Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 6/1/16: Machine Head

Lucha UndergroundBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 6/1/16)

Machine Head

– This episode’s focus would revolve (like previous) around the Trios Championship rematch and Gift Of The Gods Champion Cage as he’d cash in to get a title shot against Lucha Underground Champion Matanza. Sure, Cage likely doesn’t stand a chance, but the potential brewed for a good battle.

– The Son Of Havoc-Daga match was thrown out there with little storyline attachment other than that Daga was “handed his first win” and it had to do with Kobra Moon. Action-wise, there were some pleasing spots. SOH connects with the crowd, while we’re not sure what to think of Daga’s character. He’s the “Pride” guy, that’s not enough to go off of. It was more about the developments to come out of the match than the finish that mattered (SOH won btw) as we saw KM come down to ringside to cheer on her crush and even try to help him out, possibly unbeknownst to him during the match. What we got out of it was that Daga wanted nothing to do with the lusty serpent. Rejections are tough. Not the most intriguing storyline to be honest.

– We liked the idea that some tensions were established over the babyface trios team of Rey Mysterio/Prince Puma/Dragon Azteca Jr. as per the cutscene. On one end, DA was distracted by the fact he knew where Matania’s cage was and felt a need to confront him, against Mysterio’s wishes. Puma was the odd man out and expressed the need for the team to focus on the opportunity, with some slight physicality when Mysterio told him it didn’t concern him.

– Going off what we saw, the Trios Championship rematch between Champions Johnny Mundo/Jack Evans/PJ Black and Mysterio/DA/Puma had its finish practically spelled out for us. The in-ring action was highly entertaining and innovative (great superplex spot to the outside competitors) with good near-falls. You also had your typical quips from Evans and distractions by Taya, but the finish seemed sudden to say the least. Basically, Puma was fed up that the heels got away with their cheating and blatantly low-blowed Mundo for the DQ loss. It ended up leading to Puma getting so enraged that a superkick attempt for Mundo hit Taya instead. Probably done to set another Puma-Mundo match, or maybe they’ll turn Puma heel down the line. Can go many ways, but that was an interesting turn of events, albeit a sucky way to end that match.

– The cutscene with DA, Black Lotus and Matanza wasn’t all that memorable, just with the update that Lotus wouldn’t let DA touch Matanza and tried to convince him that it was El Dragon Azteca Sr. who killed her parents, something he wouldn’t buy.

– The Lucha Underground Championship main event between Champion Matanza and Cage had a decent start thanks to Cage’s swift athleticism with a suicide dive/top rope moonsault to the floor combination. However, despite that, it wasn’t long before it turned into your typical Matanza bout. This was another great performance from Cage at least and it made the match better to an extent. The no-sold German Suplex exchanges felt a bit goofy, but the crowd bought into it. Just like we thought, Cage ended up another name to add to the defeated list and the Matanza train rolls on. Ugh.






Quick Results

  • Son Of Havoc def. Daga via pinfall
  • Trios Championship – Johnny Mundo (w/Taya)/PJ Black/Jack Evans (Champions) def. Rey Mysterio/Dragon Azteca Jr./Prince Puma via DQ to retain
  • Lucha Underground Championship – Matanza Cueto (w/Dario Cueto) def. Cage via pinfall to retain 

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