Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 5/25/16: Under Arrest

Lucha UndergroundBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 5/25/16)

Under Arrest 

– This episode’s focus was primarily upon the Gift Of The Gods and Trios Championships, which more or less, meant that it’d be another Lucha Underground Champion Matanza-less episode. Three cheers.

– The long build for Pentagon Jr.’s return to face Matanza continues, but it hasn’t gone many places. Vampiro mainly beats him up in unique fashions. The story here was that despite Pentagon saying he was ready, the Master felt differently. Hmm. Okay.

– The novelty of Famous B’s “Get Fame” managerial gimmick still shines – the decorated white blazer, intentionally bad-acting valet “Brenda,” and the taking of “little guy” Mascarita Sagrada under his wing all add up to something entertaining. Unfortunately, Sagrada has lost all of his matches under Famous’ management. The story continued here, as he lost to Joey Ryan in all his sleazy glory. At least we had a few teases of the improbable happening. That said, where will it all go? We enjoy Ryan’s oil-caked gimmick, but it feels inconsistent with his “Underground Policeman” character the more they show it. Will Famous B turn on his client sooner than later?

– Taya has flourished in LUG’s second season as a featured top star/Johnny Mundo’s valet. She has proven to have “it” on the mic and she can kick your ass too. Her hype video captured her essence with ease, as it emphasized what we already knew – she’s a confident, “perfect” lady. That and she can beat up masked goons in a nightclub.

– The King Cuerno cutscene showed some progression, as he sat in his recliner and bragged about another “piece of his collection.” This time, it was the vegetatively-stated Mil Muertes in his casket. This story of obsession has been different, but who are we supposed to root for here? Muertes flips back and forth between face and heel, yet Cuerno’s behavior isn’t exactly that of the model type.

– The GOTG Championship match between Champion Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Cage had a decent storyline behind it (Chavo stole Cage’s medallion to get into the seven-way match and then was assisted by Cage to win the belt, only to have it revealed that he did so to set up a Title defense the following week) and this was more or less LUG’s way to get the belt onto Cage by having him climb an extra hurdle. Chavo will always be Chavo and he can’t help that, but the match wasn’t bad in the least. However, it wasn’t the most excitable of paces and it suffered for that reason. We knew Cage was winning this and the fact that he claimed he’d cash in for Matanza the following week gives us another likely main event squash. Joy. Back to that again.

– The cutscene with Taya, Jack Evans, “Darewolf” PJ Black, Mundo and Fenix was good in that it established Mundo’s sinister plan to get himself into the Title match as he took out Fenix, the original partner for Black/Evans. They then all did air guitar solos. This trio kicks ass.

– The cutscene with Officers Ryan/Reyes in Dario Cueto’s office was predictable, but gave us some advancement with the sudden arrest of “Mr. Cisco” when he threatened to tell Cueto. Wonder where it’ll go.

– The Trios Championship match between Champions Rey Mysterio/Dragon Azteca Jr./Prince Puma and Evans/Mundo/Black was a thoroughly entertaining affair complete with aerials, clever spots and twists. A couple of good near-falls both ways, especially towards the end. It all came down to Taya’s chair distraction which allowed Evans to slip in his own shot for the heels to win. A little hot potato with the belts is just fine here and it allows these badass heels to be even more over-the-top. Plus, we’ll get a rematch. Will Fenix play a factor there? That’ll be key to watch.






Quick Results

  • Gift Of The Gods Championship – Cage def. Chaco Guerrero Jr. (Champion) via pinfall to become new Champion 
  • Trios Championship – Jack Evans/”Darewolf” PJ Black/Johnny Mundo (w/Taya) def. Rey Mysterio/El Dragon Azteca Jr./Prince Puma (Champions) via pinfall to become new Champions

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