Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 5/11/16: Graver Consequences

Lucha UndergroundBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 5/11/16)

Graver Consequences

– The opening video decently hyped elements of this episode’s focus – the Trios Championships, the LAPD storyline and of course, the “Graver Consequences” main event between Lucha Underground Champion Matanza Cueto and Mil Muertes for the Title. Yup, nothing like tag teams, cop drama and coffins to make your blood boil.

– More references to Councilman Delgado’s “employer” was made in the opening cutscene between him and Dario Cueto in a random bar. This was all well and good, as this felt like something out of TNT in a good way. Cueto gave Delgado a wad of cash and denied anybody “on the inside” already working in the Temple. Oh, that poor soul. This hyped the eventual reveal of Delgado’s “employer” about as good as possible.

– Speaking of people on the inside, another typical “Dario Special” went down in the three-way opening match to determine the holder of the final Ancient Aztec Medallion between Cortez Castro, Joey Ryan and Mr. Cisco. Before we could even get comfortable, the match was quickly over as Ryan sought the right moment to pull Castro’s tights and get the pin after he spent the bout outside the ring. If anything, this will continue the storyline with Officers Reyes/Ryan and their rocky relationship. Other than that, nothing else to gather from it. Matt Striker also informed us that the Gift Of The Gods Championship match would take place next week. Woo.

– The cutscene with Catrina and Muertes helped hype the main event, as Catrina gave Muertes the proper pep talk, as well as stated her case of how she guided him to victory after she freed him from “death’s crypt” and made him stronger than ever. Her obvious plan was to get to see Muertes destroy Matanza and get to give him the lick of death. Apparently when you do it on a god, you become immortal, so there’s that. Also liked how King Cuerno crept from the shadows as they walked away, which tied back to his previous interaction with Catrina.

– Considering the star power in the Trios Championship match between Champions Rey Mysterio/Dragon Azteca Jr./Prince Puma and Son Of Havoc/Ivelisse/Johnny Mundo, we figured it would’ve been a lot more memorable than it was. Outside of the unique dynamic of having rudos Mundo/Taya sticking to their own agenda while teaming with tecnicos, there wasn’t much to write about. It seemed like it was building to a Taya-Ivelisse showdown while allowing the Champs to retain and stay hot. The post-match beatdown by Taya on Ivelisse was well-done.

Last year’s Grave Consequences match was surely an LUG highlight. We got to see Fenix overcome his biggest obstacle at the time, temporarily putting him to rest after 20 grueling minutes of sheer brutality and things never before seen in a regular casket match. This year’s Graver Consequences match for the LUG Championship between Champion Matanza and Muertes tried to follow suit of last year, with the same traditional pre-match ceremony and use of the same pace. Four coffins compared to one made it seem silly, but it did help some spots look more vicious considering both men’s sizes. Also, with this not being a regular wrestling match, Matanza’s weaknesses were covered better. In fact, to properly describe this, it was a “wrecked house spotfest.” Some brutal-looking spots that involved hands getting punched through coffins and Catrina when she got attacked from behind and put in a coffin, but it didn’t capture last year’s essence. The finish was also surprisingly tame, as Muertes had to sell a sloppy powerslam as the move that made him “mortal.” The crowd was understandably frustrated as were we, but the only good in all of this was that Cuerno was revealed as one of the Faces Of Death, albeit seemingly only to the TV audience.

– The final cutscene between Delgado and his “employer” did enough to hype the newcomer’s arrival without giving anything away. All we knew was that the employer now received the money Dario gave Delgado in the bar and was hyped as “the strongest person walking the earth.” He was only shown lighting up a cigar with the camera focused on his hands. Still wonder who this could be.






Quick Results 

  • Winner Gets Ancient Aztec Medallion #7 – Three-Way – Joey Ryan def. Cortez Castro and Mr. Cisco via pinfall
  • Trios Championship – Rey Mysterio/Dragon Azteca Jr./Prince Puma (Champions) def. Ivelisse/Son Of Havoc/Johnny Mundo (w/Taya) via pinfall to retain 
  • Lucha Underground Championship – Graver Consequences – Matanza Cueto (Champion) (w/Dario Cueto) def. Mil Muertes (w/Catrina) to retain 

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