Notes In Observance – WCWC 5/14/16: Epic Confrontations

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post. 






(Aired 5/14/16)

Epic Confrontations 

– Just when WCWC Pacific Northwest Champion/Legacy Champion Eric Right was on top of the world, The Wrecking Crew was right there to try to bring him back down. On the surface, it made some sense in their book to have Morty Lipschitz to point out the rulebook in that one person couldn’t have two belts, which made him surrender the Pacific Northwest Championship, so that Kassius Koonz could try to dethrone him from the Legacy Championship, the belt he still had. We were supposed to feel sorry for Right, but this guy almost seems to be invincible. That said, the Koonz-Right match for the WCWC Legacy Championship was okay, as it started out more like a brawl before it settled into regular action. Right looked strong in the way that he overcame Jeremy Blanchard’s best interference efforts and with the help of his Granny’s miracle tonic, was able to subdue the Thrill-Billy to a deep sleep. Wonder if Caleb Konley will try to argue his case to get the Title back since he was the previous Champion.

– The WCWC Tag Team Champions Greg Romero/”The Rock God” Ricky Gibson along with Mr. Tubbs remain the company’s best heels not named The Wrecking Crew. Between Romero’s 1950’s bad boy image, Gibson’s narcissistic rockstar attitude and Tubbs’ keen fashion sense, where can it fail? Their backstage promo hyped their upcoming Title match and put themselves over as the “cool” guys. All true stuff.

– The WCWC Tag Team Championship match between Jeff Boom/Rude Boy Riley and Champions Romero/Gibson had good in-ring action, as it was two babyfaces who looked to finally make the heels pay for their short-handed ways. Riley particularly stood out with his charisma as he brandished Romero’s 8-ball before the bell. The match however, was marred by overbooking, as the first finish involved a Boom/Riley double-team on Romero where they had him laid out and Gibson pulled him out of the ring which led to a cheap countout. At that point, Riley cut a fiery promo where he riled the crowd up to the point where they wanted to see a restarted contest, eventually granted by the Referee. Just when it appeared we’d finally dodge the typical overused WCWC heel finish, we got it once again with Romero’s blatant DQ. Now while it did build to another eventual showdown since the babyface team technically won twice, we’re not sure two cheap finishes was the way to go. On the other side, Riley wouldn’t had cut that great promo. We’re torn, but hope that these guys can get an actual match with a legitimate finish and nothing overbooked.

– If you’re into the adventures of Lipschitz and Dr. Goldfarb, we found out that Lipschitz would try to find something for Goldfarb to do, as the opinionated doctor took credit for The Grappler’s retirement.

– The Darin Corbin-Marcus Malone match felt random, but it actually worked in the context of Corbin’s surprisingly fierce mic work prior to their lock-up. He delivered his words almost with a Kevin Owens-esque tone and it worked. His stance was that he saw Malone as a “lowlife rookie” and made a confident wager that if Malone beat him, he’d lace his boots the following week and vice versa. Silly stipulation, but it added a sense of urgency to the bout. Not sure why they continuously have Malone lose when it counts, but this program with Corbin’s filled with promise if we’re in for more promos like that. Plus, they did set up Malone close to victory, just that Corbin knocked the Referee into the rope to knock him off the top rope, which set up the Ginger Snap.

– Drew Donovan’s a stacked menace that reminds us of a bald Gene Snitsky and we mean that in the most flattering way possible. On that note, his backstage promo on his opponent Gangrel set the stage pretty well, as he put over Gangrel’s global credibility but mentioned himself as a separate entity. On the other side, Gangrel compared Donovan to just another bully to “fang and bang.” Sounds about right.

– Now, a Gangrel-Donovan feud isn’t the worst thing for both men. In actuality, they benefit. It’s a cool take on the “WCWC traditionalist vs. the new monster” vibe they tried to go for. It also helped that there was already some brief history between the two before this. Not sure what Blanchard added to commentary, but it was what it was. Nice ambush attack by Donovan to open the bout on an unsuspecting Gangrel, as it led to what felt more like a brawl as the monster dominated until the cheap finish where he shoved the Referee down twice. That said, it did lead to more locker room-clearing brawls between the two as it was officially scored a double DQ. If anything, we left the show with the rivalry feeling bigger and you know it’ll lead to a match with a bigger stipulation, maybe a lumberjack? Time will tell.






Quick Results

  • WCWC Legacy Championship – Eric Right (Champion) def. Kassius Koonz via KO
  • WCWC Tag Team Championship – Rude Boy Riley/Jeff Boom def. Greg Romero/”The Rock God” Ricky Gibson (w/Mr. Tubbs) via DQ; Romero/Gibson retain
  • The Loser Has To Lace The Winner’s Boots Next Week – Darin Corbin def. Marcus Malone via pinfall
  • Drew Donovan and Gangrel to a double DQ

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