Notes In Observance – WWE Raw 6/6/16: Holla, Holla, Holla

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 6/6/16)

Holla, Holla, Holla 

– The opening in-ring segment with Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, Cesaro, Sami Zayn, Teddy Long, Stephanie McMahon and Alberto Del Rio was an obvious ploy to hype the Money In The Bank ladder match. On one hand, it worked as an entertaining comedic segment with unique banter from all involved. On the other, the visuals were silly. Why would they open the show with everyone standing on a ladder so vulnerable? How did they get to that point? It would’ve made more sense had Steph forced them to do so, rather than have it organically come off that way. They just looked downright silly. We liked that everyone’s lines stayed true to their characters. Owens name-dropped Nation Of Domination and Waylon Mercy as challengers he’d take on as WWE World Heavyweight Champion. This made our heart flutter. The back-and-forth between Zayn and Jericho on Jericho’s claim to have won the first or sixth MITB match was funny, even though Jericho looked like a dope for how he stood on the ladder and let Ambrose climb it and punch him in the face. Long’s appeal lasted about two minutes, since he was made to look like an incompetent old man. We got this was likely the first of many authority figure teases for the live SmackDown, while we seen Steph show her true self with Shane “on vacation.” With her announcement of the Zayn-Del Rio, Ambrose-Owens and Jericho-Cesaro matches, we had something to easily look forward to throughout the night.

– The Cesaro-Jericho match was fun while it lasted and played to both men’s strengths. Cesaro’s crowd-pleasing offense was on full display as he utilized his power to wow the crowd, while Jericho was on his game in terms of selling. We also liked the idea that Cesaro used the sharpshooter to make Jericho tap out. Cesaro looks good so far as a MITB favorite.

– When it comes to the feud between Seth Rollins and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns and their big Title match at MITB, it seems like less is more. Smart idea to showcase “separate perspective” video packages in the minds of both Champion and challenger headed into this big bout. Rollins’ video package was well-done, as it got over his obsession to be the best that haunted him from his Shield days and motivated him to take the risks he did and how it paid off to become Champion only to have it all fall apart from an injury. We saw the rehab footage and shots of his childhood. It didn’t exactly make us see him in a heel light, but he laid in some bold shots at Reigns as he referred to him as a “placeholder” and “not a real Champion.” Great stuff all-around.

– It sounds like three’s company is the way that they want to go as far as the WWE United States Championship picture. A rejuvenated Rusev faced Jack Swagger in a rematch from SmackDown with the twist here being that Swagger was the hometown boy. We also had Titus O’Neil on commentary to push his little feud with Rusev. This match didn’t have the time to develop into something as good as their SmackDown match, but it did enough to further the bad blood between Rusev/O’Neil (how Rusev threw Swagger into O’Neil to win by countout) and convince us that Swagger could also be thrown into the mix just to keep it interesting.

– The in-ring segment with John Cena, The Club and the WWE World Tag Team Champions The New Day served as a fair follow-up to last week’s well-done turn angle by AJ Styles. Cena carried his side of the segment well as he sold the crowd’s excitement last week of just seeing him and Styles in the same ring and questioned why Styles took the approach he did. Styles had the chance for some solid mic work and carried through, as he explained his reasoning with heel logic, that he had a plan and worked it to perfection. The back-and-forth by Cena/Styles was good, as we saw Styles claim to be offended by Cena’s in-ring motives while Cena pointed out Styles’ numerous failures upon his WWE arrival. Normally, we’d complain about how it positioned Styles, but he recovered well by the end of the night. We were even surprised they had Styles use the word “burial” in that context. The Club had a brief moment of terror when they isolated Cena in the ring, but that set up New Day to run them off, which made complete sense given they had feuded.

– Not sure what the goal was for the Vaudevillians-Enzo Amore/Big Cass match, but Enzo had a good mic night as he worked in Muhammad Ali references and compared the late boxing great to his own struggles. The match was average ring work, though we questioned the choice to “repeat the spot” where Enzo got injured at Payback this time with Aiden English as the offender. We suppose it set up a reason for Cass to go crazy to cause the DQ, bot nothing else came off that great.

– The backstage segment with Zayn and Del Rio served as okay hype for their upcoming match. Del Rio bragged about his MITB accomplishments and used it to insult Zayn, who only aspired to do what he already did. Del Rio might’ve laid it on a little thick, but again, decent.

– The backstage segment with Steph and Teddy was more classic Steph as we saw her steal Long’s idea for the Tag Titles to be defended in a fatal four-way tag between Champions New Day, The Vaudevillains, Enzo/Cass and Luke Gallows/Karl Anderson at MITB.

– The Zayn-Del Rio match was good to pass the time, but ultimately nothing memorable. We do think Del Rio going over was the right call, as Zayn looked good in defeat, initially avoiding Del Rio’s finisher only to fall victim to it later on.

– The Ambrose-Owens backstage segment brought about their usual tension with some brief history lessons as Owens put over his toughness and Ambrose reminded him of his wins against him at both TLC and Royal Rumble.

– The Reigns “perspective” video package was also well-done, though not to the extent of Rollins. His story was easy to tell though, since he got over how it was different qualities from each of The Shield members that made them successful and was what Rollins used to break them up. He pointed Rollins out to be a coward in how he only attacked him from behind and remained his one lone asterisk for his reign, since he needed to beat him to validate it. His WrestleMania moments also fit in, but to less of an extent.

– The Ambrose-Owens match was a fun physical affair that kept up a good pace even if it felt like a rerun of something we saw before. Some cool spots towards the end, as Owens was in control with the frog splash to the floor and went for the Pop-Up Powerbomb only to get hit with Dirty Deeds to lose. The post-match angle made sense to push MITB, as it established both men as equal.

– The in-ring segment with WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte, Dana Brooke, Becky Lynch and Natalya was pretty flat and didn’t go anywhere. Charlotte eased up on her father while staying heelish in her approach and was good on the mic, but the “hook” of the segment where Lynch/Natalya tried to convince Brooke to dump Charlotte was lame. Why would Brooke suddenly listen to them? The faces had that beatdown coming.

– Weekly update: The Shining Stars like to stand in front of cabana green screens and smell hibiscus flowers. They also really love Puerto Rico.

– We’re so over this Breezango-Golden Truth feud and it hasn’t even truly started yet. Not sure what we were supposed to get out of seeing Tyler Breeze shave Fandango’s back, but that was… something. The Breeze-R-Truth match lasted about a minute before it broke down in chaos. Long “restarting” the match felt senseless, so we were happy to see security escort him out.

– The Steph-Teddy backstage segment gave us our weekly Steph emasculation as she tore into Long for being old and out of touch and expressed her desire to run SmackDown when it goes live.

– All things considered, what was originally booked as a six-man tag between The Club and New Day turned into a 3-On-2 handicap match when The Club took out Xavier Woods before the bell rang. Loved that it was a Styles Clash onto the floor that did the trick. New Day’s pre-match promo was pretty eh. The match itself had some nice moments, but it was smart to have The Club go over via a Phenomenal Forearm from Styles. The post-match angle was also well-done, as we saw Cena run-in to save a further attack on New Day only to get attacked by Styles from behind, but New Day took back over and Big E hit the Big Ending. Unsettled waters is the best way to leave this dilemma.






Quick Results

  • Cesaro def. Chris Jericho via submission 
  • Rusev (w/Lana) def. Jack Swagger via countout 
  • The Vaudevillains def. Enzo Amore/Big Cass via DQ
  • Alberto Del Rio def. Sami Zayn via pinfall
  • Dean Ambrose def. Kevin Owens via pinfall
  • Tyler Breeze (w/Fandango) and R-Truth (w/Goldust) to a no-contest 
  • 3-On-2 Handicap – The Club def. Kofi Kingston/Big E via pinfall 

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