Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 4/26/16: Sacrifice 2016

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 4/26/16)

Sacrifice 2016

– With this Sacrifice-themed edition, there was plenty to go down. Firstly, smart to open with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship match between Champion Galloway and Tyrus. This had more flexibility as a first match and allowed the full story to be told. Tyrus was on point as far as taunting Galloway to come out and defend his big word, all the while targeting Galloway’s injured ribs whenever possible, even unraveling the tape to expose them. Galloway sold the hell out of the injuries and it helped cement his comeback as the match went on. Rockstar Spud on Tyrus’ side also proved to be another obstacle for Galloway to overcome. All in all, this was a good way to get Tyrus’ Title shot he won at Bound For Glory out of the way while giving Galloway someone credible to his list of defeated names. Tyrus didn’t lose much either because he was portrayed as on Galloway’s level and also got to kick out of the Claymore Kick before eventually falling to the Future Shock DDT. Another week, another hearty defense for Galloway, as he presumably sets the stage for Lashley.

Since Maria won control of the Knockouts, she enthusiastically hyped her reign and emphasized to a mirror that not even the almighty Gail Kim could stop her. Can’t fight those odds.

– For what it was worth, TNA got what they could out of reuniting TNA World Tag Team Champions Beer Money, but the “curse” struck again. While not marred by injury this time, Roode was publicly leaving TNA and would have to drop these Titles somehow. Considering Roode-Storm’s history, no one could count out a turn. BM’s backstage promo hyped their defense later on and got over that Crazzy Steve/Abyss would do anything for those belts, even abducting Kim and they needed to defend the belt’s legacy. Interestingly, it was Roode who talked here.

– The in-ring segment with Maria and Kim was good for what it was, as we were formally introduced to Maria as the Knockouts Division boss. It fit her character to brag about how she was the change everybody needed and was willing to throw her power around to get what she wanted, while Kim got right in her face and threatened physical assault. Maria booked Kim-Rosemary, which made sense after last week.

– The Rosemary-Kim match was a pleasant surprise, entertaining without overstaying its welcome. Rosemary showed some in-ring skills yet still straying close to her character, surely a hard skill. Nevertheless, the match played a role more for its storyline than action, as Maria distracted Kim on the apron to allow Rosemary to spew the mist and cost her the match. Nice progression that puts heat on Maria, gives Rosemary a win and makes us want to see Kim kick some ass.

– Whoever thought of the Eli Drake “Fact Of Life” in-ring segment with The Bro-Mans can only be summed up in one word – “Dummy, yeahhhh.” Good lord, this was bad. Now, Drake’s an excellent talker, but talk shows evidently aren’t his strong point and besides for already feeling like a ripoff of WWE’s “Bad News Barrett” podium segments, it wasn’t remotely funny. He calls everyone dummies? Of course, the bigger picture was advancing the Drake-Jessie Godderz feud, which was done to a degree, but Bro-Mans aren’t clicking as babyfaces and neither is this feud. Ironically, this made the crowd chant for Grado, which kind of makes us miss when they were feuding.

– Whenever Abyss talks about dragging people into the valley of shadows, we listen. Then again, we have no choice but to. Either way, Decay were excited for the occasion and we wondered if this was finally the moment where BM loses the belts.

– A solid Ethan Carter III backstage promo, where he talked up “sacrifice” and how he gave up a lot in the business and preferred to show sacrifice than talk about it, hyping his match with Miracle as being in his wheelhouse and how he wanted badly to get back to the top spot again.

– So by the end of it all, the “Valley of Shadows” match was disappointingly just a Monster’s Ball match with low-budget lighting. Disappointingly lame. That said, the four men made the most of their time and delivered a garbage match that was at least semi-dramatic by the end. Lots of near-falls as they made it look like BM would retain several times, only for it to come unglued. A few harsh spots, namely the double-team suplex on Crazzy Steve onto the barbed wire board and a grisly chokeslam by Abyss on Roode onto tacks after taking James Storm out of the equation to give Decay their first major victory. Of course, we don’t know if a rematch is coming, but our hopes are high that Decay will keep the belts even then.

– Ever since Bram turned pseudo-face by feuding with TNA King Of The Mountain Champion Eric Young, he’s done things like cut backstage promo where he screams and shouts about EY being blatantly disrespectful. Basically, a madman sought revenge against a madder man.

– One thing that has worked for The Miracle since his TNA debut has been the cataphoric “rise” of his character coinciding with the meteoric “fall” of one EC3 and how that has been the catalyst of their feud thus far. Miracle’s mic work has also strongly progressed, showing CM Punk-esque fire on the stick, making us also believe with his spoken words. Great backstage promo here where he basically took credit for EC3’s downward spiral and looked forward to taking away EC3’s one last shining accomplishment, his 30-month unpinned and unsubmitted streak.

– The King Of The Mountain Championship match between Champion Young and Bram served as EY’s last TNA match in a way that was designed to put Bram over as this “hardcore” babyface. In some aspects, it worked and in others, not. Undoubtedly, Young has put in the work of his career since donning his “bearded deranged madman” gimmick and it’s sad to see it come to an end, but knowing he’ll be in WWE NXT shortly, you have to feel happy for the guy. As far as the match, it was good within its apparent No Disqualification rules, showing Bram hang with EY and eventually beat him with the Brighter Side Of Suffering from the apron to the table, a little taste of karma for Young. TNA still has ample work ahead of them to make the KOTM Title truly stand out, but it’s a start. Evidenced by Drake’s mention of how he had a KOTM Title shot briefcase, we can expect some sort of feud between those two soon.

– Galloway’s backstage promo hyped a promised confrontation with Lashley next week once more as he wanted to face the big man who suddenly went missing after spearing him all those times. His talk of having a bullseye on his back for having the Title feel true to his gimmick. It’s timing out to be the Slammiversary main event.

– The in-ring segment with Jeff Hardy, Reby and Spud proved to be a stellar follow-up to last week’s crazy “I Quit” match. Jeff hoped that he somehow knocked some sense into his egotistical brother Matt while Reby/Spud were furious with how Jeff changed Matt for the worse, expressing that he wouldn’t even talk to them anymore. Reby was especially on point here, downright screaming in Jeff’s face how much she hated him. Her “Now you’re going to have to deal with this Matt that you created” line was strong in making us wonder how darker Matt would be upon his return. As heels will do, Spud tried to cheap shot Jeff but ended up eating a Twist Of Fate. Good progression.

– The latest EC3-Miracle offering under No DQ rules was another memorable bout, in that it followed a traditional wrestling match until towards the end, when Miracle used Maria to bend the rules to get things to go his way. Clever spots like introducing a chair and even having Maria dive on top of the Referee to stop a pinfall attempt. At the same time, EC3 found that he needed to tap into that old, ruthless side of him if he was going to win and just when he had a submission applied, his momentum backfired on him and allowed Miracle to be the first to pin him cleanly. Well hot damn, that gives Miracle his biggest accomplishment to date, a “breakthrough” victory and more motivation for EC3 to get revenge. Love how the theme of the night seemed to be “passing the torch” up and down the card. The key will be the follow-up but there appears to be promise.






Quick Results

  • TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Drew Galloway (Champion) def. Tyrus (w/Rockstar Spud) via pinfall to retain
  • Rosemary (w/Crazzy Steve) def. Gail Kim via pinfall
  • TNA World Tag Team Championship – Valley Of Shadows Match – Crazzy Steve/Abyss (w/Rosemary) def. Beer Money (Champions) via pinfall to become new Champions 
  • TNA King Of The Mountain Championship – No Disqualification Match – Bram def. Eric Young (Champion) via pinfall to become new Champion 
  • No Disqualification Match – The Miracle (w/Maria) def. Ethan Carter III via pinfall 

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