Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 8/4/16: Ass-Kicking Destiny

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 8/4/16)

Ass-Kicking Destiny 

– Bound For Glory was all the rage, as the opening video showed us how the BFG Playoffs (a tournament to determine who’d fight for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at BFG) Finals came to be, as Ethan Carter III defeated “Broken” Matt Hardy after it was set up by Jeff Hardy, while The Miracle inched closer to Championship gold by any means necessary as he beat Drew Galloway, with accidental help from EC3. This set up the inevitable EC3-Miracle rematch and the stakes couldn’t be bigger. Certainly had a “big fight feel” to it.

– Just like we thought, Galloway vented about EC3 in a promo from last week that saw him express severe rage at anything EC3-related. Certainly made sense, especially given their recent feud.

– The in-ring segment with Jeremy Borash, Miracle, Maria and EC3 was a logical “last chance” promo exchange between the two BFG finalists to hype the main event and bring a little anticipation with it. The difference between them was clear, as EC3 was out for redemption, while Miracle wanted to prove everybody wrong and go against the “discrimination.” EC3 was the definite crowd favorite and possessed ample confidence that Miracle could throw everything at him and he’d still win. Miracle dangled the carrot over EC3 that he was the first person to pin him and the “Devil Vs. God” complex he brought up was smart, since it helped build the match as something more. In the end, it was a means for Miracle to get in an early attack as he summoned Moose, who hit a Sky High, which put EC3’s condition into question. Good stuff.

– TNA King Of The Mountain Champion Eli Drake’s backstage promo hyped his upcoming defense against James Storm while he delivered his usual Drake promo in that everybody needs to talk about him and he was about to teach “The Cowboy” a lesson. We love Drake though.

– They re-aired the first Rosemary/Bram video package, which was where she informed Bram of her early days and how she fell in love with a cat that ended up dead and befriended a tree named Montgomery. Sick cinematic effects and we actually found it better the second time. It left off at where she would speak about the “cabin incident.” It’s good to see the Rosemary character get some more depth.

– The KOTM Championship match between Storm and Champion Drake was actually the best of their previous efforts. Decent action on both ends, as there was a lot of false finishes and we couldn’t tell which way it was going to go. There was a nice tease where it seemed like Drake would win with backhanded tactics, but it was only another near-fall. Eventually, Storm hit his Last Call when Drake sprung off the ropes towards him to win the KOTM Title. Mixed feelings on the actual Title change itself. Drake was actually getting over as Champion and was beginning to give the belt some meaning. In anybody else’s possession, it’s just another toy belt. All hope isn’t lost though, since Drake is due for his rematch at some point. For what was set up with Storm’s win, we could forgive it in the short term.

– The in-ring segment with TNA World Heavyweight Champion/TNA X-Division Champion Lashley and TNA King Of The Mountain Champion James Storm was a fun promo exchange that set up Lashley’s latest attempt to secure all the TNA gold, as he wanted what Storm just won. Storm always turns up the heart in these promos, as he expressed how much adversity he overcame with early family deaths and respected Lashley for being a badass before he tore into him with a bold line that he could “drop him in 30 seconds.” Lashley tried to “pardon” Storm the embarrassment, yet Storm stood his ground. It was an intriguing “Title For Title” bout as Lashley put the World Title on the line against Storm’s KOTM Title. Given Lashley’s recent luck, it was probably likely he’d gain the KOTM belt, but you never know for sure.

– The evolution of Allie has been entertaining, as she knows how to get under anybody’s skin with her piercing voice and oblivious personality, most recently Maria’s, as evidenced by the backstage segment with them and Gail Kim, who was still in pursuit of a future Title shot. Maria was so turned off by Allie that she threw her into a match with Kim to help keep her from Title contention. Nice.

– In the end, the Bram/Rosemary packages were just a fancy way to showcase the latest Decay abduction, which took place after Bram rejected Rosemary, or so it seemed when he told her to “get over herself.” It was set up well and put to rest any rumors that Rosemary separated from her boys to be with Bram. It also continues Bram’s babyface story, as we’d expect him to team up with someone to take on the ghastly trio.

– The 2-On-1 Handicap between Kim and TNA Knockouts Champion Sienna/Allie was okay for what it was, with Maria “stacking the odds” against Kim, who made it known that Kim needed to win to even be considered in the Title picture anytime soon. The match dynamic was interesting as Sienna provided the muscle and urged Allie to do more than shrieks and stomps. Allie seemed to be there for comedic effect and Sienna set up the finish where she accidentally hit Allie with the Silencer, to which Kim covered her after she disposed of Sienna from the ring. On one hand, we could see why Maria would stick the KO Champion herself in the bout to ensure her goal, but the spot would’ve been better served for someone like Madison Rayne, who had recent beef with Kim. It also would’ve build up Kim to confront Sienna. Even though the KO Champ wasn’t pinned, she might as well have been.

– Wasn’t it amazing that the show was pretty good and Matt Hardy was just making an appearance now? Anyways, his backstage promo hyped the next chapter of the Hardy saga, with his character irate at Jeff for costing him the World Title as he reminded us several times of how Jeff “damaged his net worth” when he got injured as part of the Tag Champs. He had a plan for Jeff to make it up to him. Oh geez.

– The Hardy portion of the show was filled with entertainment, as Matt forced Jeff to take on two “local prospects” aka Chuck Taylor and JT Dunn (well known indy guys) by himself in a tag match where he was banned from the top rope. “Broken” Matt has really found his niche now, right down to his crazed mannerisms amidst his angered logic. We had another “Obsolete” entrance from Jeff, as even Reby has settled into Matt’s supportive wife, seeing things the way he did. As for the match, it was surprisingly even, as Taylor/Dunn were able to look halfway decent as a team, not squash fodder. Outside the ring, Matt provided commentary with a live microphone and soured on “Jeff” chants, which only grew louder. That and Matt also attacked a ringside plant which he bit like a vampire. Yup. A nice moment was Dunn’s Twist Of Fate counter, as he positioned into a handstand to flip himself back to his feet. Of course, we figured Jeff would win, but the finish left us a little confused. We didn’t even realize Matt was in the match until he pinned Dunn after he gave Jeff a Twist Of Fate for disobeying him with a Swanton Bomb over him. There’s something odd about it, but it lends itself to the ridiculousness that you can’t help but root for Jeff. Plus, Matt was hilarious enough in how he sold the win.

– The backstage segment with Coach Al Snow/The Tribunal featured them laughing over the idea of a 3-On-2 handicap against Grado/Mahabali Shera, because they apparently bench-pressed cars or something of that sort. Thank goodness for Snow, because Tribunal lacks personality.

– The 3-On-2 Handicap match between Grado/Shera and Tribunal/Snow came off as filler action that didn’t have the excitement of their past matches. The idea was that Grado couldn’t pay Tyrus (“The Fixer,” remember?) to help them out, so all hope was lost, but it was their determination to still fight. Grado shined a bit during the bout, but we couldn’t buy the idea that Shera found all this power to dominate his opponents and get his team the win when they were outnumbered to begin with. Oh, Shera, Shera. Shaking our heads. Was that supposed to be the payoff of the storyline? We hope not.

– The Miracle-EC3 match hype video was well-done, as we saw rivaled promos with EC3 determined to make history while Miracle told us he already beat EC3 and knew he was scared of him. Basically what we heard in the opening segment but in isolated promos.

– Not sure where Tyrus is going as “The Fixer,” but airing the same mock informercial over and over doesn’t get him more over.

– The BFG Playoff Finals between EC3 and Miracle was actually both men’s best in-ring effort together to date. This had the energy that their Slammiversary match lacked, maybe it was because of the higher stakes here. There was also a nice story to the bout, as Miracle repeatedly worked over EC3’s injured ribs from earlier, had Maria help him out and he even tried to send out Moose for insurance, but everything backfired for him upon EC3’s comeback. Maria ended up ejected by Brian Hebner, which led to a great near-fall as Miracle kicked out of the One Percenter. EC3 also kicked out of the Miracle In Progress. The next phase saw Eddie Edwards stop Moose from interjecting (which tied into Moose’s previous attack on him) and after more back-and-forth, EC3 fulfilled his destiny with the win over Miracle. We wonder what Galloway will think of these developments. Overall, another good show as Impact has found its groove.






Quick Results

  • TNA King Of The Mountain Championship – James Storm def. Eli Drake (Champion) via pinfall to become new Champion 
  • 2-On-1 Handicap – Gail Kim def. Sienna/Allie via pinfall 
  • Jeff Hardy/”Broken” Matt Hardy (w/Reby) def. JT Dunn/Chuck Taylor via pinfall 
  • 3-On-2 Handicap – Mahabali Shera/Grado def. The Tribunal/Coach Al Snow via pinfall
  • Bound For Glory Playoffs – Finals – Ethan Carter III def. The Miracle (w/Maria) via pinfall 

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