Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 9/1/16: An Untamed Wild Animal

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 9/1/16)

An Untamed Wild Animal 

– No better way to open the show than with “Broken” Matt Hardy, Brother Nero, Reby at a piano and King Maxel on his own keyboard busting out the “Obsolete” theme song with Señor Benjamin in the background at the Hardy household in Cameron, North Carolina. This was epic in its own way and set up things for later, as Matt had a “premonition” that he saw a member of TNA World Tag Team Champions Decay trespass their household and abduct Maxel and that he and Nero needed to head to the “zone of impact” immediately. Funny.

– The opening in-ring segment with The Miracle, Maria, TNA World Heavyweight Champion Lashley and Moose set things up for the big main event match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship where Lashley would defend against Miracle. The key here was Lashley acting so confident against Miracle that he even was willing to take on a match with no disqualifications to prove his point that he could beat Miracle even when the odds favored him. He also planted seeds in his head that Moose didn’t have his back like he originally thought. As far as Moose’s portion of it, he held his own pretty well and created intrigue for the match as he emphasized that he didn’t meet up with Lashley last week and that he didn’t forget what Miracle did to him, sealed with the line that he’d “decide who walked out Champion.” For the first time ever, Moose felt like his own person and not Miracle’s lackey.

– The Crazzy Steve-Matt Hardy match provided the next chapter in this Decay-Broken Hardys feud. Commentary was smart to bring up how Steve was out all by himself. It was very much the “freak show” encounter you’d expect it to be. The fans chanted “Delete!” with every bit of offense Matt mustered and even Nero got into the mix as he bashed Steve in the head repeatedly with a boot with the Referee distracted to allow Matt to hit the Twist Of Fate to seal the deal. We loved the post-match promo from Steve that put the mental advantage on Decay’s side when he revealed that Rosemary was at the Hardy Estate and that Maxel was “Rosemary’s baby.” Oh crap.

– The video package where all the X-Division wrestlers (Rockstar Spud, Trevor Lee, Braxton Sutter, Mandrews, DJZ and Andrew Everett) put over the importance of the division and what it meant for TNA and how important the X-Division Championship was to them was a nice touch to hype the Ultimate X Gauntlet match for the Title later on in the show, but it would’ve been nice if they did that a long time ago actually. Let the record show that Lee spoke for the first time in ever. Why’d they keep him silent so long?

– The backstage segment with Matt and Nero was short, yet advanced the story as we learned that he needed to notify “Rebecca” that the Hardy Estate was in danger with Rosemary. As his repeated FaceTime calls went unanswered (we’re not sure what we’d say if we got a message that “Broken Matt Hardy Would Like To FaceTime…” ever came across our screens), he demanded Vanguard 1 to scan the grounds. Things need a little hauntingly as we saw Rosemary creep in the background of Maxel’s crib, which made his premonition almost a reality.

– The Ultimate X Gauntlet match to crown the new TNA X-Division Championship was probably the best effort from these six guys, if you have to count it for anything. The gauntlet rules were interesting, as people came out every few minutes to join the fray. We would’ve had people go one-on-one until somebody defeated somebody and then the next person would come in, until the last two would compete under Ultimate X rules. However, that’s not how it went down. Mandrews pulled off some nice moves, while the Spud-Sutter feud kept on going as they cost each other shots at the belt several times during the match. The finish was a cool throwback to how Lee first won the belt, but this time, it favored DJZ, as he sprung off the ropes and snatched it from the grips off Lee/Everett at the top to become the new Champ.

– The backstage segment with Ethan Carter III and Eli Drake was a means of hype for their encounter later on, as we learned that EC3 wanted to distance himself from the Drew Galloway-Aron Rex situation and that he simply was focused on the Bound For Glory main event, while Drake tried to warn him not to look past him.

– Galloway’s backstage promo hyped up his soon-to-come heel turn explanation, but we realized it wouldn’t happen in that exact moment and that he’d go to “the place where it all started,” aka the ring.

– The in-ring segment with Galloway, TNA President Billy Corgan and Aron Rex was a fine follow-up to last week, as we saw Galloway’s heel logic come into play regarding his actions. He blamed all the fans for sticking with other guys over him and faulted Rex for trying to be a carbon copy of him. Corgan’s part made sense as far as an authority figure as he made it known he considered suspending Galloway without pay, but that somebody had stopped him. Galloway threw in some dagger insults for Corgan as he called him “Dixie Carter’s little bitch” before he revealed that Rex was the one that stopped the suspension because he didn’t want him suspended so he could do things “his way” and kick his ass. What followed was a fine brawl between the two as they had to be separated by ring officials and talent a few times. It was good to see Rex get the better half of this exchange and we figured a Galloway-Rex match was set for BFG from the moment we knew of last week’s main event.

– Back to the Hardys… we saw Matt finally get Reby on FaceTime and commanded her to get Maxel into the safe room because Rosemary was in the house. We liked the way this escalated throughout the night.

– The Drake-EC3 match was pretty good for what it was, but we expected a little bit more from it. That said, EC3 gave up a lot of offense to Drake without looking too weak, as this victory by EC3 was designed to keep his momentum going for BFG. On the plus side, Drake doesn’t really have much to lose these days.

– TNA Knockouts Champion Allie’s backstage promo set the stage for her big celebration as we saw that she was under instructions from Maria to buy her own balloons and streamers. Oh, she’s so naive and adorable.

– The next Hardys segment saw Reby and Maxel in the safe room before Señor Benjamin opened the door, as Reby was impatient and looked to “get this bitch herself.” Oh snap. We liked the sudden reinsertion of Reby into the Broken formula.

– TNA X-Division Champion DJZ’s backstage promo glossed over his Title win as he mentioned it had taken him four years to get back to the belt, but that all his hard work paid off and he’d work even harder now to keep said Title. He then slightly contradicted all that good stuff as he did that stupid “buh-buh-buh-brooooooooo” thing at the very end.

– Surprisingly, the best thing on the show was the segment with Allie, Maria and Sienna as we saw Maria in her most antagonistic deed yet. Allie came across as appreciative for everything before she tried to say it wasn’t possible without Maria, as Sienna came out blazing with Maria trying to hold her back. Made sense since she lost the Championship last week. Maria diffused the situation as she sent Sienna to the back with the night off before she screamed at Allie for “messing everything up” and being “worthless” before she commanded her to lay down for her and got a Referee. After Allie initially refused, Maria threatened her job to which she then had no choice but to give up the Title to Maria in the most sympathetic way possible. Massive heat for Maria here, as she basically set up her own victory celebration by using Allie, even to the point where she commanded her to put the belt around her and announce her as the new Champ. Can’t get any lower than that.

– The backstage segment with Miracle and Moose saw last-minute hype that’d set up the match’s development as we saw Miracle give Moose a pipe and tried to convince him that this was their Super Bowl and that all Lashley was trying to do was cause a rift between them.

– The last Hardys segment was also the most dramatic, as we saw Reby chase Rosemary, who ascended up a pole and onto the second floor balcony of the Hardy Estate, Maxel in her hands. She threw him off and into Reby’s arms, before it was revealed to be the doll that Reby once tossed to Jeff. Señor Benjamin then revealed he actually had Maxel the whole time, before Reby demanded he prepare the battlefield for a massacre. That could only mean one thing. Yes.

– The TNA World Heavyweight Championship main event No Disqualification match between Champion Lashley and Miracle went how you’d expect it to go between the two. Miracle was smart and conniving, while Lashley used his power to throw him around. Maria repeatedly intervened with weapons, but Lashley remained tough. Ultimately, it was Moose who provided the turning point when Miracle called for him to hand over the pipe and Moose teased it before he pulled back, which set up Miracle for a spear to end his dreams. The post-match angle with Miracle and Moose was a good follow-up as we knew that Miracle talked himself into a beatdown as he referred to Moose as a “failed football player” and a “big dumb stupid animal.” He iced the cake with a slap to Moose’s face which resulted in a clothesline to lay him out. Nice stuff, as we assume a Moose-Miracle match will take place at BFG.

– Based on the clips we saw for the preview of next week’s “Delete Or Decay,” it should be epic. We love this Hardys storyline and the way everything has come together over the past few months to set it all up.






Quick Results

  • Broken Matt Hardy (w/Brother Nero) def. Crazzy Steve via pinfall 
  • TNA X-Division Championship – Ultimate X Gauntlet Match – DJZ def. Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett, Braxton Sutter, Mandrews and Rockstar Spud to become new Champion 
  • Ethan Carter III def. Eli Drake via pinfall 
  • TNA Knockouts Championship – Maria def. Allie (Champion) via pinfall to become new Champion 
  • TNA World Heavyweight Championship – No Disqualification – Lashley (Champion) def. The Miracle (w/Maria, Moose) via pinfall to retain 

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