Notes In Observance – WCWC 9/10/16: Crowbars And Second Chances

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 9/10/16)

Crowbars And Second Chances 

– In continuity’s interest, we were fans of the opener being the rematch for the WCWC Tag Team Championships between Champions Gangrel/Sinn Bodhi and The Bonus Boyz. You had the instant story of the angry former Champion jock heels on the prowl to get back their old gold from the fairly-new-yet-successful pairing of Gangrel/Bodhi. A big comedy sell for us was Morty Lipschitz on commentary as he sought out “legal help” (restraining order and advice from Judge Judy) against Bodhi. What we couldn’t forgive however, was the odd “sibling switch” they did with the heels. The Referee looked like an idiot in that he couldn’t tell the difference between Sugar Brown and Clutch Kucera when one of them had on a shirt and the other didn’t. That’s a little lazy now. Anyways, some nice back-and-forth action as expected with some good momentum twists towards the end to make it look like it was up for grabs. Since Gangrel/Bodhi just won the belts, we figured they’d hold on to them. That was until Kate Carney came out and laid down a crowbar which ended up being used by BB to regain the belts. Fun turn of events since we’ve seen BB/Carney aligned once before, as maybe it’ll finally become official. Not sure we would’ve had the belts change hands like a hot potato over the course of two weeks though.

– The backstage promo from WCWC Legacy Champion Ethan HD and Carney advanced the feud between Ethan HD and Eric Right, who was in an endless pursuit of his Title. We learned the “socially accepted” heel duo’s new plan was to test Right’s will against the likes of Paragon Pro Wrestling’s Royce Isaacs to see if he was worth another shot or not. We originally thought this would happen this week, but it appears to be perhaps next week or the week after.

– There’s something off about the Ian Sutton/Anthony Greene duo. On one hand, it’s comedic to see a social media-prevalent man try to help out a happy-go-lucky hillbilly, but we’re not exactly busting our guts here. The backstage promo from Sutton/Greene mainly revolved around Greene as he introduced Sutton to Tinder, because God knows that’ll help his character. It actually seems to lessen Greene’s character by hanging around Sutton. The idea seemed to be to build them up as a team once we learned their opponents would be The Shadows.

– The Shadows-Sutton/Greene match went exactly as we thought – lighthearted comedy from the babyfaces that played off Sutton’s banjo bonanza. Mainly forgettable, although the finish caught our attention, as Greene hit a cutter as he jumped back down from the top rope. The “Like” on Greene’s tights was a nice touch, but again, what exactly is his role within the WCWC?

– Marcus Malone’s backstage promo hyped up his match with Caleb Konley, as he talked it up as the match of his career. In many ways, he was right. We were actually looking forward to this on paper.

– The Konley-Malone match might’ve been the best thing to hit West Coast Wrestling Connection TV in months. You already had the natural story of the upbeat rookie in Malone taking on the wily heel veteran in Konley for the first time and we saw something different on both ends. Malone pulled out some more stuff we hadn’t seen from his repertoire while Konley seemed to refine his technical prowess in the process. Solid chemistry and we were hooked from the first grapple to the Cradle Shot that ended it all. The finish is where we’ll strongly disagree. Malone’s a guy that needs credible wins to truly get over. By having all these great matches where he comes up short, that’s what’ll be expected of him. He truly has become the guy who can’t win the big one. Unless the plan was for the returning Konley to establish himself with a win upon his comeback, this was a major wasted opportunity for Malone.

– We’ll guess that they covered up a minor error with the Kassius Koonz-El Tiburon Magnifico match as we heard the ring announcer mention ETM’s name as “The Vancouver Vigilante” as Lipschitz tried to make like that wasn’t the name they were originally told. Anyways, they took a page out of WWE’s Braun Strowman playbook as the “The Thrill-Billy” tossed around the luchador for fun and essentially ate him for lunch. His name could’ve been “Jackson Smith” for all we cared.

– The WCWC Pacific Northwest Championship match between Adam Thornstowe and Champion Grappler III had good buildup beforehand. Thornstowe, normally a loud punker (still is) developed a little babyface fire the past few weeks as he threw down with The Wrecking Crew to call out G3’s cheap tactics of holding on to the gold and wanted the belt to go in more trustworthy hands like his. Right idea for Thornstowe to come out and request G3 battle alone before the bell, but that almost was a red flag from the get-go that outside interference would be the death of this bout. After some decent though slow action, we came out to be right. Koonz and “Big” Jack Cunningham came out and wreaked havoc, to which Malone and Mikey O’Shea came down to even the odds. Even though they hadn’t technically interfered in the match itself, apparently it was too much for the Referee to handle and he called the bout off. That kind of sucked, has become typical WCWC behavior. The one shining light is that it does set up a future six-man tag that’ll likely feature Cunningham/Koonz/G3 against O’Shea/Malone/Thornstowe. The cool part of it all was at least Malone got to be the one to destroy Koonz’s beloved second place trophy. Tears.






Quick Results 

  • WCWC Tag Team Championships – The Bonus Boyz def. Gangrel/Sinn Bodhi (Champions) via pinfall to regain Titles 
  • Ian Sutton/Anthony Greene def. The Shadows via pinfall 
  • Caleb Konley def. Marcus Malone via pinfall 
  • Kassius Koonz def. El Tiburon Magnifico via pinfall 
  • WCWC Pacific Northwest Championship – Adam Thornstowe and Grappler III (Champion) to a no-contest ; G3 retains 

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