Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 9/7/16: Back In Business

Lucha UndergroundBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 9/7/16)

Back In Business 

– Anybody familiar with Lucha Underground will tell you that when they’re on, they’re on fire. Such examples would be season one and all it entailed. From the rich cinematic cutscenes to the extensive jaw-drop performances in the ring, it was clear LUG was out to change the pro wrestling status quo. Then, season two happened and some of that got lost along the way. Luckily, this was the start of season three and where we already heard rumors that this season got things back “on track,” we’d have to see it for ourselves to believe it. The opening cutscene with Dario Cueto and Councilman Delgado recapped how he got bailed out of jail with his previous charges dropped. He received back his money clip, gold watch, cell phone and a giant key. He had a conversation in a car with Delgado and an unnamed figure who flashed an iron glove (or something similar) and threatened Cueto not to waste his time again. To sum it up, Cueto officially announced that the beloved Temple was back in business. Well by golly, color us excited.

– A lot of what went wrong in season two was in the way that they pushed Lucha Underground Champion Matanza Cueto as this burly powerhouse when he was intensely green and barely passable in the ring to play the part. Luckily, season three looks to continue where season two left off for the LUG Champ, but in a way that presents him as more vulnerable, which in turn, makes it feel like his matches won’t be so predictable. The opening in-ring segment with Cueto and Matanza set the stage for the rest of the show, as Cueto was back in matchmaking heaven. He booked Rey Mysterio against Pentagon Dark in the main event and introduced his latest concept, a wheel called “Dario’s Dial Of Doom.” Think Raw Roulette, just with only names instead of outrageous stipulations. Cueto also laid in a few insults towards Vampiro when he mentioned how Pentagon made him bleed “like a stuffed pig.” Cueto revealed the names on the wheel presented challengers for Matanza, as he wanted everybody to have a fair chance. He spun the wheel and we ended up with Son Of Havoc as the lucky guy. We liked how this turned out because the irony in it was that Cueto originally screwed SOH out of a Title match at Ultima Lucha Tres and now he’d have to give it up to him.

– The LUG Championship match between Champion Matanza and SOH never felt in doubt as far as the winner went, but they did a nice job reestablishing SOH as a longtime crowd favorite who went against the monster. It was almost as if SOH started out with no chance, before they seemed to increase as the match wore on. To his credit, Matanza actually showed some improvement in the ring, but we need him to come across miles and he has only moved inches. Still better than nothing we guess. SOH showed heart the whole time, coming close several times to a shocking upset, but in the end, he was just another Matanza victim. Sucks, but that’s what we figured from the start.

– The Worldwide Underground (Johnny Mundo/”Darewolf” PJ Black/Jack Evans/Taya) seemed to progress from a staple Trios team to something of a big heel stable of sorts. They upped their game this time around, as they stuck as a unit and came off as a big threat. The cutscene in Cueto’s office with Cueto and WU set up the Lucha Underground Gift Of The Gods Championship match between Champion Sexy Star and Taya when Mundo tried to demand Cueto for a shot at the LUG Championship. Cueto threw around that everybody except Taya were losers at Ultima Lucha Dos and only rewarded her. We also learned that WU took out Angelico after ULD, as Mundo slammed his leg in his car door. Ouch.

– We don’t even know when Ultima Lucha Tres is, but they wasted no time making matches for it. The in-ring segment with Ivelisse and Catrina was all about setting up their match. Some cold words were exchanged between the two, but ultimately nothing memorable outside of the actual match being made.

– The LUG GOTG Championship match between Champion Sexy Star and Taya was okay, but never got to go into a second gear. We liked the factoid Matt Striker dropped on commentary when he mentioned that the belt had never been successfully defended. Just when it seemed like they were done feeling each other out, we had ringside shenanigans end up costing Taya the match on a roll-up. Things had more of a purpose with the post-match angle when WU members stomped down on Sexy Star, which drew out the Lucha Underground Trios Champions AeroStar/Drago/Fenix to make the save. We assume that sets up something down the road with the two.

– The cutscene in Cueto’s office with Cueto and Marty “The Moth” Martinez focused on a match made for next week were Martinez would battle Killshot in a “Weapons Of Mass Destruction” match where Killshot would have a chance to earn back his dog tag. We also learned that Martinez had something loosely to do with Cueto being bailed out of jail, but they didn’t offer more than the implication. Next week’s match sounded fun because of the “anything goes” rules and the close-ups on Martinez’s face helped him look more sadistic than ever.

– The Mysterio-Pentagon Dark main event was great as match itself, with Mysterio working a more risky moveset instead of his limitedness he displayed in season two. Commentary put over Mysterio as a legend of lucha libre, while Pentagon was all about himself and played to the fans when they chanted for him. Pentagon’s chops and kicks were so stiff that even we cringed for a good minute at some of them. This two just worked in the ring together like peanut butter and jelly. Many well-timed spots. Also an interesting development shortly before the finish, where Pentagon left the ring to address Vampiro, who suddenly felt the urge to get out of there. Ironically, it was from there where Mysterio took advantage and was able to hit his 6-1-9 and sunset flip piledriver for the win. The post-match angle with Pentagon and Dragon Azteca Jr. was fine in terms of DA making the save when Pentagon threatened to break Mysterio’s arm. It set up a future Pentagon-DA match for sure.

– The final cutscene was the most interesting development as we saw Vampiro approach Prince Puma backstage when he was deep in thought about his loss to Mysetrio at Ultima Lucha Dos. To sum it up, Vampiro offered guidance and advice to Puma, who didn’t want it. It’ll be interesting to see if Puma takes up Vampiro’s advice to go after Mil Muertes to “redeem” himself.






Quick Results

  • Lucha Underground Championship – Matanza Cueto (Champion) (w/Dario Cueto) def. Son Of Havoc via pinfall to retain 
  • Lucha Underground Gift Of The Gods Championship – Sexy Star (Champion) def. Taya via pinfall to retain 
  • Rey Mysterio def. Pentagon Dark via pinfall 

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