Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 8/11/16: Title Vs. Titles

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 8/11/16)

Title Vs. Titles 

– The opening video looked back at last week, as Ethan Carter III overcame Maria, Moose and The Miracle’s shenanigans in the Finals of the TNA Bound For Glory Playoffs to become the guy who’ll main event BFG for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Mixed into it was a story of opportunity for TNA original/TNA King Of The Mountain Champion “The Cowboy” James Storm, as he had the first chance in five years at the World Title and we saw snippets of motivation behind his words. He would battle TNA World Heavyweight Champion/TNA X-Division Champion Lashley in a battle of “Title Vs. Titles” with two men fighting for three belts on the line. The stakes just get bigger, don’t they?

– The opening in-ring segment with EC3, Lashley, Storm, The Miracle, Moose and Edwards got the “live” broadcast off to a hot start, as several feuds were progressed in one take. First, we had EC3 come out to a rabid reaction to soak in the victory vibes as he made it known he was on a “quest to be the best.” Lashley’s interruption felt natural since he was the guy who felt unstoppable and reminded EC3 that BFG was months away and that even he couldn’t stop him. Storm’s interruption also made sense, since it mad everybody think of the here and now and also hyped the big main event. Storm always knows the right things to say to get the crowd on his side and it didn’t take long. We also liked that Lashley didn’t cower down to Storm’s threats and actually got in his face, which explained the brawl that took them both to the back, which set up the physical altercation where Moose/Miracle snuck in an ambush on EC3 as revenge for last week, as Edwards made the save. It was already known the four guys would compete in tag action, but they decided to move it ahead to the opener. In one segment, they hyped Storm-Lashley, furthered EC3-Miracle, solidified Moose/Miracle and the opener tag. Productivity was nerd so entertaining.

– The Moose/Miracle-EC3/Edwards match gave us some pleasant action, as some highlights included EC3’s simultaneous domination of Moose/Miracle in the corner and Edwards got to fly around some. The talking point was in the finish where Moose hit his finisher, yet Moose took the tag to get the pin and all the glory, which confused Moose. We liked that while they’ve worked to establish Moose as a henchmen for Miracle, there are moments like these where they can always go ahead and have him turn on Miracle. The question is when.

– A big selling point to the live broadcast was the debut of a “big free agent” and we saw a hype video that emphasized the TNA newcomer was out to “Do Things His Own Way.” The “Hallelujah” music in the background might’ve been a dead giveaway, but that was a fun tease.

– One thing that TNA did brilliantly throughout this night was sell Storm as a true, sympathetic fighter to give Lashley a run for his money. They used video packages to examine several aspects of his life – his rise to the top when he beat Kurt Angle in Oct. 2011 to win the World Title and tied it to the fact that World Title shots didn’t come often for “people like him” and we also saw other videos dedicated to his farm-bred upbringings upon a dirt-poor family and he dedicated the match to his befallen family members and the fans who stuck by him since day one. This is how you get fans behind somebody. Well-done.

– The in-ring segment with Aron Rex (formerly known as Damien Sandow of WWE fame) was about as good an introduction you could have for a guy like himself. People already knew his in-ring abilities and fiery mic skills, he just never had the proper platform to showcase that, which served as the promo’s theme. Rex held nothing back when he referred to his former employers as people scared to let him hold a live microphone and that thought he was “too entertaining for World Title opportunities.” He took snippets of internet jargon and mixed it with real-life perceptions of him to create this “Straight Shooter Of The People” sort of gimmick. It actually kind of works for him. Another big theme of his promo was that he simply joined TNA because it was the real proving ground to showcase one’s self. “His way” was just to prove himself. A well-delivered promo where he explained his intentions.

– With the passing weeks, it appears that they’re trying to make us feel sorry for oblivious Allie, who Maria continues to bully around. This was furthered some in the backstage segment with Allie, Maria, Gail Kim and Marti Bell. Kim pointed out to Allie that Maria talked to her with disrespect, before Maria faked sympathy for what she did last week before she booked a one-on-one No Disqualification match against her opponent, Bell, who then attacked Kim from behind with a baton. It’s good because we see another attempt by Maria to thwart Kim’s success and maybe Bell will get something out of it.

– The backstage segment with Edwards, Miracle and Moose set up a match for next between Edwards and Moose, backed up by Edwards’ rage towards the heel duo for continuously ruining his opportunities at the World Title, to which Miracle likened him to everybody else that had a problem with him. It also provided evidence that Moose/Miracle were perhaps back on the same page.

– The No-DQ match between Bell and Kim with Maria/Allie at ringside was fine for what it was. Don’t remember much from the actual match in terms of action between Kim and Bell, but they did a decent job of continuing to put sympathy on Allie, as Maria demanded her several times to get involved in the match. Bell got to dominate at certain points, but we could already tell Kim would win this no matter what. The finish was a cool way to mesh the two storylines, as Kim threw Allie into Bell, before she got a roll-up for a three-count. The post-match developments was good in that it set things up for next week, as Jade came out to save Kim when both heels beat her down. In revenge, Maria booked Jade against Kim for next week. Provides a next chapter.

– “Broken” Matt Hardy graced our screens. How wonderful. In this video package, he thanked someone off-camera for driving him to his destination, as he needed to be taken to his “obsolete mule,” Brother Nero. He walked up to Jeff Hardy and let it be known that it was time for his next match and that he took precautions due to a premonition he had that TNA World Tag Team Champions Decay had abducted his son, King Maxel and thus, he had his drone, Vanguard 1 keep his family safe at the Hardy Compound. We were seeing some character layers for Matt, who began to target Decay (Tag Champs) in his quest to get the Tag Titles, but in the process, he’d abuse his brother and make him pay for the time he got injured and left him alone. It’s brilliant storytelling that’s also logical, within this crazy universe.

– The in-ring segment with Matt, Jeff, The Tribunal and Coach Al Snow was a good way to tell the next chapter in this Hardys saga, as Matt informed Jeff of what we found out in the previous segment. We wondered why Jeff sang along to his “Obsolete” theme. Does he actually believe he is obsolete? Anyways, the next little quarrel saw Jeff ask Matt why he bit a man’s face and why he wouldn’t partake in the matches to which Matt reminded him that it was for the time he was left to compete by himself because of Jeff’s injury. The crowd was into this, as Jeff tried to convince Matt that they all wanted the Hardys back, as Matt wasn’t sold on it, because they were long over. Anyways, we were introduced to Jeff’s next opponents as The Tribunal/Snow, as they got on the mic and Snow insulted Jeff and the people.

– The Tribunal-Jeff/Matt Hardy match continued the saga in the sense that Matt performed more crazy behaviors, such as ringside brainwashing of one particular fan. It was emphasized that Jeff was all on his own, as Matt stood on the outside, except for the part where he took off his boot and attacked Barren Dax with the sole. Ironically enough, it was this moment that led to the finish as Jeff hit Twist of Fate on Basile Baraka to get the pin. The real money was in the post-match angle, where Matt told Jeff he finally saw a little bit of passion from his mule. Jeff took offense to that and hit TOF’s galore on Tribunal to prove his passion. To ice the cake, he hit a crossbody plancha through a table on Snow and then Swanton Bombed himself through a table on the outside. The Hardys then manically laughed. We guess the idea was that Jeff gave in to Matt so much that he himself was becoming “Broken.” Perhaps this was just a way to have them both be babyfaces, since we can see a feud with heel Decay brewing. It was all so strange, yet was logical within the storyline.

– The backstage segment with Lashley, Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan was interesting hype for the main event. The idea that Lashley saw the authority duo as a “clique” was telling. We also learned via Corgan that the same hype videos were offered for Lashley when he accused them of rooting for Storm. In classic Lashley fashion, he said his talking was done in the ring. We liked that the lasting impact was that Lashley was threatening to win all the gold so he could hold all the power and have something over Dixie/Corgan.

– Decay’s backstage promo was visually appealing with all the lightning and red lights. They reminded us that nobody was in control of them and that what happened to Bram served as a “lesson to all the other fools.” Also loved the enthusiastic screams of “Decay!” by the end of that, as they each got a chance to talk.

– The in-ring Drew Galloway promo solidly set up a match next week between him and EC3 as for who’ll truly main event BFG. It all made sense since Galloway was nearly driven mad by EC3 costing him the World Title three times and wanted to get this hands on him. Of course, it all seems like the goal is to slowly turn Galloway into a crazed heel, as he outright called EC3 a “snake” and somebody jealous of his success, not popular statements. It also built up another match for next week, which has begun to look good on paper.

– The “Title Vs. Titles” main event match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship/TNA X-Division Championship/TNA King Of The Mountain Championship between Storm and Lashley was great, made to be dramatic thanks to all the Storm hype videos and how big it was talked up the past two weeks. Liked the opening spot where Storm hit a Last Call to begin the match and only got a two-count because Jeremy Borash was leaving the ring and the Referee was distracted letting him out. It was a moment where you felt bad for Storm, who now had to hunker down and work harder to eliminate Lashley. Big ups to the crowd on this one too for getting behind Storm to make it more believable he could pull off the unbelievable upset. Entertaining action that only got better and more dramatic towards the end with good near-falls. Storm kicked out once of a Spear and got closer than ever with two Last Calls. His death wish came in the form of another Spear after he had hit Lovelorn, which only propelled Lashley into the ropes to hit the move. A three-count later and Lashley was now the proverbial king of the mountain. It was undoubted. We liked the way the show closed out as Rex stared down Lashley from the stage, which we assume sets up something for Lashley in the weeks before BFG.






Quick Results

  • The Miracle/Moose def. Eddie Edwards/Ethan Carter III via pinfall 
  • No Disqualification – Gail Kim def. Marti Bell via pinfall 
  • Jeff Hardy/”Broken” Matt Hardy def. The Tribunal (w/Coach Al Snow) via pinfall 
  • Title Vs. Titles – TNA World Heavyweight Championship/TNA X-Division Championship/TNA King Of The Mountain Championship – Lashley def. James Storm via pinfall to become new KOTM Champion and retain Titles  

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