Notes In Observance – WCWC 9/3/16: Scary In Its Simplicity

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 9/3/16)

Scary In Its Simplicity 

– Things began with Adam Thornstowe’s backstage promo that hyped his opportunity at the WCWC Pacific Northwest Championship next week against Champion Grappler III. Needless to say, the hearty tattooed punker was pumped. We like that he has been built up to the point where it could actually happen where he wins the belt and we’d be okay with that.

– The tag team opener between “The Rock God” Ricky Gibson/Julian Whyt and “All Good” Anthony Greene/Ian Sutton was an odd choice of pairs on both ends to say the least. We heaven’t learned enough about Whyt to want to boo him with the likes of Gibson. On the other side, we haven’t seen much character development in Sutton other than the fact that he likes to dance to his stereotypical barnyard banjo theme song. Putting the upbeat “cool dude” Greene with Sutton was at least plausible on paper, but we didn’t see any need for it to happen again. The ring action was forgettable outside of Gibson and Greene, as we went through the motions. Luckily, things picked up, but that’s when it all ended as the faces won with a fireman’s carry neckbreaker.

– Since his debut a couple weeks back, “Big” Jack Cunningham has impressed us with his Bam Bam Bigelow-esque stature, as he went right into a program with Mikey O’Shea/Marcus Malone as The Wrecking Crew’s latest face of menace. His match against El Jefe (a masked luchador) was about as one-sided as it gets, but it made sense to further establish Cunningham as this unbeatable monster. We also liked the term “scary in its simplicity,” as you seen above.

– It seems like the West Coast Wrestling Connection is awfully high on the oddly intriguing duo of Gangrel/Sinn Bodhi. Nothing makes a better team than a scary clown and vampire, right? Either way, their match against the WCWC Tag Team Champions The Bonus Boyz for the belts was hyped from the get-go and didn’t disappoint in the match or the result. There was plenty of physical action that even spilled to the outside for a long period of time. In the end, it was the keen double-team work of Gangrel/Bodhi that crowned them the new Champions. The crowd seemed pleasantly surprised. We know a rematch is coming, so we’ll see what happens with that. Glad to at least see BB beyond jock jobbers.

– We were initially skeptical last week of how a Coal Miner’s Glove On A Pole match would fare along in WCWC, but they’ve done a decent job thus far of building it up. The backstage promo with WCWC Legacy Champion Ethan HD and Kate Carney gave the bout some last-minute hype as he complained that it’d be hard to update his social media with the glove, but he was determined to get it anyway. You see, the rules were that whoever would retrieve the glove from the pole would be able to legally use it.

– The WCWC Legacy Championship Coal Miner’s Glove On A Pole match between Champion Ethan HD and Eric Right was a finely written chapter in the next phase of their feud, as they made the best out of the awkward stipulation that limited their movesets to being elevated in the corner. A couple of rough spots, but they came off rather well luckily. Carney was tossed out by the Referee, which Morty Lipschitz was quick to jump on by commentary since there was No Holds Barred. If there were no rules anyway, what was the point of the stipulation? Couldn’t the other guy just grab any other weapon? Anyways, just when Right had Ethan laid out for the count upon his retrieval of the glove, the Referee was accidentally knocked out beforehand and didn’t see the pin. This set up Carney to come back out and blatantly punch Right with brass knuckles, which rendered him unconscious and easy pickings for Ethan to retain his belt. The Ethan/Carney duo is one of WCWC’s biggest draws right now and while the idea of another overbooked cheap finish is tiresome, it keeps the belt on Ethan. Better on him than on Right, who is more fit for a “chaser” role than “Champion.”






Quick Results

  • “All Good” Anthony Greene/Ian Sutton def. “The Rock God” Ricky Gibson (w/Mr. Tubbs)/Julian Whyt via pinfall 
  • “Big” Jack Cunningham def. El Jefe via pinfall 
  • WCWC Tag Team Championships – Gangrel/Sinn Bodhi def. The Bonus Boyz (Champions) via pinfall to become new Champions 
  • WCWC Legacy Championship – Coal Miner’s Glove On A Pole Match – Ethan HD (Champion) (w/Kate Carney) def. Eric Right via pinfall to retain 

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