Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 6/28/16: Tonight, Tonight

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 6/28/16)

Tonight, Tonight

– As of this show, TNA’s biggest storylines were Ethan Carter III/Drew Galloway earning respective World Title shots (which would happen on this night), the continuation of the Hardy brother saga as Jeff outlasted Matt in Six Sides Of Steel with a definitive dive off the top of the cage and with Dixie Carter absent thanks to Billy Corgan, The Miracle was granted a shot at the TNA X-Division Championship (a plan to get to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship via “Option C”) and used cheating tactics to win the Title. This episode would advance all those storylines and more as we saw in the opening video.

– One thing we like that TNA does often is have two heels fearlessly interact against one another. Such was the case with the opening segment between TNA X-Division Champion The Miracle, Maria, TNA World Heavyweight Champion Lashley, EC3, Corgan and Galloway. Miracle has always been known as a big mouth heel, so it made sense given what he had to call out Lashley and make easy threats, even once Lashley came out. EC3’s part of it was good as it was more of his serious side, as he pointed out to Lashley that everybody wanted his World Title and called out Miracle on his thievery to steal the X-Division Title. As for Corgan, we’re confused on whether he’s a good or bad guy, but he blamed Dixie for all of it. We liked how EC3 tried to convince him to make Miracle defend his belt so his plan would fail in time for Destination X, while Miracle protested. Eventually, Corgan did it to “defend the company’s legacy” and booked a Battle Royale amongst X-Division competitors to decide who Miracle would defend against later in the show. While this seemed to be a way to make the belt seem halfway important, it was obviously portrayed as a simple prop for Miracle to get to the World Title. Actually devalues the belt this way, despite the clever heel strategy. That said, at least it showed that Corgan was more neutral than anything. We also had some good hype for the main event with Lashley-EC3 already out there and Galloway joining the fray when Lashley/Miracle attacked EC3, which led to Galloway accidentally hitting EC3 with the Claymore Kick.

– More tensions were encrusted upon the friendship between Galloway/EC3 as they were shown arguing backstage and nearly coming to blows. Guess this will be an all-night thing?

– The TNA Knockouts Championship match between Champion Sienna and Gail Kim was hyped from the beginning, yet nearly had little time to establish anything between the two ladies. Did like Allie’s pre-match condescending promo towards Kim and her Hall Of Fame induction with implications that she was old and needed to retire. Then again, they could always go back to this match with more time, but they also used this to advance the Jade-Marti Bell feud, when Jade attacked Allie on the outside when she was trying to distract Kim, which drew out Bell to attack with that baton once more. This also set up the finish where Kim was put down with The Silencer. Nice finisher name.

– Of course, even after being pummeled through two tables and a flying Jeff Hardy, “Broken” Matt Hardy is never satisfied until his “Brother Nero” is deleted. His backstage promo set the idea that the previous bout left him “broken” and he was determined to get what he needed and that this saga was never over. This was more of the good stuff. Even Reby was great here with her concerned facial expressions.

– Given how the X-Division Championship was portrayed as a cheap prop so far, there was some further effort to sell its credibility with the backstage segment between Galloway and Miracle. Galloway had a problem with Miracle’s tactics and warned him not to underestimate the X-Division, while Miracle was confident he’d make easy work of them and reminded Galloway that he beat him in the past and his anger should be directed towards EC3 and not him. Decent.

– Are they starting a feud between TNA King Of The Mountain Champion Eli Drake and James Storm? If so, this “Fact Of Life” segment was decent in that regard. Drake’s segment has actually started to click in some aspects, as the crowd responded to his “Dummy, Yeah!” catchphrase and it was even a chant throughout. Drake’s great at playing off other people and we got a taste of that here. His character is self-obsessed and thinks everybody is jealous of him, which was where we had Storm come in as his guest. Storm was a bit more on the cornier side with the “drinking game” bit upon that damned button, but we did like that he got to put over how he was with TNA for 14 years and paved the way for guys like Drake. Basically, we all knew that Drake would get laid out by the end no matter what and when it happened, it went over pretty well. With Destination X close by, we’d assume this is a match to fill the card.

– Jeff Hardy’s backstage promo also hyped the face-to-face confrontation to come as he reacted to the news that Matt was in the building even after their match the previous week. Like he knows his brother, he expected him there.

– Just like they TNA World Tag team Champions Decay abducted Kim, you could also put Bram in that list too. Given the backstage segment with him and Rosemary, it appeared that Rosemary was forcing Bram to join Decay no matter what whether he wanted to or not. Bram showed slight restraint yet seemed romantically interested in Rosemary. Oh god, don’t mess this up.

– The in-ring segment with Jeff, Matt and Reby was in the end, a great way to put heat on Matt as he played victim with a wheelchair only to sucker Jeff into accepting another match and attacked him from behind with his wife’s help. We were first confused whether this match was happening in six weeks as per Matt’s promo to start, but after the attack, it was clearly established that their bout was set to happen the following week, of course, deemed “The Final Deletion.” Also loved the subtle viciousness of Matt’s Twist Of Fate onto a sitting chair. The final bombshell saw Matt announce that this “Final Deletion” wouldn’t happen in the Impact Zone but rather “where it all started,” aka the Hardy household in North Carolina.

– A hype video was used as a mock infomercial to advertise a product called “The Fixer.” Evidently, this would be explained later in the night. At least we think this was TNA related. It was stupid though.

– The fact that the X-Division Battle Royale had enough guys to fill it was almost laughable. There were the usual suspects like DJZ, Rockstar Spud, Braxton Sutter, Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett and Eddie Edwards while Miracle sat in on commentary. Miracle laid down some funny lines, as he made it known he knew nothing about the division by claiming he was trained by past cruiserweights and couldn’t remember their names or made them up. At first, we thought Edwards would be the one to get the nod to set up a good half hour match with Miracle, but he’d get screwed out of the match by Miracle, which left Sutter as the only guy left to make sense since the other two left were Everett/Lee. Sutter did have his moment by overcoming those two to win the match, but then had a slight out when Gregory Shane Helms attacked him assumedly for eliminating his two Helms Dynasty proteges.

– Just like a true heel, Miracle used this time to defend the belt with his opponent laid out. The TNA X-Division Championship match between Champion Miracle and Sutter wasn’t the expected “challenger takes Champ to the limit and loses” bout but rather a squash for Miracle with the Miracle In Progress, but at least Sutter did have the Battle Royale fatigue/GSH attack to blame. We’d expect Sutter to have a problem with this next week with both Miracle/GSH, so let’s see the follow-up.

– In the battle for pro wrestling, Grado/Mahabali Shera were on the losing end as two guys against the heel trio of Coach Al Snow and his boys The Tribunal. The Shera/Grado backstage promo established that they were outnumbered and Grado promised he had a third man this time who’d make the difference. The thought of who it could be had our interest, yet also our fear given what they’ve done with Grado in the past.

– The third man was not revealed to be Hulk Hogan, but rather Tyrus. The six-man tag between Tyrus/Shera/Grado and Snow/The Tribunal was short with a lot of average clotheslines from the heels, but established Tyrus’ power once he got into the match. Tyrus was recently known as a “problem fixer” with a “hired gun” gimmick, so when he was revealed as the mystery opponent, we couldn’t call this a turn per se, because he didn’t do anything like a babyface, just applied his aggression to heels. Nevertheless, it was fun to see him interact with Snow, who still felt the need to blow his whistle, even while being crushed into the corner. In the end, Tyrus got the pin with the World’s Strongest Slam and that was that. Since Grado/Shera like to dance, we honestly hope Tyrus doesn’t go in that direction. They’ll need to do a lot more work to get the fans to rally behind him as a face.

– The backstage promo from Miracle/Maria was your usual great mic work from Miracle, as he sarcastically talked about how tough his defense was against Sutter (funny) and hyped next week as a night where he’d start the show by coming out to the ring and calling out Corgan to cash in his “Option C.” We’d imagine Corgan probably books him to fight Sutter and Edwards to earn that right or something like that.

– The three-way main event for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship between Champion Lashley, Galloway and EC3 had a “big match” vibe the whole time thanks to the elevated status of these three guys, yet wasn’t as long as we thought it would’ve been. They could’ve worked better to establish that Lashley’s Title reign was in jeopardy, but rather, they focused more on the tensions between Galloway/EC3, even as good as that was shown. The German Suplex/Fallaway Slam spot came across nicely. Eventually, Galloway/EC3 came to fierce blows and EC3’s chest was actually busted open from maybe one of Galloway’s chops, which had to hurt. The finish saw Lashley come back in and separately spear both men before he pinned EC3, which put our attention to next week. We’d assume Lashley would go over Miracle, but that seems to be the next step. Since Galloway wasn’t pinned, maybe he’ll be added to the mix too.






Quick Results

  • TNA Knockouts Championship – Sienna (Champion) (w/Allie) def. Gail Kim via pinfall to retain 
  • Winner Receives A Shot At The TNA X-Division Championship – Battle Royale – Braxton Sutter def. Andrew Everett, Trevor Lee, Eddie Edwards, DJZ and Rockstar Spud 
  • TNA X-Division Championship – The Miracle (Champion) (w/Maria) def. Braxton Sutter via pinfall to retain 
  • Six-Man Tag – Mahabali Shera/Grado/Tyrus def. The Tribunal/Coach Al Snow via pinfall 
  • TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Three-Way – Lashley (Champion) def. Ethan Carter III and Drew Galloway to retain 

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