Notes In Observance – WWE Raw 6/13/16: Same Ring, Same Time

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 6/13/16)

Same Ring, Same Time

– Obviously, it made sense to open with the appropriate moment of silence for the Orlando shooting victims, just like Slammiversary did.

– The opening segment with the WWE World Tag Team Champions The New Day, Enzo Amore/Big Cass, The Vaudevillains and Karl Anderson/Luke Gallows was an obvious push for the fatal four-way match for the Tag Titles at Money In The Bank whilst providing some arguably edgy comedy between the babyfaces, which set up the heels to come in and insult their manhood and the local sports team, respectively. The bit on Kofi Kingston’s sneakers was worth a chuckle and we were always curious what an exchange would be like between New Day and Enzo/Cass. The bit on Francesca II (which featured Xavier Woods exclaiming, “I’m the only one who blows my girl!”) put it in the “Not PG” category, but the context was clear so you could tell what they talked about. We’re surprised that they’d even go there. VV didn’t get more out of the segment besides their interruption and Aiden English’s singing, but their intentions were clear. The biggest disappointment came from Gallows/Anderson, who resorted to cheap heat and WWE Network references than anything substantial. Given who they’d face in this match, they probably had to go that route, but it at least established all four teams and the eight-man tag that followed.

– The eight-man tag between Kingston/Big E/Enzo/Cass and VV/Gallows/Anderson kept the MITB hype going with a glimpse of the chaotic action we’d be likely to witness. Interesting that Michael Cole name-dropped London and Kendrick with the longest WWE World Tag Team Championship Title reign at 334 days, as he mentioned that New Day was fast-approaching them. The action was fine – Cass was set up as a big threat when he had the hot tag and there was also a moment where Kingston flew over the top rope to the floor for a fun spot. We had our rapid-fire styled finish, where Gallows/Anderson eventually hit the Magic Killer on Kingston to win it, which was perfect because they need the credibility bad.

– The backstage segment with Stephanie McMahon, Shane McMahon and Corporate Kane revolved around the bickering siblings over “creative control” and Kane as a joyous hopeful for the General Manager role of SmackDown. We thought we’d never see Corporate Kane on our televisions again, but it has happened. The only thing to look out for from this segment was that Shane said he’d be missing the show in two weeks for “personal reasons.” Kane also made a lot of fire-related metaphors. Might be a long night.

– The backstage segment with Sheamus and Zack Ryder was used to hype their match later and paint Sheamus as a confident coward. Ryder bragged to various backstage hands about how Apollo Crews sucker-punched Sheamus, who came up to him and ended up duped by Ryder, who faked that Crews was behind him. You could tell Sheamus was about to get his heat back here.

– The Shining Stars cut a green screen beach promo where they gloated over their own beaches against “where you live.” Yeah, this team’s still not any more over.

– For what it was worth, we loved the idea of a vicious ambush attack on Titus O’Neil by WWE United States Champion Rusev as he came out for what we assumed was a match. It put more heat on Rusev and gives O’Neil something personal to get revenge for.

– The “Ambrose Asylum” segment with Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns was heavily hyped as the first “Shield Reunion” in a year wherein they’d all share a ring together. The obvious goal was to spotlight the Rollins-Reigns feud, which already had its motives out there. If anything, Ambrose alluded to fun speculation that he could win the MITB match and cash in the same night to become the Champion. Maybe he’s telling the future, wink wink. Ambrose did pretty good “leading” the conversation and fit in countless ribs into Rollins, who purposely brought up good times that The Shield shared before he “bought in” and achieved his highest success to date. Reigns also had a decent, short promo in there we he gave Rollins credit, but not enough because he had yet to beat him one-on-one. This had the expected physicality by the end, but we liked how the segment ended, as Ambrose stood tall over Reigns after he delivered Dirty Deeds.

– The backstage segment between Ambrose and Steph saw “Evil Steph” make an appearance as she scolded Ambrose for making his “reinstated modest show all about himself” and booked him to fight Chris Jericho in the main event. Oh joy.

– The Paige-WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte match with Natalya/Becky Lynch on commentary was a weak attempt to build hype for the tag match at MITB between Natalya/Lynch and Charlotte/Brooke. Natalya spent most of the time talking about her cat, Paige pinned the Women’s Champion and it was treated like an afterthought. Oh, and now the Charlotte/Brooke alliance doesn’t look so tight. Why have they jumped so far ahead?

– The backstage segment with Cesaro and Sami Zayn helped hype their later match, but both guys came off sort of heelish, which isn’t what their characters are about. Between Zayn interrupting Cesaro’s promo and how Cesaro talked down to Zayn for only being on the show four months compared to his own four years sent us mixed signals. True, bickering babyfaces headed into a multi-man Pay-Per-View match can work, but we’re not sure it was needed here.

– The backstage segment with Charlotte and Brooke furthered their tensions, as Charlotte was angry with her assistant/protege for making her lose and put pressure on her to do the right thing come MITB.

– Just like we thought, the Sheamus-Ryder match was a flat, uneventful squash where Sheamus dominated Ryder only to get run off by Crews, who took it to the Irishman upon a post-match attack. It at least puts good exposure on Crews.

– The backstage segment with Kevin Owens, Kane, Shane and Alberto Del Rio was used to set up the later Del Rio/Owens-Lucha Dragons tag match as per a stipulation by Kane where if LD won, they’d replace Owens/Del Rio. The arguing between Owens/Del Rio was at least funny.

– The Zayn-Cesaro match served as MITB hype, but even their good chemistry wasn’t enough to work with for an eight-minute affair that barely scratched the surface of what these two could do together. At least the finish was hot with the crowd as Zayn pulled off an impressive sit-down powerbomb from a sunset flip. We didn’t expect it to end that way, but at least Zayn was positioned well with the win.

– The contract signing segment with Cole, AJ Styles and John Cena was well-done on many parts. They’re taking the realistic approach creatively speaking – it’s “history-making” because Styles, who made his name in other companies like Ring Of Honor/Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (who even got a name drop) and represented everything about the “indies,” gets to take on the WWE’s white knight in Cena. The segment’s story was also strong, as it was emphasized that Cena convinced Styles to take him on one-on-one at MITB without The Club at ringside. Styles also had good heel logic where he claimed that he would’ve had the caliber career Cena has if he was in WWE 15 years ago, which at least makes you think. It set everything up without any action, but the exchange was strong, so it worked on both ends.

– The LD-Owens/Del Rio tag match did a decent job of jeopardizing Owens/Del Rio’s MITB spots thanks to their own tension without making it too dramatic. After all, LD would never win this. We thought it’d be kind of stupid for Owens to even tease a walk-out here since it messed with his World Title aspirations, which was personal for him. The match itself was fast-paced down the stretch and it helped make it feel a bit more unpredictable, but we knew how it was gonna go. Liked the post-match action, where Del Rio left Owens out cold after the bell when Owens won the match with a Pop-Up Powerbomb.

– WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz’s Facebook promo did little more than mention that he was “hard at work on the set” and bossed around an assistant for better coffee. Ugh, come back, Miz.

– The backstage segment with Owens, Steph and Del Rio helped further set up the main event whilst feeding into the sibling rivalry. Owens trusted Steph, so he complained to her about how his MITB spot was in jeopardy and was jealous that Zayn would be on commentary for the Ambrose-Jericho main event and she booked him to also be on commentary. She then appointed Del Rio as Special Guest Timekeeper when he accused Owens of “kissing up.” Owens’ line of “Ring the little bell, cute!” got us laughing.

– The backstage segment with Steph, Shane and Kane continued what we saw on the previous segment, as both siblings were jealous of the other’s actions and they planned to overcrowd the main event with MITB competitors (Cesaro as Special Guest Ring Announcer) and Shane formally denied Kane of the job because of his “demon.” Kane’s reference to the car battery testicle incident was pretty funny though. We also had Shane claim Steph wasn’t fit to run SmackDown and they’d both run Raw and he’d hopefully run it soon. Yup.

– The Ambrose-Jericho main event with Owens/Zayn on commentary, Del Rio as Special Guest Timekeeper and Cesaro as Special Guest Ring Announcer was blatantly obvious MITB match hype without lending to itself too much. Owens’ comedic one-liners made it fully entertaining and the story of tensions shaking the ringside area was enough to suffice, because Ambrose and Jericho have done everything you can do in a ring together. There was nothing new here besides when they both tried each other’s finishers and the Dirty Deeds put it to a thankful rest. All hell broke loose after and this time, it was Jericho who got to climb the ladder and retrieve the briefcase, ending the show with a smugly grin. Still, good hype all around.






Quick Results

  • Eight-Man Tag – Karl Anderson/Luke Gallows/The Vaudevillains def. Kofi Kingston/Big E (w/Xavier Woods)/Enzo Amore/Big Cass via pinfall
  • Paige def. Charlotte (w/Dana Brooke) via pinfall
  • Sheamus def. Zack Ryder via pinfall
  • Sami Zayn def. Cesaro via pinfall
  • If Alberto Del Rio/Kevin Owens Lose, They Will Be Replaced In Money In The Bank Ladder Match By The Lucha Dragons – Alberto Del Rio/Kevin Owens def. The Lucha Dragons via pinfall
  • Alberto Del Rio As Special Guest Timekeeper/Cesaro As Special Guest Ring Announcer – Dean Ambrose def. Chris Jericho via pinfall

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