Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 6/22/16: Strange Bedfellows

Lucha UndergroundBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 6/22/16)

Strange Bedfellows 

– After Cage’s unsuccessful attempt to uncrown Lucha Underground Champion Matanza Cueto via a “cash-in” of the Gift Of The Gods Championship, it was apparently decided that the GOTG needed to come back into play again for an episode’s purpose. Okay, that’s fine, but giving away all seven in one hour could be exhausting. That’s what we were in for, as evidenced in the opening video. Also highlighted were Mascarita Sagrada’s slump since under the managerial wing of Famous B/Brenda as well as the El Dragon Azteca Jr.-Black Lotus storyline, as Dario Cueto played both of them like a fiddle.

– Night Claw looks a bit goofy costume-wise, but was spoken of highly by Cueto in his office, which is never a bad way to start someone. That Cueto awarded him the first Ancient Aztec Medallion as a “signing bonus” also added to his hype. This led to the night’s big announcement that the other six Ancient Aztec Medallions would be awarded throughout the night with various tag matches. Cueto’s line about how overconfidence turns into arrogance and screws everything up felt like it made sense. NC’s debut will come in the GOTG match, so we’ll have to wait on that before anything else.

– LUG’s second season has featured an assortment of random hit-or-miss new characters and storylines. We had a storm all in one with the Ancient Aztec Medallion match between Daga and Sagrada. The in-ring action was mediocre at best, but liked how it integrated Kobra Moon’s infatuation with Daga in there. It didn’t cost Daga the match and Sagrada’s latest loss was the last straw for Famous B, who swiftly turned on his client, even to Brenda’s shock. Famous B’s stock has been raised with the new “Get Fame” gimmick and it should be interesting as to what a match between his “new client” and Sagrada looks like. We’ll assume this happens at Ultima Lucha Dos.

– Just like Cueto did to Black Lotus, he convinced EDA Jr. with elements of truth to get him riled up for an encounter with his father’s killer come Ultima Lucha Dos. He sold the match as it happened for “his own sake.” Primal manipulation at its finest.

– At the forefront of the Trios Ancient Aztec Medallion match between Cortez Castro/Mr. Cisco/Joey Ryan and Killshot/Marty “The Moth” Martinez/Sinestro De La Muerte was the Killshot-Martinez feud with the dog tags again as the visual element. The match itself had its entertaining moments, with moments of dissension on both ends mixed with Killshot’s unique athleticism, a gross lollipop spot shared between Martinez/Ryan and the crowd behind Mr. Cisco the most out of anybody. The “LAPD” storyline sold the tensions on the other team, but of course, that wasn’t played up on by commentary and only the viewer knows this. Liked the subtle manipulation by Martinez before the bell to give Killshot his dog tags back before the match to sell his willingness to team up for a common goal. It was ironic that Killshot/Martinez worked together well to get a pinfall finish, before Martinez sneakily took the dog tags back, much to Killshot’s dismay. With them both in the GOTG match now, it allows their feud to continue on a bigger platform. On the other end, we’re sure the “LAPD” storyline will see some advancement based on how that team fell apart.

– It’s not easy to tell two consecutive “rivals team up” stories in two consecutive matches, but they found a way to diversify it enough for it not to be repetitive. Unfortunately, the Ancient Aztec Medallion match between Ivelisse/Taya and Sexy Star/Mariposa suffered in the ring because of the limited action they could actually do besides tensions on both ends. The shining light here was the sliminess of Taya’s character and how she mocked pretty much everybody. Ivelisse also did some fun risky spots, but again, nothing memorable here. Anticlimactic finish as Mariposa just hurled a laid-out Sexy Star onto her opponent to get them the win. It was rather strange, but with their feud now entering the GOTG match, we’ll have to see if they up their games even higher from “No Mas!”

– Arguably the first name to gain recognition with LUG’s success has been Prince Puma. The company’s first-ever LUG Champion, he was a key player with Konnan as a mentor/manager for most of season one. The second season saw a bit of a downfall outside of a Trios Championship run with Rey Mysterio/EDA Jr., but it appears a dream match would be a reality soon enough. Liked the hype of the closing segment just as Puma addressing the crowd alone for the first time and it had us think what the plan was for him at Ultima Lucha Dos when we to our answer. The story here was simple, as he yearned to see if he was truly the best (by Kennan’s words) if he could beat Mysterio in the ring. Mysterio was great on the mic here as he solidified himself as the confident veteran who paved the way for the new guys. His motivation was still seeing if he was indeed the best and after a brief show of respect, the challenge was accepted by Mysterio. Obviously, it fits Ultima Lucha Dos’ marquee factor and it’ll be interesting to see if anything gets heated between the two as it gets closer or if it simply stays friendly.






Quick Results

  • Ancient Aztec Medallion Match – Daga def. Mascarita Sagrada (w/Famous B, Brenda) via submission to receive a Medallion 
  • Ancient Aztec Medallion Trios Match – Killshot/Marty “The Moth” Martinez/Sinestro De La Muerte def. Cortez Castro/Joey Ryan/Mr. Cisco via pinfall to each receive Medallions 
  • Ancient Aztec Medallion Match – Sexy Star/Mariposa def. Ivelisse/Taya via pinfall to each receive Medallions 

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