Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 9/14/16: Glorious Actions

WWE NXTBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 9/14/16)

Glorious Actions 

– At their first-ever encounter at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II, Shinsuke Nakamura beat Samoa Joe to become the new NXT Champion. There had to be some intriguing way to set up a reason to want to see the guaranteed rematch. Boy, did it happen here. A lot of credit for the opening in-ring segment with Joe and Nakamura. Joe did his best to make like he had turned a new leaf and learnt from his mistakes as Champion while he dealt with hecklers and claimed their words were deserved. He called out Nakamura and told him he had respect for him, that he was a worthy Champion. It had ended with the news that as soon as Joe was medically cleared to compete, he wanted his rematch. He called for a handshake before he went to the back as Nakamura posed in the ring. The shocker came the moment Joe ambushed Nakamura on the ramp and let loose his true intentions all along – to sucker the Champ into a sick attack. Now, it wasn’t quite to the level that Mark Henry did in 2013 with his fake retirement speech, but the key was that Joe said and did enough for us to let our guard down, even if we slightly felt an attack coming. They alluded to an attitude change ever since the show after TakeOver and that made the attack all the more buyable. Joe culminated his attack with a Bookend onto the steel steps before medical trainers took over and put the Champ on a stretcher. A cool mini-swerve that came off even better as it was played up like a legitimate injury, as we saw the Referee throw up the “X” and even Corey Graves came down from the commentary booth to check on Nakamura as did NXT General Manager William Regal.

– The backstage segment with Regal and Joe was short, but an excellent follow-up. Regal screamed for Joe and found him as he sped away in his car. We know they’ll have a hash-out sometime soon.

– With the NXT Women’s Division bare as can be in the midst of a dominant reign by NXT Women’s Champion Asuka, there has been an attempt in the past weeks to build up “Jersey Girl” Liv Morgan. Still has a lot of work to do, but at least they’re consistent standing by her. Her match against Rachel Fazio didn’t do much to change our minds, but at least she won by submission to have that side of her repertoire focused on. Her post-match promo was far from perfect in terms of delivery and tone, but the message was clear that she wanted a piece of Asuka. It’s an intriguing match to pass the time, but somebody better has to come along eventually, right?

– Another Sanity hype video aired with the usual chaotic footage except this time there was a maniacal laugh distorted into there. Interesting stuff.

– Ever since he put Austin Aries to sleep at TakeOver: Brooklyn II, another key goal for NXT was to establish Hideo Itami with the same momentum he had pre-injury. They’ve been getting there with weekly showcases for the stiff Japanese veteran, this time as he got to do his thing with Drew Gulak of independent and Cruiserweight Classic fame. Gulak did enough on his own to make an impression with his angry faces and hard slaps, but Itami reciprocated each time and before you knew it, Gulak was put to sleep. It was encouraging to see Gulak involved again though.

– We finally learned the names of The Authors Of Pain, which were Rezar and Akam. Yup, AOP continued their Matanza-meets-The Shield-meets-D’Lo Brown act with another squash win over the simply fearsome tag team of Doug Sesa/Chris Payne. We recognized Payne from Pro Wrestling Syndicate/WrestlePro and he got to sport his signature black and blue “Cross The Line” trunks, but even “Shining” Edward Jackson wouldn’t had been able to save him from these burly henchmen. A powerbomb and a clothesline later and it was all over.

– Another fun thrill of NXT lately has been the rise up of “The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger, as he spoke about his recent luck of late in a confident backstage promo. Things like this are true indicators that a push may actually be on the horizon. Long overdue.

– We were promised a “Glorious” main event, as Bobby Roode made his in-ring debut at Full Sail University against the upbeat Dominican, No Way Jose. While it seemed to be more about Roode than Jose, Jose was portrayed as on the same level and benefited from the main event spot. It was essentially the battle of the entrance themes and after Jose got down with the crowd, there was no denying the enthusiasm shared for Roode’s entrance, which featured him as he stood upon a rotating platform in front of the stage while he posed like a Roman statue. Classic stuff. The action was nice on both ends, as the crowd seemed to be more for Roode the whole time. Roode made sure to pose and scream, “Glorious” multiple times in the bout while Graves reinforced Roode’s heel logic that he was better than everybody in the crowd. Jose was built to the point where he geared up for his big right hand strike finisher, but that was reversed into a neckbreaker and subsequent “Glorious” DDT for the win. We never doubted a Roode victory with the mention of his FSU debut, but still a fun match regardless.






Quick Results

  • Liv Morgan def. Rachel Fazio via submission 
  • Hideo Itami def. Drew Gulak via pinfall 
  • The Authors Of Pain (w/Paul Ellering) def. Doug Sesa/Chris Payne via pinfall 
  • Bobby Roode def. No Way Jose via pinfall 

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