Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 7/5/16: The Final Deletion

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 7/5/16)

The Final Deletion 

– If TNA has done anything right in years, it has actually been the pseudo-cinematic feud between “Broken” Matt Hardy (derivative of his “Big Money Matt” character) and Jeff Hardy. To this point, Matt and Jeff had clashed several times with Jeff getting wins, but now Matt was eager for “The Final Deletion” and it was to take place from Cameron, North Carolina. We had to know what we were in for when we saw an old man cutting a disclaimer promo in Spanish not to repeat what we’d see. The opening video was actually kind of brilliant, as it showed Matt and Reby planning a “fiesta” for Maxel and Matt needed the event documented. It was epic, as the old guy was also revealed to be Señor Benjamin, Matt’s gardener.

– We already knew TNA X-Division Champion The Miracle was coming out to start the show as per last week’s promo. Miracle/Maria continue to murder the mic with every promo and are the only bright spots in this debacle with Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan. Basically in short, Miracle demanded Dixie to come out and award him the “Option C” honor, only for her to arrange karma by forcing him to defend his belt in an Ultimate X match against the rest of the six guys in the Division based on his disrespect of it. At least it makes sense in that aspect. Plus, with heel Lashley as the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, a Miracle-Lashley match doesn’t sell.

– Sometimes, we want to bop the commentary team as they tried to build up the X-Division as this big, diverse group when it’s the same six guys. Nevertheless, the Ultimate X match for the X-Division Championship between Champion Miracle, Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett, Mandrews, DJZ, Rockstar Spud and Braxton Sutter fell into the cliche of cool action, but nothing groundbreaking. Regarding anything of note, Sutter hit a stiff kick on Spud’s mouth as he rushed towards the back in bloody pain. Hard to tell if that was planned, but they could use that for a feud if need be. The most memorable spot was Mandrews’ moonsault off the structure to the floor. Also liked how Miracle clearly expressed his struggles in that he couldn’t reach the belt on his own and summoned a ladder, which set up the finish where Edwards knocked him off before he could reach the belt and brought it down himself, meaning that Edwards was the new X-Division Champion and Miracle’s plan blew up. Immediately we thought of an Edwards-Lashley match as more Destination X appropriate.

–  It’s good to see more advancement in the quarrel between Drew Galloway and Ethan Carter III (we won’t quite call it a “feud”) as footage was shown from last week as they altercated in the parking lot, which led to both getting suspended for one week. A split-screen interview segment was hyped for later in the show.

– The TNA King Of The Mountain Championship match between Champion Eli Drake and James Storm was a decent follow-up to their segment last week. They did enough in the ring to establish some chemistry, yet the cheap finish as Drake blatantly got himself disqualified when he felt himself “slip away” made sense, as it allowed Drake to escape still Champion and we’d probably get a rematch at Destination X.

– TNA X-Division Champion Edwards’ backstage promo talked about his “Option C” decision now that he had the belt that mainly used the words, “I have a lot to think about.”

– We get that Marti Bell and Jade have it out for each other ever since they feuded, but it feels like TNA is throwing them out there with little chance to actually connect with the crowd. They seem to want to like Jade, but lack a reason to and Bell has been recently pushed as the “Baton Lady.” Their street fight tried to garner interest, but it was eh. Commentary didn’t help here either to make this seem any important. Outside of chairs and a nunchakus appearance (they didn’t even get used), there was little to get excited about. At the least, Jade was now on the upside with a victory thanks to a Package Piledriver on the steel chair.

– It’s safe to say we’ve never seen Jeff Hardy fight off drones that release holograms of Matt Hardy with his guitar, but it actually happened. Matt also was determined to ride in Jeff’s lawn mower and sabotage his brother’s lawn. Now, this came off like the lame part of a B-Movie, but it was so outlandish that it worked in its own right.

-There was some hilariously bad scripted acting on the side of Billy Corgan in the in-ring segment with him, Miracle, Maria and Dixie Carter. This was more or less a “vocal ultimatum” from Miracle as he threatened to walk away from the company if he wasn’t put in the Destination X main event and Maria was obsessed with wanting to take Dixie’s job and repeated “Me or you!” about 6,000 times with a crazy look in her eye. Corgan’s “shut up” to Maria was oh so bad and then he basically took Dixie’s side. Miracle’s promise to “ruin Destination X” could be a reason to tune in alone. A run-in in every match? D-Generation X would be proud.

– In case you wondered how Matt Hardy likes his battlefields prepared, it’s with a lot of gasoline. This was some more light fun as we awaited “Final Deletion.”

– TNA World Heavyweight Champion Lashley’s backstage promo towards Edwards was another example of his naturally antagonistic promo ability. It can be easy to say that this is the best time of his career on the stick. He did put Edwards over as a “good middle guy,” but also called his fighting style “circus tricks” in contrast to ground and pound. Just great heel stuff.

– The six-person mixed tag between TNA World Tag Team Champions Decay and The Bro-Mans/Raquel was par for the course with a match between these two. There was also a cheap “Big Brother After Dark” plug from Jesse as he revealed footage of Rosemary making out with Bram, which obviously lit a fire under the dark-souled heels. The match itself wasn’t bad, even though Raquel’s color scheme made her come off as a Sasha Banks knockoff, but again, it was a logical way to have the Bro-Mans overcome Decay without them winning the Tag Titles. Bro-Mans need to stay away from the gold, but a victory never hurts and it also gives these two a likely Title match come Destination X.

– While “Option C” does allow the X-Division Champion the glory spotlight every year, its luster has fallen to the wayside over the years. Luckily, this year features a twist that puts the right amount of pressure on the situation to deliver. The show needed this interaction between Lashley and Edwards as it elevated both men. This might’ve been Edwards’ most memorable TNA moment as he emotionally put himself over as a born and bred fighter as he referenced finishing matches with injuries. At the same time, Lashley pushed for Edwards to keep his Title and walk away because he ended people, plain and simple. The “twist” of it being a “Champion vs. Champion” match at Destination X is even better because now Lashley could hold two Titles or even the other way around. Basically, this segment’s goal needed to have Edwards come off as Lashley’s next threat and it worked to some extent, especially that he hit the Boston Knee Party as Lashley was going for a spear. Great segment.

– The split-screen promo segment with EC3 and Galloway set the stage for their Destination X match, which was loosely referenced to be a street fight of some sort. It’s a good story of battling babyfaces and puts a new twist in the saga since it’s a guy trying to win over someone he once wronged. Both these guys remain high on the card and this also gives Lashley something different to focus on in the meantime with Edwards.

– Now for the Final Deletion… definitely something that will stand out in our memory by the end of 2016. This has to be seen to be believed. It was shot in cinematic style like regularly seen on Lucha Underground, but also involved action in a ring that was easy to follow. This took place in the Hardy’s Cameron, North Carolina home. We loved the Referee’s paranoid facial expression when he got to the house, helped sell the moment. All in all, this featured Jeff jumping off a tree onto his brother laid out on a ladder, we saw them shoot fireworks at each other, an appearance from Willow (only revealed to be Señor Benjamin, oh that gardener…) and above all else, a convincing Matt Hardy victory when Jeff fell off a burning cross. Yes, you need to see this for yourself. Don’t go by us only. If TNA deserved any props, they went all-out with this approach and it paid off big here. Curious what the follow-up will be.






Quick Results

  • TNA X-Division Championship – Ultimate X – Eddie Edwards def. The Miracle (Champion) (w/Maria), DJZ, Rockstar Spud, Braxton Sutter, Trevor Lee (w/Gregory Shane Helms), Mandrews and Andrew Everett to regain Championship 
  • TNA King Of The Mountain Championship – James Storm def. Eli Drake (Champion) via DQ; Drake retains 
  • Street Fight – Jade def. Marti Bell via pinfall 
  • Six-Person Mixed Tag – The Bro-Mans/Raquel def. Decay via pinfall
  • The Final Deletion – Matt Hardy def. Jeff Hardy via pinfall 

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