Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 9/8/16: Delete Or Decay

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 9/8/16)

Delete Or Decay 

– While TNA still occasionally hands itself to its shortcomings like its portrayal of their slimmer-than-ever X-Division and Knockouts Division, this year has been about the brilliance of the “Broken” Matt Hardy gimmick. Over time, consistent, outlandish-yet-logical storytelling has gotten to include Jeff Hardy (“Brother Nero”), Reby Sky (“Rebecca”) and Maxel Hardy (“King Maxel”) in its own excellent way. The climax of it all seemed to be “The Final Deletion” that only ended up being the beginning to the Broken Hardys’ rise to the TNA World Tag Team Championships against the Champions Decay, as we were know ready for the second installment, appropriately titled “Delete Or Decay.” Just like TFD, we started with a Spanish-led disclaimer from Señor Benjamin about what we’d see unfold. We also were brought back into footage from last week that ended with Rebecca telling Benjamin to “prepare the battlefield for massacre.”

– The DOD beginning was quite pronounced, as we saw the “Obsolete” song played over piano and sung by a tenor voice while we saw Benjamin decorate the battlefield with Hardy-symboled tombstones that bore the word, “Decay” on them. We also had some more hype for later once we found out that Matt was eager to get everybody in touch with their “primal instincts.”

– The opening in-ring segment with The Miracle, TNA Knockouts Champion Maria, TNA Chairman Dixie Carter and Moose was a fine way to set up the predicted Moose-Miracle match for Bound For Glory as far as how they actually got there. Miracle and Maria are always at their best when they’re in “heel complaint” mode and they amped that up especially here. This also tied in Dixie’s past problems with them challenging her authority, as she formally used it to set up scenarios at BFG that wouldn’t favor them. The big news out of this was that Dixie “signed” Moose after Miracle “fired” him over a strongly worded text due to his actions last week when he cost him the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. The turnout and Moose’s theme being over with the fans and tease of physicality were all good signs that what they did was working, we just wish that they didn’t rush right into Moose getting “signed.” They should’ve had Miracle publicly fire Moose and then have Dixie bring him back perhaps the next week. Moose’s character still needs some time to develop and catch on as a babyface. The guy just turned last week. Either way, their match should be fun at BFG and you could see how their paths ultimately led to this no matter what.

– The backstage segment with Maria, Miracle and Dixie was a good follow-up to what transpired out in the ring before, as obviously, the heels weren’t happy. Maria “got hers” here as we found out that Dixie wouldn’t allow her to make any decisions regarding the KO Division while she held the Title. She also announced that Maria would defend the belt at BFG against a contender that’d be decided next week. We imagine it ends up as either Allie or Gail Kim.

– The Kim/Jade-Sienna/Allie match was a bit clunky in areas, but overall did a decent job of continuing to cast sympathy upon the Allie character by the way that Sienna bossed her around and refused to tag her in to the growing “Allie” chants. The finish was fine too since it played into the Sienna/Allie dysfunction, as Allie tagged herself in and ended up accidentally hitting Sienna, which enraged her and got her laid out to the Silencer, to which Jade hesitantly got the pin. This seemed to be more about laying out Allie’s position and the fact that Jade/Kim showed her respect allowed them to tell the story even better there.

– Poor Jeremy Borash used to be the king of the scoop. Now, he can’t even get anything out of TNA President Billy Corgan, who simply acknowledged that he had a big announcement that he’d make in the ring and wouldn’t spare any side details.

– Now to the funniest moment of the show – Matt using zoo animals to prepare his family for battle, while taking subtle cheap shots at the X-Divison’s portrayal of “spot monkeys” and even at The Young Bucks as “the bucks of youth.” In short, he referred to a giraffe as George Washington, a kangaroo that sparred with Nero as “Smokin'” Joe Frasier and monkeys named DJZ, Andrew Everett and Mandrews. The toughest of them all was a tiger named Genghis Khan. Hilariously brilliant.

– The in-ring segment with Corgan, Drew Galloway and Aron Rex revolved around the retirement of the TNA King Of The Mountain Championship and the birth of the TNA Grand Championship as we were also introduced to the concept of the eight-man tournament that would crown its inaugural Champion at BFG. The rules were a bit complicated, as the eight men would each battle in a single-elimination first round with three three-minute rounds that would be decided by judges’ scoring and could end with pinfall or submission at any time or judges’ decision if it went full distance. After that, we had more advancement in the Galloway-Rex feud, as Galloway tried to paint himself as a clear pick to win it all, before Rex came out and threatened to fight him then and there. Corgan set things to next week, as he booked Galloway to fight next in a First Round bout and hyped Rex’s in-ring debut for next week.

– The TNA Grand Championship Tournament First Round Single Elimination match between Galloway and Braxton Sutter was okay for what it was, but it’ll take some time to get used to these rules. To their credit, Galloway and Sutter tried their best to shift the momentum back and forth and have that be the motivation behind the judges’ ruling. Perhaps TNA tried to make wrestling the highlight here, but it would’ve been nice to know who the judges are. Given how it was set up, we figured Galloway would go over here, but it was nice to see Sutter at least get one round win out of it. Liked the combo of the piledriver/Iron maiden submission for Galloway to win it. Also liked the idea of the post-match angle where Rockstar Spud savagely beat up Sutter after a grueling match, as he left him bloodied on the canvas.

– The DOD cutscene with Decay showed them carjack a poor country horny guy who tried to pick up Rosemary. Guy never saw what was coming. Nice “1979” reference on the radio. It also hyped up the big battle, as we knew Decay were on their way to the Hardy Compound.

– The TNA BFG Press Conference segment with Ethan Carter III, Corgan and TNA World Heavyweight Champion Lashley was an excellent means of hype for the BFG main event that allowed the two to exchange cold words. The press conference setting was a good way to create a “big fight” feel while EC3 argued that Lashley was a bully and made a dickish move of disrespecting the business and divisions. Lashley’s mic work was as strong as it ever has been, as he confidently brought up his defeats over Kurt Angle, Galloway, Eddie Edwards and others. Also liked his heel logic in that other talent were weak because they weren’t as strong as he was. The brawl that broke down after the face-to-face photo opp seemed risky based on the setting, but was handled well in retrospect. We wondered why nobody tried to come between the two to stop it, but Josh Mathews decently covered that hole as he explained that many people were “frozen with fear” at coming between the two. Made sense and we liked that it was Lashley who left EC3 laid out by the end.

– We were impressed with the effort to build up Jessie Godderz as something more than a one-dimensional “Bro-Man.” He toned down the ego and bared his soul for all to see. We liked that he talked about being captain of his high school wrestling team, since it focused on his upbringings and was a nice preview for his match in the TNA Grand Championship Tournament.

– The TNA Grand Championship Tournament First Round Single Elimination match between Godderz and Eli Drake initially had us fooled as a way for them to get Godderz over based on the previous hype video, but we had said to ourselves that someone the caliber of Drake would be wasted in a spot like this one. It also went out to show that the rules of the matches didn’t necessarily mean one person would win because they led the series in rounds. Godderz won the first two rounds before Drake snuck out the surprise pinfall to steal the victory from Godderz. Will they follow up on that in any way? Time will tell.

– A new “Fixer” mock informercial aired. Will the guy ever appear on television again? It’s been a few months.

– Rex’s backstage promo was ultimately irrelevant if not for the fact we were reminded that he hated Galloway and couldn’t wait to get his hands on him again.

– The final DOD cutscene was about as epic as it gets. It served more of a “chapter” than a “finale,” but was highly entertaining in all its outlandish glory. The camera angles were so deep and complex, yet simple in telling the story. We had the fireworks shot again, this time from both Hardys to Crazzy Steve/Abyss. Even Joseph Park made a return, only to get tasered by Benjamin. Steve and Nero had an intense battle in the swimming pool, while Rosemary spewed her mist on Vanguard 1 and got it sprayed back at her from Matt. Another highlight was where Jeff “took a bullet” for Matt in the form of a shot from Janice (for the first-time ever) among many others. The sentiment by the end was that Decay had “won the battle,” as they had both Benjamin and Nero laid out respectively while Matt/Rebecca rejoiced over King Maxel’s safety. To sum it up, it was a nod to everything that worked from TFD yet advanced a little bit more with characters similar to the “Broken Brilliance.” It’s a great thing to see TNA invest its time in possibly their most over act in a long time. It should pay off in the long run.






Quick Results

  • Gail Kim/Jade def. Sienna/Allie via pinfall 
  • TNA Grand Championship Tournament – First Round Single-Elimination – Drew Galloway def. Braxton Sutter via submission to advance 
  • TNA Grand Championship Tournament – First Round Single-Elimination – Eli Drake def. Jessie Godderz via pinfall to advance 

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