Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 4/27/16: The Kinshasa Swan Song

WWE NXTBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 4/27/16)

The Kinshasa Swan Song 

– We were warned about the NXT Women’s Champion Asuka-Eva Marie match from last week, so no surprises here. What should’ve been a quick, two-minute squash was instead dragged out to make Eva look “on par” with Asuka, which is completely unbelievable. An odd matchup to begin with, with little chemistry early on and the only thing that kept our interest was the crowd’s growing disdain for Eva and Corey Graves’ entertaining commentary that fanboyed all over Eva. It appeared that the bigger story was planting the seeds of an Asuka-Nia Jax feud by the way she stood by Eva’s side past the midway portion of the bout. This lasted longer than it had any business being, but seeing Eva get kicked out cold might’ve been a lukewarm consolation prize. The post-match interaction between Jax and Asuka was a bit woody, but established that Jax wouldn’t be scared of Asuka’s techniques.

– One of the cool things about NXT is that they have the balls to go out and make noteworthy Title changes right during their live events, case in point – NXT Champion Samoa Joe beating Finn Balor in Lowell, Massachusetts. Of course they had to show highlights of this match and the hot finish that caused a crowd uproar of shock and awe. Further sells the point that in NXT, anything can happen. Joe’s post-match promo sold his words about being “inevitable” and that Balor didn’t survive him this time around. The intrigue will be in seeing what Balor does to try to get his belt back.

– If you had fears of The Revival falling off the tag team grid after their Title loss to NXT Tag Team Champions American Alpha, put them to rest. Them beating Chad Lee/Jeff Parker in a routine squash allowed them a platform to unleash their fury the only way they know – no flips, just fists. Wink, wink. The jobbers showed a smear of charisma but that was about it. Liked that The Revival donned a name for their double-team finisher as the Shatter Machine to win. Their post-match promo of “putting the tag team world on notice” of making everyone targets until they got their belts back was a great way of playing to their intimidation strengths and get them easy heat.

– The Hype Bros.-Blake/Murphy match sounded incredibly filler on paper and unfortunately, it played out that way in real life. Zack Ryder appeared to have a little resurgence on the main roster, but given how quickly he dropped the Intercontinental Championship to current Champion, The Miz, it was essentially code for “Back to NXT you go, you scoundrel!” Meanwhile, the Blake/Murphy act seemed hurt by Alexa Bliss’ absence. Spoiler alert – Hype Bros. win. However, a beautiful post-match development with The Revival picking their first victims of raged circumstance with their beatdown of Hype Bros.

– Interesting that they’d call up Enzo Amore/Colin Cassady, yet leave Carmella down in NXT all solo. Her character began to click at the right moment, but it’ll be interesting to see what happens with her going forward. Kind of telling that her pre-match routine got little response, but the story of the match did the right things, of showing her improving skills and establishing herself as a submission threat with the triangle submission finish. Essentially, we learned what Carmella was all about here – pure fabulous tomboy confidence.

– Besides having a “musical” theme, not much to write home about the Shinsuke Nakamura-Elias Samson main event aside from giving Nakamura another name to add to his list. It’s also easy to get swept up in “Swagsuke” from the moment he comes out of that curtain. He owns that entrance to a tee and his theme music is fitting for him – peaceful, yet bold. As you could imagine, Samson had moments where he worked over Nakamura and also got a pre-match backstage promo, but this was all about Nakamura, as it should’ve been. Should be interesting to see what they do with Nakamura from this point forward.






Quick Results

  • Asuka def. Eva Maria via pinfall
  • The Revival def. Chad Lee/Jeff Parker via pinfall 
  • The Hype Bros. def. Blake/Murphy via pinfall
  • Carmella def. Aliyah via submission 
  • Shinsuke Nakamura def. Elias Samson via pinfall 

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