Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 7/6/16: Flips And Fists

WWE NXTBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 7/6/16)

Flips And Fists 

– Whenever NXT Tag Team Champions The Revival and American Alpha meet, magic happens. Plain and simple. They bring something new to the tag team wrestling table, with inventive spots to showcase their contrasts in styles. Revival are known to be old-school rule-bending heels with more emphasis on their strikes while AA pride themselves on being premier athletes with a repertoire of suplexes and submissions. Give these two teams 20 minutes and they’ll give you the world. AA eventually got to hold the gold, but quickly lost it at TakeOver: The End, which made Revival the first two-time Tag Champs. We knew a rematch would come for the former Champs and they made it even better as it was announced to be a 2 Out Of 3 Falls match. That was set to happen on this episode, as evidenced by the opening video. Safe to say expectations were mightily high.

– Another person in preparation for a contractual rematch since she lost her NXT Women’s Championship was Bayley. Based off last week’s promo segment with Alexa Bliss (who defeated Carmella), the stage was set so that Bayley would need to “get through” Bliss to get back to the Title contention picture. It’s a great example of long-term storytelling. At the same time, it also builds up the other NXT ladies. Bliss has stepped up her game extraordinarily in the ring, as she has tightened up in areas she once lacked. While we knew headed in that Bayley would win this based off the “rise to the top” story, it also let Bliss do her thing and take Bayley to the limit. As for the match itself, it was well-wrestled on both ends. The way Bliss targeted Bayley’s throat with the ring ropes looked vicious. Who could also forget that stiff right hand from Bliss that nearly stunned Bayley? The bout got even better as it neared the end with a quickened pace. Eventually, Bayley won with the Belly-To-Bayley and cut a promo post-match that put over her frustration with Nia Jax for her lost opportunity. Of course, Jax came out in street clothes and confronted her as Bayley asked for one more match and she accepted. We knew this would come, as it’s the next logical step for Bayley to conquer her demons, so to speak. Take out the lady who took you out to begin with.

– Wish the TM61 hype video was longer than it actually was. It portrayed them as gifted athletes who were “mighty.” Perhaps they’ll “talk” in the ring, but it would’ve been beneficial for fans who aren’t familiar with them to get to know them.

– Revival’s backstage promo hyped the main event and they said the same thing they do every time – “We’re gonna hit hard and talk heavy and we’ll win.” Not a bad promo by any means though. They have a certain intensity to them that comes off almost organically.

– We were curious what the outcome would be between a reunited Blake/Murphy (“one more shot” as described by commentary) and The Hype Bros., but evidently, they were set up for an attack by the returning Rhyno. Did like how Murphy was the only one to escape unscathed. Probably sets up a match for the two on the next show.

– They’ve done an excellent job to make this Finn Balor-Shinsuke Nakamura “Dream Match” feel like so. With the match set to happen on the next episode, there was more time to hype it up. They aired a video package with input from Triple H (who put them both over as international superstars), Tye Dillinger (who brought up their credibility in Japan) and even Neville was in there. Photos were shown of Balor/Nakamura as they hung out in Japan in the early days. Just an all-around superb video.

– AA’s backstage promo also hyped up the main event, as we heard them say they’d wrestle in their own style this time, since they tried to match Revival’s style last time and got beat. It was all about their game plan. Short but sweet promo.

– NXT Champion Samoa Joe was also hyped to return next week, his first appearance since he retained against Balor at TakeOver: The End.

– Rhyno has been deemed voiceless so far, as he offered no words on why he was back when approached in the parking lot for comment. Creates more intrigue for his character and his current motivations.

– The main event 2 Out Of 3 Falls match for the NXT Tag Team Championships between Champions The Revival and AA didn’t pack the “bottled intensity” of their past matches, but was still excellent in terms of mat work and in-ring psychology. Revival stood true to their style as they bent the rules at any costs, as they targeted Jason Jordan’s leg early on. The first fall lasted the longest, though a mid-tempo pace dominated it. It was built as a stalemate, but it was decided by AA, whom had duo Ankle Locks on both inside and outside the ring. Down by a fall, Revival quickly evened it up as the roles reversed this time, as Revival recorded the submission fall. The third fall had some good teases for both teams. We had thought with AA also in a feud with The Authors Of Pain that perhaps AOP would interfere and cost AA again, which would’ve made sense as a finish, but they opted for the cool thing and we got the clean finish. Great spot with Chad Gable’s headbutt off the top rope to stop Jordan from a potential tap-out. It winded down to whoever would get their finisher first (as it should) and a nasty Shatter Machine on Gable on the apron was all that she wrote. This likely was the last match we’ll get from the two for some time, as AA are likely to get called to the main roster, while Revival can put other teams over as well as themselves.






Quick Results

  • Bayley def. Alexa Bliss via pinfall
  • Blake/Muprhy and The Hype Bros. to a no-contest 
  • NXT Tag Team Championships – 2 Out Of 3 Falls – The Revival (Champions) def. American Alpha 2 Falls to 1 to retain 

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