Notes In Observance – WWE SmackDown! 6/16/16: Pardon The Interruption

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 6/16/16) 

Pardon The Interruption 

– The opening “Highlight Reel” segment with Chris Jericho, Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens, Alberto Del Rio, Cesaro and Sami Zayn had obvious Money In The Bank hype implications with a keen mix of light-hearted spilled coffee comedy via Ambrose and over-the-top fashion sense from Jericho (who bragged about his new Jeri-Tron 6500 and $20,000 carpet made out of one-hundred percent serengeti yak hair) while also keeping the tensions high between Cesaro/Zayn and Owens/Del Rio. Jericho reminded us how much he hated Ambrose with thumbtacks and lite-brite jackets coming to mind. It was expected that Ambrose would spill the coffee onto the set and Jericho’s crazed reaction was priceless. The physicality to end it made sense, as we knew headed in there’d be a six-man tag with the MITB competitors. Decent segment to fill time (a common SmackDown! problem) but this was all things we already knew.

– The fatal four-way between Kofi Kingston, Aiden English, Big Cass and Luke Gallows with Big E, Xavier Woods and Enzo Amore on commentary was just enough to push the chaos that was within the Tag Team Division and the big fatal four-way tag match to happen at MITB. Liked that WWE World Tag Team Champions The New Day actually interrupted Enzo’s schtick for a change. Didn’t get a lot of time, but the action was okay with the “taste of chaos” theme. Kingston going over English here kept New Day on the side with momentum.

– The backstage segment with Natalya, Becky Lynch, WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte and Dana Brooke was used to push the Charlotte-Natalya match later in the show with the direction to really push the MITB tag involving the four. Natalya/Lynch again brought up that they tried to make Brooke “see the light” of Charlotte’s egotistical ways only for the heels to come up and declare that everything was fine.

– How obnoxious was Dolph Ziggler on commentary for the Zack Ryder-Baron Corbin match? Ugh. We get the idea to push Corbin here with an easy squash win over Ryder, who did mount some offense but it all felt too little, too late. The only good out of this was that Ziggler put over why he didn’t like Corbin and how he handled business, but besides that, forgettable.

– The WWE United States Champion Rusev-Titus O’Neil feud continued on with subtle action with The Lucha Dragons caught in the middle. What was supposed to be a Rusev-Kalisto match turned into a Rusev mauling before the bell could even ring, which drew out Sin Cara to save his partner and then O’Neil when Sin Cara got caught in the Accolade. It’s not the best feud around, but at least it all makes sense. Rusev needs to beat O’Neil if he’s to gain an ounce of credibility back that he once had in spades at a time.

– The backstage segment with The Club and New Day was a fun, unexpected way to lead to the next match while also letting AJ Styles brag about how he thought he was better than John Cena and was eager to prove it at MITB. The Club and New Day fit right in because of their Tag Title feud and before we knew it, we had a Styles-Woods match to salivate over.

– The Styles-Woods match received plenty of time and was easily the show’s best thing. Hidden behind the trombone and unicorn horns, people forget how talented the former Consequences Creed can be in the ring and we got a taste of that crowd-pleasing offense. At the same time, Styles teased a disqualification with how he targeted Woods’ knee like a wildly beast. Woods’ late comeback was excellently done, with the highlights being his Tope Con Hilo and the Springboard Elbow for a great near-fall. Nevertheless, with Styles so close to a big bout with Cena and the fact that Kingston already won a match earlier in the show, Styles had to go over here but it was by no means a “tune-up match.” We’d love to see these two go at it again and especially loved the finish with how it took Styles the Phenomenal Forearm/Calf Crusher combo to defeat Woods, though part of it could’ve been to send a message to Cena. Styles’ post-match promo was a straightforward threat to Cena to watch out at MITB. Nice.

– Another week, another “Life Lessons With Coach Backlund” segment. In case you wondered, the focus here was on Backlund demanding Darren Young not to take advice from anybody and only listen to his orders to be “great again.” How much longer will this go on before we see Young in the ring?

– How many times can we watch Natalya and Charlotte have a one-on-one match for Pete’s sake? It’s so tiresome at this point. Same old crap. This match didn’t break any new ground and it only featured a taste of fighting between Lynch/Brooke. The finish was at least unique but a heel variation on the classic Eddie Guerrero “toss a weapon to your opponent” tactic, where Charlotte was able to sneak in the Figure Eight after a cheap attack from behind. The heels having momentum here probably means that the faces go over at MITB.

– The six-man tag main event between Del Rio/Owens/Jericho and Ambrose/Cesaro/Zayn was the last ounce of MITB hype with pleasing action to close things out. Cesaro’s uppercuts and big tosses provided the early highlights before miscues led to the finish down the stretch. Cesaro accidentally hit Ambrose with an uppercut, Owens laid out both his partners before being put down by Ambrose’s Dirty Deeds to finish off a hot week for the “Lunatic Fringe.” Given everything that’d occur, we could see why they did what they did.






Quick Results

  • Fatal Four-Way – Kofi Kingston def. Luke Gallows (w/Karl Anderson), Aiden English (w/Simon Gotch) and Big Cass via pinfall 
  • Baron Corbin def. Zack Ryder via pinfall 
  • AJ Styles def. Xavier Woods via submission 
  • Charlotte (w/Dana Brooke) def. Natalya (w/Becky Lynch) via submission 
  • Six-Man Tag – Dean Ambrose/Cesaro/Sami Zayn def. Kevin Owens/Chris Jericho/Alberto Del Rio via pinfall 

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