Notes In Observance – AML Wrestling LIVE! 8/24/16: For The Third And Final Time

Photo courtesy of Eventbrite.

Photo courtesy of Eventbrite.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 8/24/16)

For The Third And Final Time 

– For the upstart North Carolina-based promotion known as America’s Most Liked Wrestling, it’s arguable to say the epicenter of it all lied in the form of AML Wrestling Champion King Shane Williams and his rise to glory at the expense of Vordell Walker (who he beat in a Best-Of-Five Series to get his shot at the belt) and former Champion, Greek God Papadon. With countless wars between the charismatic Papadon and the Jerry Lawler-esque Williams, this was deemed the “third and final time” the two would wage war. It was established to take place in a steel cage for the belt and we heard pre-match promos from each man that fit their characters. Williams was out for blood and wanted Papadon to have no excuses of why he’d lose this time, while Papadon revealed a twist where he personally chose the Referee and referred to him as a “stand-up citizen.” Papadon did a swell job of riling up the fans (the ones that didn’t cheer for him anyway) as he slapped Ring Announcer Tim Blaze across the face before he officially revealed the previously suspended Walker to be the personally chosen official. We liked this immediately because it gave the impression the “stack was decked” against Williams, who now had to combat against the two guys he overcame to get the belt to now keep it in a match that didn’t favor him. It was your classic heel move, yet logical. The in-ring action followed this narrative already laid out for us, as we saw Walker refuse to count for Williams several times and laid a fast count for Papadon to no avail. This helped sell Williams as a true underdog, even when it didn’t seem likely he’d be the guy to go on and represent AML at this year’s WrestleCade V weekend. We also applauded the little things, like the “announcement” that Tracy Myers booked this bout to have no time limit and only winnable by pinfall or submission. We felt the turning point was upon Williams’ kick-out of three powerbombs by Papadon. We also fell for the twist where Papadon shoved Walker and appeared to make Walker walk out (no pun intended), only to come back with the belt and purposely avoid seeing Papadon use it. This was an excellent finish, since it gave Williams the opportunity to win and that was with the way he shoved Papadon into Walker to lay him out and hit the Piledriver and get the three-count from the original official to retain his belt and carry AML through the late summer and into the fall as Champ. Can’t lay it out better than that. That was some of the best storytelling in AML history.






Quick Results

  • AML Wrestling Championship – Steel Cage – Vordell Walker As Special Guest Referee – King Shane Williams (Champion) (w/Queen Taylor) def. Greek God Papadon via pinfall to retain 

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