Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 6/7/16: Before The Slam

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 6/7/16)

Before The Slam 

– With its wacky cinematic elements and paralleled alter-egos, the feud between Matt and Jeff Hardy has been one that while absurd to those outside of the pro wrestling community, is just enough to work within it because of those involved. That said, with the two set to battle at Slammiversary, your guess was as good as ours as far as what’d be the next step in this crazy brotherly chapter. This was what the opening video highlighted, for logical reasons.

– The in-ring segment between Matt Hardy and TNA World Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway was okay as far as the interaction, but an eye-roller as far as the results. Even though Matt was better in his “dark Englishman” role this week, you couldn’t take it seriously when he tried to sound tough with the put-on accent. His logic showed hints of “Big Money Matt” as he wanted the Championship out of belief he evolved and needed it to feel like himself again. Galloway’s stance as a fighting Champion put this one in another one of notable Title defenses, though it asked a lot of us to believe Galloway would lose the belt when his feud with Lashley had practically been pushed to the moon. Either way, we appreciated the thought of “shaking things up,” but when the stage is set so firmly for one of TNA’s biggest shows, why tease anything? Just go hard with the set feuds you already have.

– With the additions of enforcer Sienna and obnoxiously boisterous Allie under “Maria’s vision,” the Knockouts Division has been somewhat rejuvenated. With babyface Jade as Knockouts Champion, we expected her latest foil to be one of these two heels. The Champ was out to observe the Sienna-Madison Rayne match to determine the #1 contender for Slammiversary. Loved Allie’s introduction here as she channeled Vickie Guerrero with her voice. Her over-the-top shriek when Rayne grabbed her hair was pretty hilarious. Despite all that, the actual match itself was an uneventful squash where Sienna won with the AK47. Post-match was logical as Jade ran her off before she could hit another one. That one is really up in the air, as we’re not sure if Jade retains.

– The Miracle/Maria’s backstage promo was good stuff, as Maria bragged about how she beat up Gail Kim and announced that Slammiversary would be the last time we’d see Kim in her prime, while Miracle put over his own abilities and wanted revenge for all that Ethan Carter III made him do the week before.

– The constant Willow laugh graphics throughout the show worried us. He was definitely appearing on the show at some point. God help us.

– We loved the idea of a hype video where TNA King Of The Mountain Champion Eli Drake actually stood… on top of a mountain and bragged about himself before he hyped a “Champion’s Edition” of “Facts Of Life” headed into his rematch with Bram at Slammiversary for the belt.

– The “Fact Of Life” segment with Drake, TNA World Tag Team Champions Decay, The Bro-Mans, Raquel, Grado, Mahabali Shera, The Tribunal and Al Snow was essentially the “cram all the undercard feuds in one shot” part of the show, but for what it was, it was pretty good. Drake came off well in the segment as he badmouthed Bram until Bram hit the ring and punched him when the brawl started. Decay got to cut a good promo with all three putting over their “beauty” and the only ones crazy enough to embrace their true selves. Bro-Mans/Raquel were monotone here, as they only gave us the segment’s twist, as they brought out Shera/Grado to even the numbers advantage Decay had. The Tribunal/Snow also had their moment when they sneak-attacked Grado/Shera, which initially sparked the brawl that led to the next bout.

– The 10-man tag between Bram/Bro-Mans/Grado/Shera and Crazzy Steve/Abyss/The Tribunal/Drake succeeded its goal to fill time and hype several undercard feuds (Decay-Bro-Mans, Drake-Bram, Tribunal-Grado/Shera) and everyone got some of the spotlight. Also like the added effect of “Coach Al Snow,” who now gives Bill Alfonso a run for his money with a ringside whistle. Even better, Drake got the pin after he low-blowed Grado with the Referee’s attention diverted. That gave him a little momentum.

– The EC3/Kim backstage promo gave solid hype towards the mixed tag against Maria/The Miracle set to happen in the show. Kim’s focus was on relief because she’d get Maria in a position where she couldn’t hide behind her husband, while EC3 claimed the games were over now and it was about the “field of battle” now.

– The Lashley/Matt Hardy backstage segment was solid in that it allowed us to see Lashley a bit upset in the night’s sudden plans while Matt was oblivious to the beast’s plans and called it “destiny” to get back his Title because he never lost it. Lashley had the last laugh here because he put over that he wasn’t Jeff Hardy or Galloway and nobody stood in his way. Hmmm. Really doubt the main event will have a clean result now.

– The mixed tag between Miracle/Allie and EC3/Kim smartly went the way of the heels. Firstly, we saw Maria duck out of the match, which saved that for Slammiversary as he subbed in Allie. There was some good action here until EC3 chased away Miracle to the back, which left Kim and Allie to battle and Kim rolled up Allie in a surprise pin to win before Maria’s girls all beat her down and damaged her ankle with a chair. Good intensity here.

– We knew Eddie Edwards was due for an X-Division Championship Title shot against Champion Trevor Lee eventually. While we thought it’d happen at Slammiversary, we were in for a slight treat as it was on this show instead. A good, fast-paced match with its share of thrills and chills but in the end, it was heel tactics that won out over pure heart, as Gregory Shane Helms hit Edwards in the head with the belt and Lee grabbed a handful of tights. Nice involvement of Andrew Everett and DJZ, who helped their respective parties. The momentum stood on the heels’ side.

– The backstage segment with Lashley and Galloway were some nice lines exchanged. It made sense for Lashley to want to “pull for” Galloway to win since that meant he’d get to put his hands on him at Slammiversary. Meanwhile, Galloway had a bold argument he claimed that he tapped out Kurt Angle and could do the same to him. What we wondered was why Lashley didn’t immediately retort that he “ended” Angle instead of silently walking off.

– The backstage segment with Kim put over her “shaky” condition because of her ankle and put an intriguing question mark towards her Slammiversary encounter with Maria.

– Braxton Sutter (the artist formerly known as Pepper Parks) was on the verge of a reset button push, but everything about it came off great. His debut match against Kalus was too short to be memorable, but commentary talked him up as an adapter of styles and put him over as a humbled veteran. An easy-to-predict win and his post-match promo followed his mission and we liked the line where he said he wasn’t there to “take part, but to take over” and hinted towards something at Slammiversary.

– You know things will get weird when Willow gets backstage promo time. He mentioned something along the line of the future being here and whatnot.

– EC3’s backstage promo was one final hype push for his Slammiversary match against Miracle, as he emphasized his career longevity and that he was ready for the “field of battle.” It fairly echoed his earlier promo.

– The TNA World Heavyweight Championship main event between Champion Galloway and Matt Hardy was good while it lasted, though we expected last-minute shenanigans. The good thing out of this was that this match could be saved for a later feud down the line, as the finish that saw Lashley attack Galloway for a DQ bled to the present. Their brawl up the ramp was well-done and it led to the strangest part of the show – the lights going out and coming back on to reveal the crowd all in Willow masks, before he cut a promo on the big screen about how it’d all end soon, which led to Jeff Hardy coming out and those two brawling. It’s been a weird feud, but not weird where it’s a turn-off at least.






Quick Results

  • Winner Receives Shot at TNA Knockouts Championship At Slammiversary – Sienna (w/Allie) def. Madison Rayne via pinfall
  • 10-Man Tag – Crazzy Steve (w/Rosemary)/Abyss/Eli Drake/The Tribunal (w/Al Snow) def. Grado/Mahabali Shera/Bram/The Bro-Mans (w/Raquel) via pinfall 
  • Mixed Tag – Gail Kim/Ethan Carter III def. The Miracle/Allie via pinfall
  • TNA X-Division Championship – Trevor Lee (Champion) (w/Gregory Shane Helms) def. Eddie Edwards via pinfall to retain 
  • Braxton Sutter def. Kalus via pinfall
  • TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Drew Galloway (Champion) def. Matt Hardy via DQ to retain 

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