Notes In Observance – WCWC 6/11/16: By Hook Or By Crook

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 6/11/16)

By Hook Or By Crook

– The opening match between Nick Fame (who we’re still not sure why he has a manservant – some exposition on that would be nice) and Jeff Boom wrote itself on paper with their opposite personalities. Fame has good charisma, but still needs some work in the ring. Boom has established himself as a good worker, but hasn’t had that breakthrough win yet. It’d also be nice if we could get some backstage promos that don’t have the words, “Oh, we’re no strangers to each other.” It’s like everybody are cross-town rivals. Anyways, a decent match with some added intensity and a good choice to have Boom go over cleanly. Fame also builds his repertoire in the ring. Maybe next week will be his time.

– Sick of the cheater WCWC Tag Team Champions Greg Romero/”The Rock God” Ricky Gibson, we had a fiery promo from their opponents in Mikey O’Shea/Marcus Malone as the WCWC mainstay babyfaces looked to spearhead necessary change and create their own legacy at the same time. O’Shea almost sounded like a different person here and that’s a compliment.

– The WCWC Tag Team Championship match between O’Shea/Malone and Champions Gibson/Romero was good in terms of in-ring action. There was something different in the air and it seemed like maybe this would finally be the night the belts would change hands. O’Shea/Malone even got to hit their finisher, a double-team Kiss The Sky, but the damned 8-ball clobbered O’Shea before he could go for the pin, meaning a copout DQ finish. Here we go again… until the Referee finally uncovered the hidden 8-ball (after 20+ episodes this year) and the challengers were left frustrated in the ring. O’Shea sold his anger well, but it seemed over-the-top in that he showed it most after it was announced that the heels would retain on the DQ. Since when has that ever been a shock? At least the faces got the last laugh when Malone wore Gibson’s rockstar leather studded jacket to the back.

– Khash has a nice, Rusev-like intensity to his promos, but because they’re in another language, we can’t critique the context of it. Any translators out there?

– In a moment that came far too long a wait, the in-ring segment where Gibson/Romero were stripped of the Titles by the WCWC Board Of Directors because of their excessive 8-ball use came across well. It started with the heels as they bragged that they were “done with the Tag Team division” because they beat everyone and their bad karma came back to bite them. Poetic justice. It also creates intrigue to what’d be done to give us new Tag Champs. What happens to Romero/Gibson as a team?

– The Midnight Marvels are this cutesy comic-book masked superhero gimmick that has some life in the tag team division but are jobbers everywhere else. It was jobber week for the both of them. Spyder Warrior became the latest Khash victim as he was easily put down.

– Damien Drake on the other hand, provided more of a fight against Tubbs’ latest client, JJ Garrett. We liked how Tubbs was stone-faced from what had shortly transpired and got physically involved towards the finish, as he knocked Drake off the top rope when he mounted a comeback to allow Garrett to hit the Swag Splash for the end. Drake isn’t a total loser and Garrett gets built up in the process. Genius thinking.

– The Wrecking Crew’s backstage promo helped deliver some nice final main event hype as we saw the lead heels – mainly Kassius Koonz – dismiss Gangrel as desperate for bringing in his friend Sinn Bodhi and was disgusted by their lifestyle and didn’t want to share the same bathroom with them. Without being too politically correct, it did what it had to do. Koonz is hella entertaining.

– The Koonz/WCWC Pacific Northwest Champion Grappler 3-Bodhi/Gangrel main event tag with Morty Lipschitz on commentary was great throughout. We liked the developed dynamic between Bodhi/Gangrel and how it contrasted to the “rough n’ tough” WC style. We also liked how the finish went down, as WCWC Legacy Champion Eric Right came in and stopped Koonz from using an illegal weapon obtained from his attire. It was enough to even the odds and help Gangrel/Bodhi go over as Gangrel hit Koonz with the Impaler DDT and Koonz held G3 down. Poor WC. A good night to be a babyface surely.






Quick Results

  • Jeff Boom def. Nick Fame (w/Julio The Manservant) via pinfall
  • WCWC Tag Team Championships – Marcus Malone/Mikey O’Shea def. Greg Romero/”The Rock God” Ricky Gibson (w/Mr. Tubbs) via DQ; Romero/Gibson retain 
  • Khash def. Spyder Warrior via pinfall 
  • JJ Garrett (w/Mr. Tubbs) def. Damien Drake via pinfall
  • Sinn Bodhi/Gangrel def. Kassius Koonz/Grappler 3 (w/Jeremy Blanchard) via pinfall

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