Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 5/3/16: A Decaying Evolution

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 5/3/16)

A Decaying Evolution 

– The opening cutscene with Lashley going to a gym where TNA World Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway was training and conducting an interview let us know right away that Lashley was out to make a statement that the belt was his and was his reaction to Galloway calling him out all these weeks. In essence, it was booked perfectly. Okay, the fact that camera crews happened to be there for both men separately was reaching, but the message was still there. Did they really need to conveniently land in an MMA ring? Not really, but it helped establish Lashley’s “dominance” in that area.

– Fresh off defeating the once unpinned/unsubmitted Ethan Carter III the week prior, The Miracle came out with Maria to grin and gloat about the accomplishment, referring to himself as “God” and an instant front-runner for the TNA World Title since he also beat Galloway in the past. Jeff Hardy coming out as arguably the company’s top star to dispute this was good for what it was. We knew this in-ring segment was going to brew into a singles match and both guys’ intentions were stated. World Title implications? Why not?

– The Miracle-Jeff match to determine the #1 contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship featured good action, but was too short because Lashley, who attacked the freaking Champion in the gym, wasn’t about to let his Title shot go to someone else now. He attacked both Hardy and Miracle, demanding Dixie Carter “give him what he wanted.” Lashley was a pure badass here and we liked that Dixie wouldn’t succumb to his demands, instead booking Lashley, Jeff and Miracle to fight for that Title shot, also allowing Galloway himself to be the Special Guest Referee. All the opening segments come together to give us the night’s main events. Logical.

– There was also plenty of exposure to the creepy new TNA World Tag Team Champions Decay, as Rosemary chatted about “embracing change,” spewing her mist into both Crazzy Steve and Abyss’ faces. She also demanded Abyss to unmask. Freaky stuff.

– The Abyss-James Storm match was preceded by a decent promo exchange where Rosemary unveiled Abyss’ new look (just him with the Decay face paint, no mask) and “gave” Steve a voice as he mainly said other’s suffering where their pleasure. We also hope “Beautiful Abyss” becomes a t-shirt tagline. Storm’s place in the segment fit, since Decay were “responsible” for Beer Money no longer being around, but as the only guy left, he wanted to fight. Abyss responded that “BM was dead,” which might’ve been why Storm wanted to fight him particularly. As far as the match, it was okay, nothing special. The story told was good, as it was Decay’s number advantage ultimately beating Storm, who flirted with victory a few times before he fell victim to Abyss’ mist/Black Hole Slam combination. Even better, Decay was put over by establishing their dominance.

– So early in her reign as the “leader” of the Knockouts Division, Maria wasted no time yelling at backstage assistants to show Dixie papers that she wrote, also telling us that anybody who opposed her would pay and she “had a vision.”

– Jeff’s backstage promo gave us perfect main event hype, as he put over both his opponents doing anything to get the Title shot (Miracle beating EC3 and not shutting up, Lashley being a beast) and also addressed his relationship with Matt, who he took out with a 32-foot Swanton Bomb. We liked that he alluded to Matt as a darker person, further building his eventual return.

– The in-ring segment with Maria, TNA Knockouts Champion Jade and the debuting Sienna was good, as it showed more character depth for Jade, helping her get over a little more as a bad-ass babyface who wouldn’t listen to Maria’s egotistical demands. It also continued Maria’s quest to become Knockouts Champion without actually doing any physical work, claiming that she “handed” Jade the Title and thus, earned it. We also like Sienna’s debut role as Maria’s enforcer, as she unleashed some nasty-looking spots like where she whipped Jade headfirst into the steel steps and showed us her Yokosuka Cutter finisher. Some may recognize Sienna from the independents where she wrestled for promotions like Shimmer and Absolute Intense Wrestling as Allysin Kay. She looked good in TNA and should fit right in. Was Maria’s “vision” just to hype the newcomer or is there even more where that came from?

– TNA King Of The Mountain Champion Bram’s backstage promo was generic, as he described himself as the same monster he was before, but certainly no follower and would take on all comers for his Title. That guy sure loves to fight, yup.

– Nice moment where Miracle stormed a sit-down interview set where Jeremy Borash was going to interview EC3. Since EC3 didn’t show up. Miracle used the floor to put himself over and said he had no problem beating anyone since he beat EC3, the “unbeatable.”

– You can tell how over the TNA KOTM Title is when they have to have the announcers suddenly announce that we’d about to see a KOTM match for the Title involving Champion Bram, Eddie Edwards, Eli Drake (why was he even in the match if he already had a free Title shot?), Andrew Everett and Jessie Godderz. The KOTM concept still sucks, no matter how hard those involved work to make it look the opposite. There’s just no drama. The only good things about this particular match was that it was a platform for various other feuds. We had the Gregory Shane Helms/Everett/Edwards feud advance as GSH cost Edwards a pinfall to make him sit in the penalty box and Edwards/Everett eventually brawled to the back, meaning that even they didn’t care about this crappy Championship because they hated each other so much, we guess. Some subtle progression with the Godderz-Drake feud as they got physical at points. Painful looking spot where Bram dropkicked a ladder where Drake was standing on and Drake fell on top of the ladder with his leg. After Bram unsurprisingly retained, Drake knocked the ladder down with him on it and teased “cashing in” before retreating. Guess this is what’ll be next, whereas Godderz maybe gets worked in.

– Galloway’s backstage promo also helped the main event hype as he put over his sacrifices to become Champion and how all the opponents in that match had shown they’d do anything to become Champion, also warning Lashley that the decision literally fell in his own hands and this Referee would “hit right back” if he tried anything funny.

– Didn’t expect to see Matt Hardy on the show, but his backstage promo gave us a glimpse into his darker personality, as he wore a hood and sported facial scruff, calling Jeff “cruel” as he attempted to take him away from his wife and kid and also take away his number one passion, wrestling. This was all building to an ultimate brotherly showdown. We could just feel it.

– The triple-threat main event with Lashley, Miracle and Jeff Hardy with Galloway as Special Guest Referee didn’t get underway quickly because EC3 confronted Miracle, but we were more than okay with that because EC3’s promo was superb. Basically, EC3 used the loss as something that would launch a different side of him, hoping that Miracle would go on to become Champion because then he could feel what it was like to get it taken away from him. Great stuff, especially EC3’s “devil” line. Once the match got underway, it was entertaining right down to the finish. We liked how even though it was predictable that Lashley would win since he had the most beef with Galloway, they used other angles to keep the other guys in the match busy, giving them paths for new feuds. Sure, Miracle wouldn’t win, but we knew a final showdown with EC3 was coming. Decay came out to attack Jeff and take him out of the equation, which likely sets him up to team with Storm for revenge. Above all else, the defining statement of this match was Lashley spearing Jeff twice and forcing Galloway to count to three to declare him the winner. What better way to stick it to your rival? Everyone comes out of this match elevated and with purpose. Also thought the show-ending brawl with Galloway/Lashley was well-done. Sure, an eventful episode, but good progression on all parts of the card.






Quick Results

  • Winner Gets TNA World Heavyweight Championship Title Shot – The Miracle (w/Maria) and Jeff Hardy to a no-contest 
  • Abyss (w/Crazzy Steve, Rosemary) def. James Storm via pinfall
  • TNA King Of The Mountain Championship – Bram (Champion) def. Andrew Everett (w/Gregory Shane Helms), Eddie Edwards, Eli Drake and Jessie Godderz to retain 
  • Winner Gets TNA World Heavyweight Championship Title Shot – Triple-Threat – Drew Galloway As Special Guest Referee – Lashley def. The Miracle (w/Maria) and Jeff Hardy via pinfall 

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