Notes In Observance – WWE CWC 8/3/16: Sounds Of Violence

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 8/3/16)

Sounds Of Violence 

– The Cruiserweight Classic rolled on, as we saw in the opening video footage of how Zack Sabre Jr., Tony Nese, Drew Gulak and The Brian Kendrick all advanced to the Second Round last week. Previewed for this episode were appearances by the likes of Rich Swann and Jack Gallagher, with the “marquee” bout being the match between Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa, well-regarded as partners in NXT in line for a Tag Title shot, but opponents on this night.

– The First Round match between Swann and Jason Lee was a true chance for fans to see what Swann was all about, while still portraying Lee in a high light. Swann previously appeared on NXT and was highly known for his energy and charisma (in full display) and Lee boasted a Kung-Fu style in his eight-year repertoire, as he even took out nunchaku in his entrance. The crowd sided with Swann early, as they chanted along with the words of his theme, “Can you handle this?” and Swann even had a sob story as Daniel Bryan mentioned on commentary that this was his first match back from a serious shoulder injury. Bryan also credited Lee as the man who started the first pro wrestling promotion in Hong Kong and was trained by Hoho Lun. Lee was most remembered for his speed in a respectable showing, but was outdone by Swann, who wowed the crowd with unique moves, highlighted with a crazy backflip and the standing 450 splash to win. Swann even legit broke out the Alex Wright dance in celebration.

– The First Round match between Noam Dar and Gurv Sihra was probably the worst of the night and First Round in general. Just never got going the way we would’ve thought. The story contrast between the two was interesting at least. Sihra explained his in-ring style as mat-based inspired by Bret Hart and Eddie Guerrero, while Dar represented Scotland as the tourney’s youngest competitor at 22, with a strong accent in his hype video. Decent action, but both men’s relatively unknown statuses contributed to a tame crowd that sided with Dar towards the end. Smartly enough, it was Dar who won with a knee bar, which fit his strategy as he worked over the legs the whole match. This set up a Second Round bout between Dar and Lun. Should be even. On one hand, Dar could be someone positioned as a true dark horse of sorts.

– The First Round match between Jack Gallagher and Fabian Aichner elevated both men by the end. Aichner had a German last name, but represented Italy and his build was extremely muscular as he put on the perfect “mean” face. Gallagher wrestled for over 10 years and his handlebar mustache set him apart from the rest as a “gentleman” who had a scientific style. The weight difference was one of the tourney’s highest, as Aichner outweighed Gallagher by 40 pounds. That came into play during the match, as Aichner hit hard with plenty of chops, which was countered by Gallagher’s speed. Aichner pulled out some great moves, like a double springboard moonsault and a sit-down powerbomb to counter Gallagher’s guillotine chokehold. Gallagher stood resistant with the near-falls, as Bryan was blown away by him and who knew it’d be a running headbutt/corner dropkick to end the bout with Gallagher on top? With Gallagher en route to Akira Tozawa in the Second Round, it initially appeared to  be a death sentence, but after seeing Gallagher, it could be a different story.

– Since we’d just seen Gargano/Ciampa cement their case for a shot at the NXT Tag Team Champions The Revival just minutes before on NXT, it might’ve been a bit difficult to sell them as blood rivals, but their backstage segment helped turn on the competitive spirit. A hype video also showcased their bond, as Gargano settled comfortably into a tag team for a career first upon his NXT arrival and formed a close bond with Ciampa, even to the point where Ciampa would be a part of his wedding party soon. Some bold lines from Ciampa, whose “Psycho Killer” persona broke out, as he claimed to be sick of “Johnny Wrestling” when Gargano referred to him as “just another guy”  and wanted to be the guy who took Gargano out of the CWC and hurt him.

– The First Round match between Gargano and Ciampa came out strong from the gate and showcased both men’s abilities. Gargano stood out for his resiliency, while Ciampa displayed a darker persona to the point where he mocked Gargano upon a wide array of harsh kicks (one that knocked spit out of Gargano’s mouth early) and it wasn’t long before Gargano had glassy eyes. Gargano battled back, but the story was mainly about how Ciampa threw everything he had and just couldn’t put Johnny Wrestling away. A big highlight was Ciampa’s Air Raid Crash on the apron and the near-fall where Gargano kicked out of Ciampa’s Project Ciampa maneuver. A telling moment was where Ciampa hesitated kicking his friend without knee pads, as he stopped to raise it back up, which led down a road where Gargano got the pinfall upon a fierce exchange of pinfall attempts and strikes and chops. Based off name recognition, we figured Gargano would go over since he had more singles experience, but this was a mighty showing for Ciampa and what he could offer down the road if given a push. The post-match sportsmanship was a nice tease of tension before the partners hugged.

– So that concluded the First Round, as next week would begin the Second Round with Tajiri-Gran Metalik and Cedric Alexander-Kota Ibushi announced. Oh, snap.






Quick Results

  • First Round – Rich Swann def. Jason Lee via pinfall to advance 
  • First Round – Noam Dar def. Gurv Sihra via submission to advance 
  • First Round – Jack Gallagher def. Fabian Aichner via pinfall to advance 
  • First Round – Johnny Gargano def. Tommaso Ciampa via pinfall to advance 

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