Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 9/14/16: WMD

Lucha UndergroundBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 9/14/16)


– Lucha Underground’s third season has shown potential to the throwback days of when it kicked ass in the first season, so we’d welcome more of that. The opening video focused on Dario Cueto as he reopened the Temple. Also highlighted was Famous B’s betrayal of his first client, Mascarita Sagrada in sinister fashion. We also were thrown back to the announcement of the “Weapons Of Mass Destruction” match to take place on the show between Killshot and Marty “The Moth” Martinez.

– The cheesy Los Angeles Police Department storyline with Officers Ryan, Reyes and Captain Vasquez has been too cutesy for its own good, but at least it has played a minor role in progressing more key storylines. We were shown the night where Mr. Cisco was killed while the police listened in and how upset Reyes was about it since he personally knew Cisco, while Ryan and Vasquez were unsympathetic. Vasquez mentioned a “forthcoming war” that was bigger than everyone. Segment seemed harmless, but it’d make sense later on.

– We’d finally get the showdown between Famous B’s old and new clients, as Dr. Wagner, Jr. would face MS. They went all in on the “Doctor” name, as Brenda donned a nurse outfit. Wouldn’t expect anything less. Famous B scored some nice heat as he snatched away Ring Announcer Melissa Santos’ microphone and insulted her skills. Basically a glorified squash to further build up Wagner, as MS pulled off one huracanrana. The Michinoku Driver by Wagner put the little guy out of his misery. For some reason, we hoped for it to be more of a fight, but this was realistic.

– The cutscene with Vasquez and Reyes gave us plenty of perspective. Right away, we learned that Vasquez held an amulet called the “Piedra Immortal” that only worked on females that was given to her by her dying father a millennia ago. Basically, it made her immortal because this “war” was too important to lose. We flashed back to the night of Ultima Lucha Dos and seen that she only possessed half of the amulet. We also learned that Vasquez would suspend Reyes for his belief that having Cueto behind bars was more logical when she saw him as a link to bigger enemies. She told him to come back to the force when he knew what side he wanted to be on. More LAPD mumbo-jumbo but we should’ve known Vasquez was more than just a Captain.

– The Argenis-Mil Muertes match was another squash victory for MM outside of some stiff slaps from Argenis to keep him strong for this inevitable showdown with Prince Puma based off last week’s interaction. We got more between them here as Puma snuck from behind MM with a springboard elbow as Catrina delivered the lick of death to Argenis. The two brawled some more as Commentator Matt Striker threw around the words “storied rivalry” to give it some meaning. Catrina got some heat as he pushed MM away from Puma to some boos. Good stuff here.

– The cutscene in Cueto’s office with him and Ryan showed us Ryan’s decision to betray his partner as he chose to side with Cueto in this “war” for exchange of money to pay for his child support. He also bragged about his own abilities to be a “double agent” and he revealed to Cueto that he and Cortez Castro were cops, but he didn’t want Cueto in jail.

– The cutscene with Vasquez and Reyes in present day saw Reyes make the choice to be on her side during the “war,” to which we welcomed him back and told him he’d be going back to the Temple. She still had half the amulet and kept it hidden from Reyes still.

– The WMD match between Moth and Killshot was their best effort to date in terms of their feud. Granted, a lot of it has revolved around Killshot’s military background being highlighted and exploited by Moth, who continuously robbed his dog tags. Doesn’t really spell out “blood feud” for us, but Moth has a creepy enough demeanor that almost anything he does wants us to see him get his face kicked in. Killshot is also the perfect guy to play the hero role here, since he bounces off the crowd’s energy. Sometimes, LUG gets too cute with their stipulations but this was every bit the militaristic street fight it was advertised to be. There were war-like props and weapons all over the ring area. The war puns on commentary were a bit much though. We liked the added touch of Moth in a military uniform and obsessive behavior around Santos. Plenty of brutal spots throughout and testicle-grabbing from both men. Guess pain is truly balls deep. The superplex by Moth onto the military boxes looked especially painful. Moth also powerbombed Killshot over the top rope and through two tables on the outside. Things got more dramatic when the huge ladder was brought into play. Mariposa’s involvement made sense and was even more for Killshot to overcome as she ended up going through a table. This all built to the big spot to end the bout as Killshot hit his double stomp finisher on Moth off the side of the ladder and through a table below. Crazy spot to end a fun match, but the feud wasn’t really all that. At least they can take this momentum Killshot has carried and propel him into something different. Moth is no better or worse from this feud and can get a good match out of everybody, but hopefully he won’t suffer from the “Bray Wyatt Syndrome” in that his horror-esque personality gets played up for a build only to lose a big feud.

– The final cutscene in the locker room with MM and Catrina saw the big reveal that Catrina held the other half of the amulet as MM punched lockers all angry as he screamed for Puma. Catrina ended with the line that she waited hundreds of years to get what she wanted and that patience was a virtue. Guess we’ll see where it all goes as the season progresses.






Quick Results

  • Dr. Wagner, Jr. (w/Famous B, Nurse Brenda) def. Masacrita Sagrada via pinfall 
  • Mil Muertes (w/Catrina) def. Argenis via pinfall 
  • Weapons Of Mass Destruction Match – Killshot def. Marty “The Moth” Martinez via pinfall 

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