion. She confirmed that Kim would get her deserved ceremony at BFG and also announced that she’d take place in the Gauntlet for a chance to face Maria at BFG. Why not just give it all away right now? Predictable, but again, Maria was great here.

– The feud between Rockstar Spud and Braxton Sutter had mainly been about brawls and braces. That’s not a bad thing, as it helps the two of them separate from the limits of the X-Division. Sutter injured Spud in the mouth, which forced him to wear adult braces. Spud retaliated with his own sinister attack where he targeted Sutter’s mouth. The payoff to it all – an “Exposed Turnbuckle Empty Arena” match where it was decided by management that for the fan’s safety, they needed to evacuate the arena and let them hash it out. They simply could’ve said it was filmed earlier in the day instead of trying to make us believe they actually emptied the arena out during a live show, but we’d let that slide. To its credit, it was a unique stipulation. They went around the seating area for a while before it was Sutter who threw Spud numerous times into the turnbuckles and finished him off as he pushed his mouth into the exposed steel to make Spud bleed from the mouth, which rendered him defeated by pinfall. A bit gruesome towards the end, but at least Sutter got to have his moment, even if it came off a bit heelish. The good thing was that commentary was there to remind us that it was Spud who picked the fight.

– The next Hardy cutscene saw Vanguard 1 lead Matt to where Señor Benjamin was abducted, an old barn. This led Matt to tell Benjamin to prepare, because a “Great War” was upon us on Oct. 2. Figured they had something planned for BFG.

– Moose’s backstage promo was a response to Lashley’s earlier comments, where he basically said the same thing he did earlier in the night. He dropped a line where he asked if Lashley would accept his challenge or “run like a little bitch.” Another surpassingly good promo.

– The in-ring segment with Matt, Nero, Rebecca and TNA World Tag Team Champions Decay was outlandish, yet entertaining as hell. It was similar to the segment that came before DOD, but different in certain ways. The crowd was certainly into the Hardys, as they lit up the scene with chants of “Delete” and “Obsolete.” To sum it up, Matt laid down a challenge for BFG for the belts that was bigger than a wrestling ring could contain. Decay’s point of view was that they wanted Maxel to be with his true family. The Champions accepted the challenge and Rebecca and Rosemary got into it. When Rosemary called Rebecca “an unfit mother,” that set her off and we got a brawl out of it. The highlight was Rebecca’s Twist Of Fate onto Rosemary as they cleared Decay from the ring. Great stuff, while we also learned that Bram had disappeared thanks to Rosemary.

– The backstage segment with The Miracle and Lashley was good for what it was, as Lashley saw through Miracle’s attempt to rile him up so that he could take out his foe later on. Lashley pointed out he realized why Moose and Miracle were such friends and threatened to take them both out. Tough Champ we got here.

– The Knockouts Gauntlet to decide Maria’s challenger at BFG with Jade, Laurel Van Ness, Sienna, Kim, Raquel, Marti Bell and Madison Rayne was actually pretty tough to watch. The only good parts here was Allie getting more sympathy, as Maria removed her from the match in favor of her “replacement,” whom was the blonde-haired LVN. Maria also furthered things as she forced Allie to clap for LVN and commanded her to intervene, which only backfired when Allie pulled down the rope and LVN went over. It wasn’t long before it was Kim and Sienna left over and it was Kim who countered the Silencer into the Eat Defeat. Highly predictable, but at least they spotlighted Allie some more more and we have our Maria-Kim BFG showdown officially set. On a side note, Maria’s creeped out facial expression at the developments was gold.

– The TNA Grand Championship Tournament First Round match between Edwards and Mahabali Shera was also pretty bad, all things considering. We desperately hoped that it was just one say way for Edwards to go over and luckily, that’s how it went down as he made Shera tap out in the final round after the two split the first two rounds. Inconsequential stuff. So, now it’d be Drake, Galloway, Rex and Edwards as the semifinalists.

– The closing in-ring segment with Moose, Lashley, Miracle and EC3 started as Moose-Lashley’s “street fight” as Lashley again announced it wasn’t happening and tried to convince Moose to move the match to BFG. It was Moose who decided he couldn’t wait long and began to attack Lashley, as Miracle tried to blindside him from behind, but to no avail. Lashley ended up spearing Moose, before EC3 came out with bandaged ribs and helped Moose out, as he wiped out the heels with a double clothesline. Just when it looked like EC3 might say something worthwhile, things ended abruptly. Well, we see why things went down like that, but it was still less than what we expected. Plus, it was never decided how things would happen at BFG. Is EC3 still on for his match?






Quick Results

  • Impact Grand Championship Tournament – First Round – Aron Rex def. Trevor Lee via pinfall to advance 
  • Exposed Turnbuckle Empty Arena Match – Braxton Sutter def. Rockstar Spud via pinfall 
  • Winner Gets TNA Knockouts Championship Title Shot At Bound For Glory – Gauntlet – Gail Kim def. Sienna, Madison Payne, Laurel Van Ness, Marti Bell, Jade and Raquel 
  • Impact Grand Championship Tournament – First Round – Eddie Edwards def. Mahabali Shera via pinfall to advance 

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