Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 6/14/16: When Live TV Attacks

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 6/14/16)

When Live TV Attacks 

– After a ho-hum Slammiversary Pay-Per-View, TNA appeared to gather some mainstream momentum when they advertised a live “Gold Rush” edition of Impact where we’d see the Slammiversary fallout along with four Title matches. The biggest draw was “The Destroyer” Lashley, who beat Drew Galloway to become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Then we had a “LOL TNA” moment when the majority of the show’s airtime went to four Pop TV commercials played on a loop because of technical difficulties. This had to be frustrating for many fans who’d hope to see a live show, especially since a lot of the show was dependent on that formula. TNA tried to redeem themselves by playing the show later on in the night with limited commercials, but the damage may had already been done. We’ll assess the show as it later aired in its entirety.

– The opening video focused on the Slammiversary happenings – Ethan Carter III beating The Miracle, Jeff Hardy outlasting Matt Hardy in Full Metal Mayhem and how Lashley became new Champion in how he choked Galloway out.

– The opening in-ring segment with Lashley, EC3 and Galloway set the show on the right foot with a clear main-event scene. Lashley, who’s usually not known for his promo prowess, had the swagger of a Champion and came off like a big star as he had his moment to laugh in the faces of fans. At the same time, EC3 was in his serious mode which was perfect for the occasion. This is how the “Ass-Kicking Machine” character should work. This foreshadowed the likely Lashley-EC3 matchup that’ll dominate the year’s second half, with Galloway thrown in the mix perhaps. We expected Galloway to come into the conversation and the short announcement that even though he looked like “garbage,” he’d revoke his rematch clause, we had a main event set.

– The TNA King Of The Mountain Championship match between Champion Eli Drake and Jeff Hardy was pretty weak, all things considering. Basically, the match happened because Drake was upset nobody talked about him and Hardy wanted to be a “King Of The Mountain and a Champion.” Still don’t know what this belt means or why it’s important beyond being a prop. As far as the action, it was so-so. There wasn’t a lot of chemistry between the two and it was nothing special. As you’d expect, Matt Hardy had a hand in the finish and stopped Jeff from defeating Drake with the Twist Of Fate. Nothing protects a Champion like almost having him beat if not for his opponent’s deranged sibling. Watch as we shake our heads.

– The backstage segment with EC3/Galloway provided good main event hype in that it showed how EC3 tried to convince Galloway to take his promised rematch at a later date, only for Galloway to follow through with what he originally did and that’s take on the match later. It made Galloway look tough and also showed how EC3 was hanging close in the background for the Title picture.

– The Hardy feud has gone back-and-forth between brilliant thematics and strangely bad acting with the wrestling enough to suffice it. The promo exchange between Matt and Jeff didn’t quite work in this scenario. We did like the visual significance of how Matt stood in the area where Jeff dove off the rafters with a Swanton Bomb to “break” him, but the content in the promo was just… what? Jeff’s lines were also a bit too corny to believe in. The basis of the segment itself as a heel attack by Matt on Jeff, as he lured him to the area and then laid him out thanks to his wife Reby was good. The rest of it? Eh. We’re sure it’ll lead to another good match though.

– Matt’s backstage promo gave the announcement of their Six Sides Of Steel match for the next week, as he smiled this demented grin for far too long.

– The TNA X-Division Championship match between Trevor Lee and Champion Eddie Edwards was a continuation of their feud with the purpose of a rematch since Edwards pinned Lee at Slammiversary to win the Title. We don’t know much about Lee, but at least it made sense for him to be a bit more enraged in the match given the circumstances. The bit about Gregory Shane Helms being allowed at ringside because he appealed the decision to get banned at Slammiversary was okay, since it gave him a reason to interfere in the match and there were a few teases where it looked like Lee would win with GSH’s help, but this was the time to establish Edwards as someone to outsmart the heel duo. We imagine Andrew Everett will be GSH’s next plan to take down Edwards, but we shall see on that.

– The Bro-Mans 2016 is beyond annoying. There was such an emphasis on a serious Robbie E headed out of the TNA World Title Series, that it seemed like he could get a plausible singles push, but that all went down the drain with this flop of a storyline. What does it say when an aspiring Tag Team uses an iPad to stalk their manager/”guru” as she changes in her dressing room? Yes, we get it. Pop TV airs “Big Brother After Dark” and utilized the fact that Jessie Godderz used to be on the show to advertise it, but it just came across as creepy. Or maybe Raquel knew they were watching her, since she seems to keep getting them to watch her as she does sexy poses? We don’t know, nor care. Just end this crap.

– The backstage segment with Lashley/EC3 was more good main event hype, as Lashley boldly accused EC3 of “chess play to weasel his way into a Title shot” as EC3 argued back that he wanted the belt no matter whom held it. More confident Lashley here, which was excellent to see.

– Glad to see Gail Kim announced as the next TNA Hall Of Fame Inductee. It was actually pretty cool as recognition of her work in the Knockouts Division, a division she helped pioneer and develop into one of the company’s strong assets at one point in time. She had also evolved through many eras and helped get others over like Madison Rayne and Awesome Kong to name a few. The tribute video that aired was quite nice and sleekly edited. Kim’s speech and exchange with Dixie Carter was more on the “shoot side” as it came off like a real moment where she was genuinely humbled by the company’s decision. Her being in the business for 16 years was crazy when you thought about it.

– TNA World Tag Team Champions Decay’s backstage promo helped hype the “Four-Team Bash” where they’d defend against three other teams, as they were confident that they’d be victorious and eat souls, or something like that. Have you forgotten how beautiful Abyss is?

– It seems as if the next step to get Jade over is to have her feud with her old partner in The Dollhouse, Marti Bell. Bell returned at Slammiversary to cost Jade the Title, which set up the backstage segment with Jade/Bell, which initially began as a promo for Bell to explain her actions. She came off well here, as she talked about how she felt betrayed by Jade, who chose the KO Title over her nine-year friendship and DH was in the past now. At the same time, Jade got to look pretty good as she crashed the segment and attacked Bell before she tossed her into a set of chairs. It established some animosity, but more explanation on how close the two were would only help the feud more now that they hate each other. (See: Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.)

– We were surprised that TNA was able to form a Tag Team match with four teams and neither one of them were The Wolves or The Hardys. Bravo. That didn’t mean the actual match it ended up being was very good either. It was a Four-Team Bash for the TNA World Tag Team Titles with Champions Crazzy Steve/Abyss, The Tribunal, Grado/Mahabali Shera and The Bro-Mans. Besides furthering the feud between Grado/Shera and Tribunal/Coach Al Snow, it was just an easy way to keep the belts on Decay with some filler action. That said, the finish was actually well-executed, as Snow tossed Grado off the top rope, which allowed Decay to take advantage and retain. Unfortunately, that also protects The Bro-Mans since they weren’t pinned.

– We wondered when we’d hear Maria’s opinion about Kim being the next HOF inductee and then we got it in he backstage promo with Allie, as she tossed her assistant aside and then came The Miracle, as the heel duo were fed up and ready to leave, before she had an idea to go out there and do something to get what they wanted.

– Jeff Hardy’s backstage segment was more of his strange mic work as he talked about a six-minute promo by a window or something like that. Either way, he looked to go 3-0 in Hardy’s Revenge. Yup, it’s a yearly thing now apparently.

– The in-ring segment with The Miracle, Maria, Dixie and William Corgan was interesting in terms of the promo work from Miracle/Maria, as it was spot-on. Maria laid in some great zingers throughout the segment before she called out Corgan to try to sweet-talk him into erasing Miracle’s loss from the record books at Slammiversary. Corgan didn’t add much to the segment as he only said that this wasn’t how business would be done, and that drew Maria to call out Dixie and once that happened, it lost us. Dixie did have her moment where she shut Maria up by getting in her face, but why did she need to slap her even if she was shoved? Isn’t that illegal? Can’t Maria press charges? Are we thinking too much about a lousy wrestling angle? Probably. We were confused that Josh Mathews referred to it as the “slap that changed everything.”

– The TNA World Heavyweight Championship main event between Champion Lashley and Galloway with EC3 on commentary did enough to separate itself from its Slammiversary predecessor while also being long enough to buy as a quality TV main event. The action was good, as Galloway-Lashley mesh well in the ring, but we expected last-minute shenanigans for Lahsley to retain and we liked how EC3 was in the middle to try to stop Lashley from cheating yet costing Galloway the match with an accidental chair shot for Lashley to retain by submission thereafter. Next week will probably feature some bad blood between Galloway and Ec3 as Lashley laughs in the middle, but we like this three-way feud.






Quick Results

  • TNA King Of The Mountain Championship – Jeff Hardy def. Eli Drake (Champion) via DQ; Drake retains
  • TNA X-Division Championship – Eddie Edwards (Champion) def. Trevor Lee (w/Gregory Shane Helms) via pinfall to retain
  • TNA World Tag Team Championship – Four-Team Bash – Crazzy Steve/Abyss (Champions) (w/Rosemary) def. The Bro-Mans (w/Raquel), The Tribunal (w/Coach Al Snow) and Mahabali Shera/Grado to retain
  • TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Lashley (Champion) def. Drew Galloway via KO to retain 

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