Notes In Observance – WCWC 5/7/16: Gotta Save Granny

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 5/7/16)

Gotta Save Granny 

– A couple shows past the episodic centennial mark, business rolls on at West Coast Wrestling Connection and if we know anything, heels will be heels and faces will eventually overcome. That seemed to be this episode’s theme, which was a relief for a company that relies a bit much on the run-in finish for cheap heel wins. That said, parts of this episode strayed from the usual formula, but we’re not sure if it was smart how they got to the end.

– The show opened with a clip of WCWC Pacific Northwest Champion Eric Right unpacking in his locker room, before discovering an envelope on the floor that read, “Keep your eyes on YouTube.” He discarded it and went back to unpacking. Considering how the episode ended, we’re not sure how this made sense. The storyline headed in was that The Wrecking Crew, WC’s heel stable, was looking for the Imposter Grappler that allowed The Original Grappler to defeat WCWC Legacy Champion Grappler III in his final match. It was obvious thanks to the Imposter’s handlebar mustache that it was Right, but the heels were conducting a “thorough investigation.” We were certain this was where they’d get their payback.

– The Kassius Koonz-Adam Thornstowe opening match helped advance the “Wrecking Crew investigates” storyline while also giving these two necessary ring time. Thornstowe has a steady following and a tough look to him, which didn’t make it hard to root for him against the dastardly heels. Morty Lipschitz being on commentary and downright denying his client’s actions, dismissing Jeremy Blanchard’s physical outside interference as “checking on his opponent.” Funny. The bout didn’t overstay its welcome, but gave us that typical “Crew” finish, with Blanchard distracting Thronstowe on the apron after he hit the Scum Stomp, giving G3 the opportunity to hit him with the belt, leading to the pinfall.

– The in-ring segment with The Wrecking Crew and Right had us a bit baffled, despite the “big reveal.” After all, if Right came out there to initially “help” with the investigation only to give WC their answer when he drew the mustache on the picture, why would he then back out of a match proposed by G3, Title for Title? Wouldn’t he have known WC would’ve gotten irate? Plus, Right’s character seems to be that of a fearless, tonic-drinking 1920’s throwback. Even though he had a point when he mentioned that G3 didn’t earn said Title shot when he had plenty of other guys gunning for him, it still made him look pretty weak that he wouldn’t even take him on, until the heels sought… other means.

– The Greg Romero-Jeff Boom had some short good action, but was more notable for the finish, where Rude Boy Riley swiped Romero’s 8-ball away mid-swing, giving Boom the chance to hit his Stunner and get the surprise win. Good use of the faces to outsmart the heels and luckily, we were spared an 8-ball cranium conundrum this week. Perhaps Boom/RBR will become a team to battle the Tag Champs?

– The show begins to veer off-course around this point, once we seen the “YouTube footage” video of Koonz  driving in a car, to pull alongside the house of Right’s “granny,” promising to “show her a good time.” Was this the reference to the note left for Right at the start of the show, you know, before he revealed he was the imposter?

– The “Rock God” Ricky Gibson-Gangrel match was also short and sweet, as the two went at it for a good few minutes. The finish again lied in the heels’ tricks backfiring, as Gibson laid an accidental gnarly fist into Tubbs on the apron, allowing Gangrel to quickly hit the Impaler DDT. Bad night for the Tag Champs. Next week, Gangrel was hyped to take on Donovan, which should offer something different.

– The second Koonz cutscene showed him knocking on Granny Right’s door and being let in. Oh no Thrill-Billy didn’t…

– The power of “YouTube” must be quick within the show’s hour because Right was shown what literally happened five seconds ago by a backstage official, only to storm assuredly towards the ring. What would’ve made it more believable was if Koonz shot it via FaceTime or Facebook/Instagram and sent it to WCWC management. It all just happened too quick to be this believable. Plus, wouldn’t Right want to go save his granny and not fight in a ring? We get that it’s the “heel tactic” of manipulating their way into getting Right to fight, but if Koonz was literally next to his Granny, what was to stop him from doing something truly evil even while the match went on?

– The impromptu “Title For Title” main event where both the WCWC Legacy and Pacific Northwest Championships were on the line between Right and G3 showed Right gunning straight for the Crew with no pulled punches. That part made sense at least, though again, we were left to assume Koonz was still with ‘ol Granny. The match didn’t last too long either but was packed with drama, as WC tried to cheat their way into holding all the gold and ironically, led to holding none. Blanchard interfered with the Referee knocked out and with both G3/Blanchard on top of him, he reached for his tonic and found the strength to turn it around, putting G3 in the Sleeper and becoming the new Legacy Champion. Yup, Right went from no gold to two Titles, just like that within a month span. Is this guy over or what? Good turn of events to show the babyface in ultimate victory, but tell us, what happened to Right’s Granny?!






Quick Results

  • Kassius Koonz (w/Jeremy Blanchard, Grappler III) def. Adam Thronstowe via pinfall
  • Jeff Boom def. Greg Romero (w/Mr. Tubbs) via pinfall
  • Gangrel def. “The Rock God” Ricky Gibson (w/Mr. Tubbs) via pinfall
  • Winner Becomes Both WCWC Legacy/WCWC Pacific Northwest Champions – Eric Right (Pacific Northwest Champion) def. The Grappler III (Legacy Champion) (w/Jeremy Blanchard) via pinfall to retain Pacific Northwest Championship and become new Legacy Champion 

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