Notes In Observance – WCWC 4/30/16: A Paragon of Innovation

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 4/30/16)

A Paragon Of Innovation

– West Coast Wrestling Connection television episode #101 ushered in a new era of sorts, one with featured talent from Paragon Pro Wrestling, peppered up and down this card. The first example took place in the opening contest, a two-on-one handicap between The Midnight Marvels – everybody’s favorite squared circle superheroes, as they battled the monster in Drew Donovan (simply going by Donovan) here. Donovan, a PPW talent, came off as a Ryback-esque character in terms of gimmick, promo style and build. Also for our hearing pleasure, Morty Lipschitz replaced Todd Keneley on commentary. MM briefly teamed up to take Donovan off his feet with double missile dropkicks, but their offensive arsenal was soon ransacked, as the monster took over and made quick work of them, pinning them simultaneously. The post-match interaction where Gangrel attacked Donovan when he tried to administer more punishment upon the masked do-gooders and hit him with an Impaler DDT was logical and effective. Should be an interesting feud, as it seems “The Vampire Warrior” will defend his WCWC turf against the muscular newcomer.

– Another arrival in the form of Rude Boy Riley, a name associated with not only PPW, but also independent New York promotions like Tier-1 Wrestling and Warriors Of Wrestling, came at a perfect time. With his artsy tattoos, punk rock attitude and thumps of his Streetlight Manifesto theme song (that’s “1234” for you curious skankers), you couldn’t miss this guy’s personality if you tried. He made the perfect opponent for one Ethan HD, who had the chic collection of Kate Carney at his side. Their two styles smoothly meshed, as Ethan targeted the high-flyer’s back and Carney intervened discreetly at points, while Riley sold well and “weathered the storm” to upset Ethan in the end. The finish, which saw Riley counter the Blackout into a Go To Sleep, was well-done. Naturally, this looks to be another brewing feud, as we’d imagine Carney/Ethan are already plodding revenge as we write this.

– We got new developments as far as WCWC’s top evil group, The Wrecking Crew, as their backstage promo showed Jeremy Blanchard buttering up WCWC Legacy Champion Grappler III as “the only Grappler” now that The Original Grappler was retired and formally kicked out Dr. Goldfarb for not getting the job done, almost literally. Also, Kassius Koonz went all “private investigator” on us, trying to find out who the “Impostor Grappler” was, thinking of suspects like Marcus Malone or Lemon Drop. Guess mustaches are invisible to them. Also got a kick out of Koonz’s “Netflix and Thrill” tee.

– The G3-LD match was your basic G3 bout, drenched in heelish behavior from inside the ring and out, as despite LD’s peaceful spirit and actually keeping G3 down for three seconds, it won’t be counted in the history books, because the Referee was distracted by Koonz on the apron and with a swift orthopedic boot to the gut, they’d instead record another cheap G3 win. Who can stop these guys?

– Adam Thornstowe’s backstage promo covered how excited he was to be back in WCWC and how he looked forward to sharing his enthusiasm with one Darin Corbin in the main event, using pretty social media metaphors to describe how he’d silence the “Ginger Snap.” Loud, crazy and tattooed, we definitely could pick Thornstowe apart from everyone else.

– The special tag team attraction bout between Nick Bugatti/The Shadow and The Whirlwind Gentlemen gave us a whiff of Bugatti’s boisterous long-haired charisma (backed by a literal Shadow) as WG continued to look to ride back to the glory days when they were on top of the tag scene. What could be best described as filler action lasted longer than we would’ve preferred, but the story told was consistent and that was WG doing their thing and that Bugatti needed a new partner. A Crucifix Superkick later and we were done here.

– Corbin’s backstage promo hyped the main event from his own perspective, saying he deserved recognition for a “big return” himself, putting over that he was a former Champion in the “golden days.” He also insulted his opponent by calling his tattoos “drawn by children” and referred to him as a “stepping stone.” This ginger can bite, y’all.

– The main event between Corbin and Thornstowe lacked the drama of recent WCWC main events, but did just fine in showing us a gritty contest between two loud strikers. Big chops here, as evidenced by the tomato-colored chests of both guys, eventually leading to Thornstowe’s Scum Stomp (diving double foot stomp a la Alberto Del Rio) to end Corbin’s gleaming victory aspirations.






Quick Results

  • Two-On-One Handicap Match – Donovan def. The Midnight Marvels via pinfall
  • Rude Boy Riley def. Ethan HD (w/Kate Carney) via pinfall
  • Grappler III (w/Kassius Koonz) def. Lemon Drop via pinfall
  • Special Tag Team Attraction – The Whirlwind Gentlemen def. Nick Bugatti/The Shadow via pinfall
  • Adam Thornstowe def. Darin Corbin via pinfall 

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