Notes In Observance – WCWC 7/16/16: #FollowThat

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 7/16/16)


– Social media swag was the mission objective of the backstage promo with Ethan HD/Kate Carney, as this hyped the WCWC Legacy Championship match to come where Champion Eric Right would defend against Ethan HD after the two went to a 15-minute draw last time out. Right, who nursed an injured arm, barely escaped with the Title and now had to face Ethan again, who lacked uncertainty as he was eager and confident as far as his chances. Carney as usual was great as she yelled at Pat Kelley for his introduction of her and then Ethan promised a “Plan B.” We’d see that in full fruition later on, but a nice foreshadow here.

– Headed off the previous week’s segment where Cole Layton King (think million dollar Texan executive a la JBL) tried to end the career of Gangrel with a chair, “The Vampire Warrior” was out for blood and revenge. CLK was eager for another “crack” at it and promised he wouldn’t slip up this time. Also found it awesome that CLK’s theme song was the same as “Dallas.” On the other side, Gangrel had previously made a claim to the WCWC Pacific Northwest Champion Grappler III that he was gunning for him and this was more or less a “side mission” of sorts, but this helped get CLK over at the same time as a ruthless, old-school heel. It would’ve been nice had we known headed in that this was a No Disqualification match, but both men settled in well to the stipulation. Gangrel messed around with the fans a bit at CLK’s expense, most notably as he hit him with a cane from the crowd. Liked how commentary used the match to describe it as a “message to The Wrecking Crew.” CLK didn’t lose anything per se with the loss as he was outwitted in his own element and Gangrel got to get his revenge so he could focus on the WC now.

– Right’s backstage promo gave us more hype for the WCWC Legacy Championship match, as he personified the “fighting Champion” to a tee, compete with a bandaged-up left arm/shoulder. He explained how it all started with the “Bunkhouse Brawl” and then was exploited by Ethan afterwards in his next match and the circumstances sucked, but he was a Champion and real men “faced the fire.” Definitely designed to make him look tough and that came off well.

– The WCWC Legacy Championship match between Ethan HD and Champion Right had an excellent story, as Right had an injured arm and had to overcome Carney’s constant interferences and Ethan’s “predator” mentality as he viciously targeted the arm some more. To his credit, Right played the “survivalist” role incredibly well to the end and it almost looked like a case of “too close, too late” for Ethan but a run-in from the WCWC Tag Team Champion The Bonus Boyz saved him from succumbing to the Sleeper and after Right had his clock cleaned with the Championship, it was a Blackout later and Ethan became the new Champion. Incredible rise in Ethan’s singles career as he needed something like this to get over in that way. Only thing we didn’t like about it were how commentary questioned the allegiance of BB to Carney/Ethan when they were freaking a group in the first place a while back. The sooner they have BB/Ethan come together as a “Carney Coalition,” the better it’ll be, because then they’ll all have gold as a group. Then again, maybe they needed to do it this way since BB had been featured without Carney for so long and then won the belts without her help, so either way, it’s good to have this alliance again.

– The next segment saw Carney/Ethan celebrate overzealously outside the arena with champagne, as Carney yelled at Kelley for interrupting them but then thanked him when he congratulated them. That’s about right.

– The oddest match on this show was the “Rock God” Ricky Gibson-Damien Drake bout. This was a weird pairing on paper and a little too cutesy for us. Drake’s usually more polished in the ring, but came off green at come points with noticeable botches on the ropes. This seemed to be a “placeholder storyline” as it was a controversial finish where Drake pinned Gibson, but Gibson had his foot on the rope briefly and wasn’t pleased when the pinfall decision stood. We imagine perhaps this is how they’ll return Greg Romero to take care of the superheroes.

– Just like most main event matches that star WC members, the Mikey O’Shea-Kassius Koonz match with Morty Lipschitz on commentary continued the hype for an eventual meeting with Gangrel. O’Shea was also out for revenge against Koonz for that time he cost him Championship gold. Typical WC stuff, as Blanchard physically got involved as Lipschitz coined excuses aplenty. Funny. They worked a “big men” dynamic to the match and it worked to some extent as Koonz eventually got O’Shea off his feet, but it wasn’t enough to beat “The Irish Juggernaut” and before long, O’Shea hit a Top Rope Clothesline to get the win. The post-match angle was good, as Gangrel made the save when the heels tried to beat down O’Shea and we got the big announcement that Gangrel got his match against G3 and it’d be in a No Disqualification match where if WC interfered, G3 would be stripped of the belt. Sort of defeats the purpose of a No DQ match, but we’ll look past that. It’s something to look forward to.






Quick Results

  • No Disqualification Match – Gangrel def. Cole Layton King via pinfall
  • WCWC Legacy Championship – Ethan HD (w/Kate Carney) def. Eric Right (Champion) via pinfall to become new Champion 
  • Damien Drake (w/Spyder Warrior) def. “The Rock God” Ricky Gibson (w/Mr. Tubbs) via pinfall 
  • Mikey O’Shea def. Kassius Koonz (w/Jeremy Blanchard) via pinfall 

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