Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 7/28/16: Game Changer

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 7/28/16)

Game Changer 

– Bound For Glory always features some sort of convoluted tournament and this year’s installment wasn’t bad by any means since it featured the right people. It cleverly meshed the Hardy saga with the Ethan Carter III-Drew Galloway feud and The Miracle thrown in there with Moose, his insurance policy, to add to the fun. The opening video highlighted how each competitor made it to the Semifinals of the BFG Playoffs and hyped the bouts of Matt Hardy-EC3 and Galloway-Miracle.

– The opening in-ring segment with Matt, Reby, Jeff and EC3 was a welcome advancement of the Hardy feud, as “Broken” Matt continued to torment “Brother Nero” with his approved theme song of shouts of “Obsolete!” by Reby as Jeff walked to the ring. The hope here was that Jeff could get out of it and he stood his ground, even when Matt demanded that he help him beat EC3 to move on in the BFG Playoffs. EC3’s part in the segment was actually pretty humorous, as he responded to Matt’s orgasmic shrieks with his own funny faces. It was a different way to fill time and lead in to the EC3-Matt match.

– The BFG Playoffs Semifinals between Matt and EC3 was okay for what it was, as it was settled in the context of their respective storylines. It was more about the result than the action, as EC3 used a boot to Matt’s face when Matt’s shenanigans with the Referee down backfired on him. Also liked that it was Jeff’s actions that indirectly led to it, as he slid Matt’s hammer back into the ring when Reby slid it to him at first. The idea was that EC3 advanced (like we figured, to probably set up him and Galloway in the Finals) and this would further the Hardys feud, because that’s the bigger story to tell.

– After Madison Rayne turned heel on Gail Kim last week, we had a decent follow-up, but not as crisp as it could’ve been. The backstage segment with Rayne, Allie and Maria was good in retrospect, but it felt more like Rayne did it to prove a point to Maria rather than have her own new heel agenda, which would help her character at this point. However, it did establish that almost everybody in the Knockouts Division outside Maria’s circle had a problem with her management skills. It also hyped a Kim-Rayne match to take place.

– The backstage segment with Jeff and Matt was nice, as we saw Matt swear that it “wouldn’t go unpunished” as Jeff begged for punishment. Never beg Broken Matt Hardy for punishment, Jeff. Haven’t you learned anything these past weeks?

– After the backstage segment raised our interests, they simmered down greatly with the underwhelming Rayne-Kim match. Pretty bland considering who was in it and it felt too soon for Kim to get a win with her finisher. What did this do for Rayne?

– They did a better job establishing The Miracle/Moose as more of a heel duo with their backstage promo. Miracle did most of the talking, which was fine, as he talked about how he beat everybody left in the BFG Playoffs and looked to do it again with help. He also sent messages to TNA World Heavyweight Champion/X-Division Champion Lashley to keep his belt warmed up for him. The heel-heel dynamic is cool in this case.

– With things like “The Final Deletion” a rousing success in TNA’s Creative Department, it was apparent that they wanted to take the “cinematic effect” and apply it to other storylines where they saw fit. In this case, it was for the Bram-Rosemary storyline, as we saw some first-time exposition for the Rosemary character when she brought Bram to the woods where she grew up in. Her speech consisted of dead cats, garbage cans, lies, a talking tree named Montgomery and something spooky that happened in a cabin that still wasn’t revealed to us. It came off rather confusing and not in the cool way, even despite the slick editing.

– The Moose-David Starr match was an easy Moose squash, as his badass persona was further established with Miracle’s stick glory and he threw around David Starr after the jobber was on him in the opening seconds. The big highlight here was Moose’s powerbomb onto the apron, which eventually led to his Game Changer finisher, which was a variated Clothesline From Hell. The post-match angle that involved Miracle, Moose, Lashley and DJZ teased a Moose-Lashley match (where Lashley seems to be the face) and transitioned itself into Lashley throwing out an open challenge to which DJZ wanted to “cash in” his earned X-Division Championship shot in a ladder match. DJZ tried to sound tough, but his promo got lost somewhere along the way and wasn’t convincing in the least. This guy was about to get his ass kicked.

– The X-Division Championship ladder match between Champion Lashley and DJZ was alright, but did get better towards the end. DJZ used his aerials when it counted, but Lashley’s power was on full display, as he lifted the ladder with DJZ on it and at another point, hoisted him above his shoulders while atop the ladder and dropped him to the canvas to retain the belt. We do like the idea that Lashley has kind of “held” the X-Division hostage and it should set up someone big when they finally do take the belt from him.

– EC3 and Drew Galloway just continue to get in each other’s ways, which seems to be the base of their never-ending feud. The big news from here was Galloway as he warned EC3 not to get involved in the main event after EC3 offered to help out if Moose interfered. Of course they milked this up because we expected the BFG Finals to end up with Galloway and EC3.

– The second consecutive “Facts Of Life” segment with TNA King Of The Mountain Champion Eli Drake and James Storm wasn’t as good as the original, but it did set up an official Title match between the two to take place soon. Drake has comfortably settled in his “bigmouth heel” role and plays off the crowd well, as they’ve begun to chant his “Dummy, yeah!” catchphrase. Storm’s an established veteran who can also help Drake get over, so it’s not a bad idea for a feud/match. The incentive that Storm would get the Title shot if he gave up drinking, his theme music and the Cooler Mobile was intriguing. We doubt it lasts, but it has our interest for now. We also liked that it was Drake who got to lay out Storm this time.

– Not sure where this whole “Fixer” gimmick is going for Tyrus, as that informercial hype video aired again.

– The Grado-Mahabali Shera backstage segment established some tensions because Grado didn’t pay for the first “fix” by Tyrus and couldn’t get further help against The Tribunal until they paid up. Shera toughened up as he grabbed Grado by the collar and wanted to prove they were tough, while Grado tried to convince him that they’d pay. We’ll see how they follow up on that.

– If you’ve seen one Monster’s Ball match, you’ve seen most of them. This one took place for the TNA World Tag Team Championships and was between Champions Crazzy Steve/Abyss (without Rosemary) and The Bro-Mans. Much a spot-happy bout, as the highlights involved Steve going through tacks in sadistic fashion (he also embraced them to enhance his character), Abyss ran into and through a barbed wire board and Jessie fell off the top rope and through a table on the outside. There was a brief moment where it did look like maybe the belts would change hands, but after Abyss chokeslammed Robbie E onto the barbed wire board, Decay retained. It’s ironic that Decay is partially decaying. In the end, nothing special outside of the barbed wire dramatics.

– Headed into the BFG Playoffs Semifinals match between Miracle and Galloway, we were convinced it was Galloway going over, to effectively set up this EC3-Galloway rematch, while Miracle would come so close, yet so short in the end. Hold your breath on that one, folks. Miracle had an early advantage, as Moose attacked Galloway before the bell with the apron powerbomb and got involved later on in the bout when the Referee was knocked out. EC3 came out and accidentally struck Galloway in the face with a kendo stick, which led to the finish where Moose took him out on the outside to set up Miracle to hit the Miracle In Progress to pull out the shocker win. On one hand, we do like this since they managed to find a good way to continue the EC3-Galloway feud (despite as tiresome as it is) and better yet, Miracle gets thrusted into the BFG Finals against EC3. We’d predict the “turnabout is fair play” as perhaps Galloway costs EC3 the match and they have their rematch while Miracle would go on to challenge Lashley, since that’s what he talks about so much and you’d gave to think they’d deliver on that tease.






Quick Results

  • Bound For Glory Playoffs – Semifinals – Ethan Carter III def. Matt Hardy (w/Reby, Jeff Hardy) via pinfall to advance 
  • Gail Kim def. Madison Rayne via pinfall 
  • Moose (w/The Miracle) def. David Starr via pinfall 
  • TNA X-Division Championship – Ladder Match – Lashley (Champion) def. DJZ to retain 
  • TNA World Tag Team Championship – Monster’s Ball – Crazzy Steve/Abyss (Champions) def. The Bro-Mans (w/Raquel) via pinfall to retain 
  • Bound For Glory Playoffs – Semifinals – The Miracle (w/Maria) def. Drew Galloway via pinfall to advance 

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