Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 7/6/16: Ultima Lucha Dos Part I

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 7/6/16)

Ultima Lucha Dos Part I 

– Lucha Underground concluded last year with “Ultima Lucha,” their WrestleMania, so to speak. In what was originally thought up to the series finale now turned into what should be a yearly tradition as LUG got renewed for a second and third season. With Ultima Lucha Dos now upon us, it was time to get hyped. This episode started the festivities as it focused on the “4 A Unique Opportunity” Tournament, a concept from Dario Cueto that involved Cage, The Mack, Son Of Havoc and Texano. It wasn’t a bad way to use these guys, as they were all in that same “nothing doing” scenario and could easily be pushed to the top of the card with the right timing. This was what the opening video highlighted. It appeared as if ULD would be split into three parts.

– Nostalgia ran the gamut of the opener, which was the “4 A Unique Opportunity” Tournament Semifinals between The Mack and Cage. They obviously did this on purpose since the two had a memorable falls count anywhere to start last year’s show and Cueto wasted no time as he made this bout falls count anywhere and refastened his fancy tuxedo. They actually managed to top last year with some memorably painful spots that didn’t necessarily repeat last year, but put a new twist on them. Cage monkey tossed Mack onto the bleachers, broke a glass framed poster over his head and even powerbombed him onto two seated chairs. We liked that they both had a different reason this year (winning the tournament for that opportunity) to bring last year’s same intensity where that match was just the two beating each other up. They have a good “hardcore” chemistry and the crowd ate it up. Mack evened it up as he bashed a guitar over Cage’s head, introduced piñatas and then performed a frog splash off the barricade onto Cage through a table below. Good near-fall there. Didn’t get the whole “Mack being Stone Cold Steve Austin” thing as he could get over organically on his own, but the finish was cool in that it played off last year’s and had Mack outsmart Cage this time to avoid the cinder block and get the surprise pinfall. Mack advanced to the Finals.

– The “4 A Unique Opportunity” Tournament Semifinals between SOH and Texano didn’t sound like an exciting follow-up on paper, but luckily, Cueto gave us a stipulation that gave into the “Cowboy Vs. Biker” vibe, as he made it a Boyle Heights Bar Fight complete with a bar set just outside the ring. One hardcore match after a previous one could be tiresome, but the two worked to separate it from Cage-Mack and offered us some nice brutality. Texano deserved some props as he took some tough bumps, such as the Frankensteiner onto broken bar stool pieces and also tossed onto the entire bar set as glass bottles shattered underneath him. It led into the finish where SOH tossed Texano onto more glass laid out on the canvas to get the pin. A bit anticlimactic, but SOH was the better way to go here.

– The “4 A Unique Opportunity” Tournament Finals between SOH and Mack also had a Cueto introduction, as he christened it another falls count anywhere bout because the “opportunity was so great.” Right. This stood in the lane of a more traditional wrestling match, but after some decent near-falls, SOH won rather decisively with the Shooting Star Press. Just like that, SOH won the opportunity, as Cueto presented him a choice between a briefcase with $250,000 and another with a guaranteed LUG Championship match in the main event of Ultima Lucha Tres. SOH picked the Title shot briefcase, which saw Cueto reveal there was one more match SOH needed to win before he could get it and offered his next opponent the cash that SOH turned down. Out came Famous B/Brenda, as he introduced his newest client, Dr. Wagner, Jr. Say what?!

– The “4 A Unique Opportunity” Tournament Final between SOH and Dr. Wagner, Jr. where if SOH won, he’d get the main event LUG Championship shot at ULT and if Wagner won, he’d get the money, was ultimately short, yet not bad. This was presented more as an angle than a real match, yet Wagner was able to look good in the little time he had. SOH came close to victory with a Shooting Star Press attempt, but then he missed it and Wagner hit his finisher to get the money. Famous B/Brenda’s over-the-top celebration was funny, as sympathy was built for SOH, who for a second, we wondered if a big push was coming for him in season three. We wouldn’t be against it.






Quick Results

  • “4 A Unique Opportunity” Tournament – Semifinals – Falls Count Anywhere – The Mack def. Cage via pinfall to advance 
  • “4 A Unique Opportunity” Tournament – Semifinals – Boyle Heights Bar Fight – Son Of Havoc def. Texano via pinfall to advance 
  • “4 A Unique Opportunity” Tournament – Finals – Falls Count Anywhere – Son of Havoc def. The Mack via pinfall 
  • If Son of Havoc Wins, He Earns Lucha Underground Championship Match At Ultima Lucha Dos, If Dr. Wagner, Jr. Wins, He Earns $250,000 – “4 A Unique Opportunity” Tournament – Finals – Dr. Wagner, Jr. (w/Famous B, Brenda) def. Son Of Havoc via pinfall 

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