Notes In Observance – AML Wrestling LIVE! 5/5/16: A New Kind Of Throne

Photo courtesy of Eventbrite.

Photo courtesy of Eventbrite.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 5/5/16)

A New Kind Of Throne 

– America’s Most Liked Wrestling was back with a batch of new episodes, as this recap will take you through TV episodes #57-60, all from AML’s February “All for The Glory” event held in High Point, North Carolina. We had some good stuff up and down the card, focusing on several notable talent, but why not start from the beginning?

– Episode #57 revolved around the hyped rematch for the AML Wrestling Championship, as Champion Greek God Papadon would defend against his biggest challenger, King Shane Williams. This storyline had been well-crafted to this point, as the throwback challenger built nearly a year-long climb to get to the gold, but was undone several times, if not by Papadon’s underhanded ways, then by Vordell Walker’s ruthless actions. This bout set the stage that Shane didn’t have to worry about Walker anymore since he was fired from AML and had Papadon all to himself this time. Meanwhile, Papadon (an excellent heel) made no excuses and said that Walker’s absence meant nothing. He’s a tough guy heel that knows how to work a crowd and that was on full display during the match. The two didn’t even lock up until about 13 minutes in, as Papadon purposely stalled for time, doing everything in the book, including yelling about the way the ring staff handled his Championship. Nice. Once the action got going though, it didn’t slow a bit. Nice psychology on both ends with Shane being a little more athletic than usual, while Papadon stuck to his evil roots to torment the challenger at points. Kudos to the crowd too, whom was pretty loud throughout. Headed to the finish, you could argue it was overbooked with all the Ref bumps (our minds went back to the Kurt Angle-Stone Cold Steve Austin SummerSlam 2001 match) but it built naturally to the finish. It appeared that Papadon would retain by using the belt as a weapon, but when that failed, he “accidentally” poked the Referee’s eyes, only for it to backfire when he got knocked off the top rope by Taylor, allowing Shane to take advantage and hit the Pilderiver that ended months of frustration and crowned him new Champion. Also liked Shane’s post-match promo as he rallied to become the south’s “pro wrestling king” and shove it to those folks in Stamford, Connecticut. Oh my.

– Episode #58 gave us “The Obsession” Caleb Konley taking on “Exclamation Point” Steve Anthony. Konley, already renowned as one of the mid-south’s top talents honing his craft as a cowardly heel in West Coast Wrestling Connection, recently debuted in AML. This time, he worked as a tongue-in-cheek babyface and the style works even better for him. On the other side, Anthony displayed good charisma to fit his namesake and we liked that he immediately put himself over by mentioning how he beat guys like Roderick Strong and Jushin “Thunder” Liger in the past. This was by far the fastest paced match of the episodes and it paid off for both guys with entertaining action bell-to-bell. Konley mocked Anthony’s dancing in a moment that was a bit hilarious, which carried on later in the match when Anthony made him pay for it by openly disrespecting him. Towards the stretch, there was an excellent exchange of near-falls which led to Konley getting the pin after his Cradle Shot finisher upon a missed 450 Splash by Anthony. We suspected Konley getting the win to build his AML credibility and we’re curious to see what could be next for him.

– Episode #59 featured the debut of THE Tommy Thomas’ newest client, The Regulator, as he took on Raphael King. Thomas was a riot here with his “Big Manager” personality and he wasn’t afraid to brandish his 2015 Manager Of The Year award either. King also had personality, but something feels missing in his look. That said, the match was okay for what it was, as it was all about soaking in the debuting “Wrath The Regulator,” who pretty much looked like a fly. The storyline of Thomas looking for a client to get him to the AML Wrestling Championship was told well here, but we’ve our doubts about Regulator’s longevity. The guy can’t talk and despite his powerhouse offense, how much more could he offer? At one point, we thought it’d end with King upsetting Regulator to send Thomas back to the drawing board but once Regulator hit his shoulder breaker finisher, it became apparent that Regulator’s push was on. Him hitting the move on King two more times was a necessary exclamation point and Thomas is awesome as a manager, but again, we’ll have to let this take its natural course and see where it goes.

– Episode #60 saw the AML Tag Team Championships on the line as the Champions The Heatseekers would defend against Jenny’s Last Chance, comprised of Jaxson James/Brady Pierce. The Heatseekers have been on fire (half-pun intended) ever since winning the belts and weren’t afraid to let people know it. They’ve had an ongoing rivalry with The Washington Bullets, but in the meantime, they’ve put down every challenger, though by bending the rules amidst competitive action. JLC didn’t exactly get over with their mic skills, but being stereotypical beer drinkers in the south will almost always work. Sigmon’s pre-match promo pulled no punches, as he demanded respect from the fans upon their entrance and set the tone for the bout. As the match progressed, James looked more impressive. This later went the way of most Heatseeker defenses, as they’d use old-school heel tactics to gain the advantage before teasing a loss a few times, eventually overcoming their challengers with a dirty move. This time, it was Sigmon bringing in a chair to ultimately stick it to JLC and remain Champions. Their post-match promo set forth an upcoming showdown with The Washington Bullets and we can’t wait.






Quick Results

  • AML Wrestling Championship – King Shane Williams (w/Queen Taylor) def. Greek God Papadon (Champion) via pinfall to become new Champion 
  • Caleb Konley def. “The Exclamation Point” Steve Anthony via pinfall
  • The Regulator (w/THE Tommy Thomas) def. Raphael King via pinfall 
  • AML Tag Team Championships – The Heatseekers def. Jenny’s Last Chance via pinfall to retain 

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