Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 5/24/16: May Mayhem

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 5/24/16)

May Mayhem 

– In a world of goofy episode name decisions, TNA were beside themselves. Who thought up “May Mayhem”? Good lord. On the surface, there was potential. Ethan Carter III was on the last stop on the “Road To Redemption” as he’d battle “dark” Matt Hardy to get the chance to take on The Miracle at Slammiverary. Also previewed in the opening video were an Ultimate X match (for the X-Division Championship we assume) and an Al Snow-Grado match. The latter actually received good storyline support, so not a bad night on deck here.

– Upon the second week of “dark” Matt Hardy, we were a bit put off, not in the good way either. Yes, we get it – he’s not himself, he’s off the deep end. It just feels a bit ridiculous as far as character depth. What was with the odd British accent? He almost came off like the North Carolinian Blueblood. He mentioned how he had a contract for a Full Metal Mayhem match at Slammiversary. Rockstar Spud/Tyrus fit into the segment with their allegiances to Matt, but Spud expressed confusion to what had happened, whilst still insulting the people. Both of them commented on Matt’s strange appearance and it led to the announcement of the main event, where the contract would hang up in a ladder match against Jeff and if Spud/Tyrus won, they’d destroy Jeff, but if they lost, they’d no longer be allowed to associate with him. Decent stipulation. Who were those other Willows though?

– The EC3-Matt Hardy match was okay, with some okay action. Sort of flat, but passable finish. Kind of logical to have Miracle come out and attack EC3 before he could end the bout by pinfall. The DQ finish allowed Miracle to brag that EC3 failed to win all three of his matches by pinfall or submission and thus, didn’t get to face him at Slammiversary. It was a nice heel move for Miracle. Essentially, Miracle explained it all as “art” in the backstage promo that followed this, but he said the same exact thing as in the ring.

– It was kind of hilarious to see Allie (Maria’s new assistant) trying to talk over the loud boos… It reminded us of Vickie Guerrero at her heat-grabbing best. Anyways, the in-ring segment with her, Maria and Gail Kim set the stage for the bout later on, as Kim expressed her dissatisfaction with Maria’s way of running things, which got her into the same stipulation that got Velvet Sky fired – fight Sienna and be gone from TNA if you lose. We knew right from here what Maria was all about – painting the Knockouts in her vision and that was getting rid of all the old people. Also liked the old-school heel attack by Sienna. Kim’s backstage promo that followed this a bit later in the show expressed her same sentiment, she worked too hard to fall for Maria’s tricks. Great intensity.

– The backstage segment with Mahabali Shera and Grado helped hype the street fight, as Grado expressed his appreciation of Shera’s help and pulled out chains as an “equalizer.” Of course there was a turkey leg in there somewhere too, but we’ll let that slide.

– As if a Bro-Mans reunion wasn’t bad enough, now we had to suffer through campy comedy segments. In short – Robbie E expressed the need for them to consult with a “guru” to get them to the next level. The guru turns out to be Raquel, who puts them through an intense “workout.” Why won’t she go away? At the least, she might be a better fit for these guys than whatever crap they had in mind with pairing her with Lashley. Yeah, that was actually a thing at one point.

– The Street Fight between Grado and Snow was a decent continuation of their program, most notably for the little things outside the light-hearted comedy. Snow was great at his heat-seeking skills, even in how he ambushed Grado upon his entrance. Shera had his role as Grado’s supporter and just when it seemed like Grado would upset Snow, The “Frenchmen” (Marcus Louis and Sylvester Lefort of NXT fame) interfered and helped Snow win. Did like how Snow oversold the victory.

– For what it was worth, it was nice to have Reby back as she tried to guilt Matt back into his normal self as she told him he needed to focus on his family, as Matt claimed he was trying to salvage the family by getting rid of “Brother Nero.”

– By far, the show’s best thing was the in-ring segment with Dixie Carter, Lashley and TNA World Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway. We got our official Slammiversary main event from Dixie, as she declared it’d be Lashley-Galloway in a match that could only be decided by Knockout or Submission. We see why they’d take that approach, though a standard match would’ve done fine too. The promo exchange between Lashley and Galloway was also strong thankfully. Lashley felt truly unstoppable (almost Brock Lesnar-like) while Galloway tried to taunt Lashley with a mention of how he saw fear in his eyes. Their brawl was even better, as Lashley speared Galloway, Stifler and then choked out Galloway with a string. Like, damn.

– The Ultimate X concept continues to flounder in this day and age, reduced to a mindless spot-fest with zero logical substance. This was technically a four-way for the X-Division Championship between Champion Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett (of the Helms Dynasty), Eddie Edwards and DJZ, but the dynamic made it seem more like a tag team match between the faces and heels. The action wasn’t easy to follow either and we couldn’t wait for it to end. On that note, the finish was smart where Edwards retrieved the belt, but the Referees were distracted by Gregory Shane Helms, which allowed Lee to swipe the belt away once the Referees turned around. Hey, we’ve seen worse. Much worse.

– We like this little evil, pretty trio in Maria, Sienna and Allie. “Her” vision of the Knockouts is a cool way to usher in new blood. Sienna’s little line about ripping out Kim’s heart was a bit extreme, but then again, that’s probably what she was going for anyway.

– Based off EC3’s backstage promo, we’d guess that he’d garnered enough good karma to go to his Aunt Dixie to overturn The Miracle’s cheap actions and book them into a match at Slammiversary that Miracle won’t be able to charm his way out of. Makes enough sense.

– The Sienna-Kim match with Kim’s TNA career on the line was good for what it was, with the necessary drama thrown in there. At one moment, they made it convincing enough that Maria’s physical interference would spell the end-all for Kim, but that only led to the finish where Kim rolled up Sienna for a surprise pin. The post-match heel attack was strong, as it established that Maria wasn’t afraid to get her own hands dirty. Obviously, the build was to a Kim-Maria bout.

– The backstage segment with Reby, Spud and Tyrus was good final main event hype, as she begged them to destroy Jeff for Matt, something they “needed to do.” Typical Reby.

– The main event 2-on-1 handicap ladder match with the Full Metal Mayhem contract hanging up between Tyrus/Spud and Jeff Hardy was entertaining in terms of the action, even though it was also insanely melodramatic. In a moment sure to light up “Botchamania,” Tyrus broke the second ladder rung at one point when he climbed on it. The finish sequence where Hardy hit a Twist Of Fate on Spud using the top of the ladder was nicely done. Jeff won, like we all predicted and we were left with a semi-awkward staredown between the brothers.






Quick Results

  • Ethan Carter III def. Matt Hardy via DQ
  • Street Fight – Al Snow def. Grado via pinfall
  • X-Division Championship – Ultimate X Match – Trevor Lee (Champion) (w/Gregory Shane Helms) def. Eddie Edwards, DJZ and Andrew Everett to retain 
  • If Gail Kim Loses, Her Career Is Over – Gail Kim def. Sienna (w/Maria, Allie) via pinfall
  • If Jeff Hardy Wins, He Gets Matt Hardy In Full Metal Mayhem At Slammiversary – 2-On-1 Handicap Ladder Match – Jeff Hardy def. Tyrus and Rockstar Spud 

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