Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 6/22/16: Nakamura Demolition Derby

WWE NXTBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 6/22/16)

Nakamura Demolition Derby 

– Out of TakeOver: The End, we know that “The Beginning” has ended and with that comes a focus on the now. Arguably, since they alluded to it the week before, NXT’s spotlight feud’s now the anticipated encounter between Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura. The opening video looked at last week’s epic closer segment where it was first referenced. There’s a great story in there too. Balor looked to see what was next for him while Nakamura felt that he needed to beat an “idol” the caliber of Balor to cement himself as a contender.

– The former Biff Busick was much better off as Christopher Girard than freaking Oney Lorcan. The hell kind of ring name is that? With such attention paid to the indies, you’d think they’d serve him better. Anyways, the focus was more on Lorcan’s opponent – Tye Dillinger. Since Dillinger lost two straight to Andrade “Cien” Almas, he looked to bounce back in the ring. This seemed to be designed as a comeback bout for Dillinger, who also kept an angry face and minimal “10” gestures. We thought that they were trying to keep Dillinger heel desperately in spite of his growing crowd support, but we guessed again when Lorcan deliberately mocked the “10” pose, which gives one easy heat in Full Sail. This was a fine even-handed contest where Lorcan got to shine, but we didn’t think he would win this. That meant that they’re using a storyline of some sort to mention a “slump” for Dillinger. Where will it go?

– Headed out of a loss to Nakamura, Austin Aries needed some direction and he hyped some of that in his backstage promo. His character had leaned more towards heel territory but hadn’t officially turned yet. Enter in No Way Jose, who urged Aries to “stay positive” and we could smell something brewing.

– Something about NWJ has begun to grow on us. Maybe it’s the infectious theme song or the improved in-ring work, but he’s begun to click at the right time. It was time for another typical squash where he eliminated Josh Woods, who was emphasized for his mixed martial arts background, with a spinning full nelson to retain his undefeated record. The post-match angle with NWJ and Aries played off their last interaction as Aries swerved NWJ into thinking that he’d heed the advice to just have fun and shake off the loss to Nakamura. The crowd booed Aries at first, so perhaps they saw something was up, but he played them back into his hands as he broke out some white-boy dance moves and even brought it to the announce table before he finally attacked NWJ savagely. It garnered great heat with the crowd and while Aries felt like a better babyface in TNA, he plays a better heel in NXT right now and can own the scene. Kudos to finally have the “turn” happen here and it gives NWJ his first program.

– NXT’s biggest match to date was made official by General Manager William Regal as he sat down with Nakamura, only to get interrupted by Buddy Murphy, who cried fowl that he wasn’t treated like the top star he thought he was. His mic skills were actually pretty good here so that he could stand out on his own, plus we had our main event set when Nakamura wanted to take Murphy on in the ring and Regal made that official too.

– After a month absent from action, Bayley was finally in the ring again and defeated Deonna Purrazzo to show there was no ring rust. We assume the plan is for Bayley to take on her contractual rematch against NXT Women’s Champion Asuka at TakeOver: Back To Brooklyn. Just a hunch.

– With Carmella and Alexa Bliss having nothing to do, it was cool to see them interact backstage to put together a match for next week. Bliss displayed good heel logic in that she said Carmella was a nobody without her boys in Enzo Amore/Big Cass, while Carmella stood right up to her and compared her to her boys in Blake/Murphy. Let the fighting commence.

– The hype video for NXT Champion Samoa Joe put over it being the “Era of Samoa Joe.” Certainly felt like it. The question is who’ll take him down and we have a feeling they’ll go with Nakamura come TakeOver: Brooklyn II.

– The Authors Of Pain hype video dived more into their look, which sort of comes close to a black-and-white version of The Ascension, but it was cool enough on its own to stick out.

– After they glossed over Nia Jax’s loss to Asuka at TakeOver: The End in a video package, the goal was to again build Jax as a genuine threat to the Title, as she squashed Morgan for a second time in NXT. We get why they did it, but this kind of thing is exhausting at this point. Jax hasn’t gotten any more over than her initial debut and she’s missing something that’d propel her to that next level.

– The Nakamura-Murphy main event was another fun Nakamura squash. There’s such an art to what he does in the ring, even an ass-kicking looks graceful from him. To be on the receiving end of those stiff kicks sounds punishment enough. It also helped that the crowd was hot for everything Nakamura and the atmosphere was great, as they literally sang Nakamura’s theme for most of the bout until it ended with the Kinshasa. Nice knowing ya, Murphy.






Quick Results

  • Oney Lorcan def. Tye Dillinger via pinfall
  • No Way Jose def. Josh Woods via pinfall
  • Bayley def. Deonna Purrazzo via pinfall 
  • Nia Jax def. Liv Morgan via pinfall 
  • Shinsuke Nakamura def. Buddy Murphy via pinfall 

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