Notes In Observance – AML Wrestling LIVE! 6/21/16: Five More Minutes

Photo courtesy of Eventbrite.

Photo courtesy of Eventbrite.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 6/21/16)

Five More Minutes 

– America’s Most Liked Wrestling was back again with two more episodes (#64 and #65) with matches taped back from March’s “Never Enough” event in Yadkinville, North Carolina. The first was The Regulator (The Tommy Thomas’ new insect-esque client) against I.E.D., another masked individual apparently brought out by Thomas in some kind of confused scheme. This was just an impromptu squash with little substance. Regulator seems a bit limited in the ring, but shows good presence. The real show was Thomas on the outside, who spews charisma from left to right. Liked the emphasis placed on Regulator’s shoulder-breaker driver as that was how it ended the first match.

– The Shultz-Regulator match was a bit more glorified, but went along the same agenda as before to push Regulator as this unstoppable force a la Lucha Underground’s Matanza. Shultz showed some decent babyface fire, but not enough was explained about his background for us to be invested in him enough to want him to beat Regulator. More or less, he was just another guy. Probably not the best fit for a nickname like “Everybody Knows” because we sure didn’t. The finish was expected as Regulator squashed a late comeback from Shultz and put him down with a variated version of his shoulder-breaker driver which leaned more towards Michinoku Driver territory. Anyways, anybody can look good with two wins in 12 minutes and Thomas is hilarious with his outright heel antics, even as he went in the face of Owner Tracy Myers to get him to seat a fan who stood up to him. Will Regulator and Cedric Alexander become a tag team in due time?

– The story of The Washington Bullets in AML has been “so close, yet so far” in their pursuit of the AML Tag Team Championships, which sit comfortably upon the waists of The Heatseekers, who’ve gone to the moon and back to keep them there. It has produced a great rivalry, where you know eventually WB will overcome, but it was a matter of when. This third match was the chance to see if it’d all go down. Good promos on both ends before, as the Champs were convinced that they had nothing to prove, while WB argued that they earned this shot and Heatseekers would have nowhere to go. As for the match, it was excellently wrestled. Great psychology from the heels, as they used the combination of dirty tactics and isolation to gain the upper hand, before WB spawned some momentum. Upon every time WB came close to a pinfall, the heels would kick out at the last second. The 15-minute time limit initially expired and Heatseekers retained, but it was decided that five more minutes would be tacked on. Just when it looked like this might finally be it for WB, Elliot Russell broke up the pin with the Title belt to get the bout thrown out. By any means necessary, we guess. The post-match promo from WB reinforced their goal to uncrown Heatseekers in the future and this time, it was personal. Maybe we’ll get a No-DQ match down the road, but again, these two teams delivered. A little disappointed that it promised a shakeup only to revert back to the same old tricks, but we can look forward to another match from these two.






Quick Results

  • The Regulator (w/The Tommy Thomas) def. I.E.D. via pinfall
  • The Regulator (w/The Tommy Thomas) def. Shawn Schultz via pinfall
  • AML Tag Team Championship – The Washington Bullets def. The Heatseekers (Champions) via DQ; Heatseekers retain 

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