Notes In Observance – WCWC 7/9/16: Tag Team Supremacy

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 7/9/16)

Tag Team Supremacy 

– On paper, the Cole Layton King-Gangrel match sounded too soon, since they’ve tried to establish CLK and Gangrel’s one of the top WCWC talent. On the other hand, Gangrel had the experience to carry CLK to a respectable effort in the ring. Morty Lipschitz also provided commentary as the voice of The Wrecking Crew and probably to “scout” Gangrel as he pursuits Grappler III’s WCWC Pacific Northwest Championship. The match ended up nothing special, but the finish was smart since they had CLK get himself blatantly disqualified with brass knuckles to get him over as a rule-breaker and commentary did good as they talked him up as this big rich guy who also apparently owns his own stadium. There’s a strong JBL vibe from CLK and we’d love to see what more he could bring down the road. At least the DQ loss saved him from a pinfall loss and also set up the post-match angle where he aimed to take Gangrel out permanently with a neck injury with a chair, but was run off by Jeff Boom/Adam Thornstowe, who’d compete in the main event Fatal Four-Way Elimination Tag to decide the new WCWC Tag Team Champions that would also involve The Bonus Boyz, JJ Garrett/”The Rock God” Ricky Gibson and Marcus Malone/Mikey O’Shea. While it was cool to see Boom/Thornstowe here, it also probably hinted that they wouldn’t win the belts since they’d be in a feud with CLK more or less. Boom/Thornstowe were viable contenders in that match, so it made us wonder who might get the nod.

– We didn’t think much of BB in this match, but their backstage promo was good for what it was, as they demanded Pat Kelley “put some respect” on how he pronounced their names and basically reminded us they were tough jocks. Whatever happened to their association with Kate Carney? Could’ve helped here.

– It’s easy to tell a superhero plot when you have masked superheroes in a battle with two foreign enemies. That appears to be the motive with the Midnight Marvels-Khash/Julian Whyte feud. On paper, we initially thought this would be a Khash squash against Spyder Warrior since MM are somewhere between rookies and jobbers. Pleasantly, what we saw was more than that. Khash came off overconfident, as he made lackadaisical covers throughout. Eventually, the tide turned and it was Warrior who made Khash tap out when a plan to have Whyte interfere on his behalf backfired. Guess the heels will get their heat back next week.

– The Garrett/Gibson/Mr. Tubbs backstage promo was in line with their characters, as Gibson bragged about their “clout” and apparent celebrity status in clubs and restaurants. Garrett stood there and said, “Swag.” Productive stuff. These guys were also favorites for the main event, since Gibson was a recent Champion.

– Main event time… The Fatal Four-Way Elimination Tag for the WCWC Tag Team Championships between BB, Garrett/Gibson, O’Shea/Malone and Boom/Thornstowe had plenty of time to impress, with a little more than 35 minutes in the show left over. There was a decent start as everybody felt each other out. Also liked the aspect that anybody could tag anybody in and that commentary talked about how the match favored those who stood out of the action the longest. Eventually, we got to our first pinfall elimination, which was simultaneous (a bit confusing) and we seen that Boom/Thornstowe were gone. There was a nice surprise when Malone eliminated Gibson with the Kiss The Sky to get the final two down to them and BB. Malone/O’Shea were the heavy favorites, so if there was ever a moment to have them get their moment, it’d be here. We thought it was set up well, as BB dominated Malone in the final pinfall, worked hard to get to that hot tag to O’Shea. Once it finally happened, we thought what would happen suddenly became something else, as O’Shea tagged Malone right back in and another attempt at Kiss The Sky was thwarted when Malone was knocked off the top rope and into the Signing Bonus finisher for a heartbreaker loss. On the same note, this was probably BB’s biggest WCWC moment and now their rise to the top couldn’t be denied. We just wish Carney would’ve been involved here in some capacity, as we liked that pairing. We did like the idea that a mistake in judgment by O’Shea cost his team the match. BB’s post-match promo was classic heel stuff, as they demanded respect from the unhappy fans and that “Jocks were back.” We thought maybe some tension would be revealed between O’Shea and Malone, but they kept it cool and stood devastated together, yet accepted what happened. Wonder what the real story could be down the road. Will someone turn?






Quick Results

  • Gangrel def. Cole Layton King via DQ
  • Spyder Warrior (w/Damien Drake) def. Khash (w/Julian Whyte) via submission 
  • WCWC Tag Team Championships – Fatal Four-Way Elimination Tag – The Bonus Boyz def. Marcus Malone/Mikey O’Shea, JJ Garrett/”The Rock God” Ricky Gibson (w/Mr. Tubbs) and Jeff Boom/Adam Thornstowe to become new Champions 

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