Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 7/12/16: Destination X 2016

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 7/12/16)

Destination X 2016 

– Say what you want, but “The Final Deletion” was one of the more unique storylines in TNA history. From its simple yet deep story of a brotherly rivalry mixed with Matt Hardy’s character evolution into darker territory and top-notch cinematic elements, there was a lot to like here. How does one follow-up a “Final Deletion”? The opening video did a solid job, as we saw Jeff Hardy wake up in a bed, as Matt paraded around with a black garbage bag filled with “materialistic remains of Brother Nero” as he stood upon a boat, where one of his drones dropped off a yellow tank top, what Jeff wore before he was deleted. A “Public Deletion” was hyped for later in the show. We saw more of those entertaining thematics.

– While we applaud the constant attempts to make the X-Division appear relevant, it won’t do so until they branch outside the roster of DJZ, Braxton Sutter, Mandrews, Rockstar Spud, Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett. The X-Division Championship #1 Contender’s Ladder match that involved these men was okay, if not for the vibe of your general spot-fest. Once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Not even to mention we saw these exact same guys compete in Ultimate X last week. At the least, there was some form of continuation of the Sutter-Spud feud, as they brawled at moments. Out of who’s here that the crowd actually likes, DJZ wasn’t a bad choice to win this. The finish was also well-done, as DJZ knocked Everett off the ladder onto competitors on the floor below, as well as fought off Gregory Shane Helms. The post-match angle gave us a hearty DJZ promo, who we just don’t hear from that often, so that was good. Also liked The Miracle’s sneak attack, as it tied into his promise to “ruin” Destination X and we could only imagine perhaps he’d run out after every match. Nevertheless, it set the tone for the show and Miracle got good heat. Logically speaking though, couldn’t Security have just escorted him out or made an attempt to?

– Ethan Carter III’s backstage promo was fancy fodder that hyped up his “fist fight” to come with Drew Galloway, as he accepted they both wanted the same thing and on this night, they’d finally fight.

– Dixie Carter’s backstage promo reminded everyone that Impact would move to Thursdays at 8 PM and next week’s episode would involve the start of this year’s Bound For Glory Playoffs. Everybody knew the move was coming thanks to SmackDown heading to Tuesdays, but at least BFG creates a lot of storytelling opportunity, especially with a concrete main event picture.

– The in-ring segment with TNA World Heavyweight Champion Lashley, Jeremy Borash and TNA X-Division Champion Eddie Edwards was clever hype for the “Title Vs. Title” main event match, as we got more of what we saw last week. Lashley remained super confident, while Edwards didn’t back down and held off his own side greatly. The crowd also pulled for Edwards heavily, which added to the segment. Of course, the big twist here was the return of Davey Richards after about six months, as he saved Edwards from a chair-related beatdown. Also loved the added visual as Richards fit the World Title around Edwards’ waist to give off the impression that Edwards was a pure threat and shouldn’t be underestimated.

– Not sure what the deal is with the Rosemary/Bram storyline. It seems like she has forced him to try and join TNA World Tag Team Champions Decay, while he has refused. Last we saw them, they made out on camera and this time, Crazzy Steve/Abyss were upset about it backstage, as Abyss promised to make Bram pay in their upcoming match.

– The “Broken Matt” chronicles continued in a video segment where he showed a private viewing of “The Final Deletion” and he even had a fancy entrance for Reby/”King Maxel” as they slid down a firehouse pole. This was actually well-done, especially in how shocked everybody’s faces were upon what they saw, while Matt took great joy in the same footage. He then hyped the “Public Deletion” for later on. You can’t help but laugh at the brilliance as Matt wildly exclaimed, “Delete, delete, delete!” Just wow. In a good way.

– The Bram/Rosemary saga continued in the finish of the Abyss-Bram bout, as she helped Bram defeat Abyss when he took advantage of Abyss being distracted when she came to check on him after he was chokeslammed. No big updates here, just more confusion, as Abyss/Steve didn’t know what to do, as Rosemary stared intensely into Bram’s eyes. They’ve tried to tease something, but we doubt Bram/Rosemary will be a thing.

– The four-way for the Knockouts Championship between Champion Sienna, Marti Bell, Jade and Gail Kim provided action albeit in a short time. They basically advanced the Jade/Bell feud with Kim’s struggle to overcome the Sienna/Allie duo. The latter was the bigger story, as Kim had Bell pinned, but Allie put Bell’s foot on the rope to break the count and when Kim sought revenge, she walked into The Silencer (aka the Pounce a la Monty Brown) for the pinfall. It was a cool finish and Sienna was further established as a powerhouse heel with help and we’ll probably get another Jade/Bell match soon.

– The Hardy Family dinner segment was more of that epic banter from “Broken” Matt, as he professed his preferential in foods. Just so you know, he likes shrimp cocktail and green beans and strongly dislikes mustard. Just the way he said it was hilarious. Also had to love the final shot as he dictated a note for his butler that emphasized the word, “Delete!” More hype for the “Live Deletion.”

– The backstage segment with Lashley and The Wolves gave us more main event hype, where we learned that Lashley wanted Richards at ringside now for the match so he could witness him “destroy his partner.” We had strong suspicions of a turn by Richards here, so this development helped cement those thoughts further.

– The “Live Deletion” in-ring segment with Matt, Reby, King Maxel and Jeff came off strange, but that was the intent, so it worked. Matt was great here, as he bragged that he owned Jeff’s soul because it was deleted. What lost us a bit was with Jeff, who simply seemed to give in to his brother’s demands to become his “obsolete mule.” Yup, Jeff’s a slave again once more. We’re intrigued to see where it all goes though.

– The backstage segment with Miracle, Maria and DJZ set up the match that followed based on what happened earlier, as DJZ demanded Miracle fight him in the ring. Simple.

– The DJZ-Miracle match was pretty good while it lasted, with the overall story that Miracle dominated early and when he felt a comeback brewing from DJZ, attempted to walk out, only to be blocked off by the “X-Division Stars,” basically everybody sans Spud. Yup, even GSH and the Helms Dynasty were there. It was a decent “karma”-esque finish and we guess DJZ gained something with the surprise win, but the bigger development here was Miracle’s anger-filled post-match promo where he promised to take TNA down “with help.” Perhaps this would play into the main event? Would Richards/Miracle be a duo?

– Galloway’s backstage promo was short hype for this “unsanctioned fight” him and EC3 would have, where he didn’t say anything important besides his praise for EC3’s passion to fight.

– Miracle’s backstage segment had him talk to someone on the phone to tell them to “get here” and nobody knew they had worked together. This only confirmed this was someone who wasn’t at the show, or maybe just a swerve for swerve’s purpose.

– In retrospect, the EC3-Galloway “unsanctioned street fight” came off rather pointless. We had a brief promo exchange with some “cool” insults and then they fought each other with punches, chops and a chair was also involved. They then went to the back for a few seconds and had to be separated again by security. Awfully uncharacteristic for something unsanctioned. We imagine this leads to a #1 contender’s match of some sort for the World Title. This was probably a way to pass some time for another week.

– The Wolves’ backstage segment gave some last-minute hype as Richards milked up how much he wanted to be back in the ring and was close to it, but called Edwards his brother and offered his unlimited support. We were almost sure of a turn now.

– The main event “Title Vs. Title” match between Edwards and Lashley for both the TNA World Heavyweight and X-Divison Championships started out somewhat slow, but they had nice chemistry and they began to kick it into second gear towards the end. It also helped that the crowd was strongly behind Edwards, which made an upset victory not that unheard of. Of course, the fun stopped with the Referee bump and set up what we thought would be the “turn” when Richards prevented Lashley from use of the Title belt and stood his ground briefly, but only set up a double-team move from The Wolves to put those thoughts to rest. This actually set up a great near-fall as Edwards nearly pinned Lashley. This then set up the definitive finish when Miracle came out and blatantly knocked out the Referee and introduced his new partner, none other than Moose of former Ring Of Honor fame. A good majority of fans knew who he was and he had his own theme song playing, so they did the “Moose” gesture and they both double-teamed Lashley. On one hand, this was a well-done angle since it ironically protected both Champions from a pinfall loss and introduced Moose to TNA fans. On the other, we were a bit confused. We know to get over, Moose does his signature fist pump, but he led fans on in it as he was revealed to be the heel partner of heel Miracle. Lashley came off sympathetic from the attack and we sincerely hope he stays heel because he’s much better in that role. Nevertheless, a good way to close things out. Well, almost.

– Dixie’s backstage promo showed disdain for what transpired and she rebooked Lashley-Edwards to take place in Six Sides Of Steel now. Well, damn. Surely, nobody could climb over a cage. How could that possibly happen? Ugh. At least they hyped the main event a week out.






Quick Results

  • TNA X-Division Championship #1 Contender Ladder Match – DJZ def. Rockstar Spud, Braxton Sutter, Trevor Lee (w/Gregory Shane Helms), Andrew Everett and Mandrews 
  • Bram def. Abyss (w/Crazzy Steve) via pinfall
  • TNA Knockouts Championship – Four-Way – Sienna (w/Allie) def. Gail Kim, Marti Bell and Jade to retain 
  • “Title Vs. Title” – TNA World Heavyweight Championship/TNA X-Division Championship – Lashley and Eddie Edwards to a no-contest; Both men retain 

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