Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 4/20/16: Battle Of The Monsters

Lucha UndergroundBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 4/20/16)

Battle Of The Monsters

– With the Trios Tournament in full effect and several intriguing undercard storylines, it has been enough to deter us from Lucha Underground’s tame little monster, LUG Champion Matanza Cueto and his boring squashes. On this episode, we saw an impending clash between LUG’s two biggest forces – Matanza and former LUG Champion Mil Muertes in a rematch for the belt. The twist here was that Muertes stood as the lesser of two evils in this situation.

– Dario Cueto was on point this whole hour and it started with the opening cutscene in his office with Fenix, Drago and Aerostar. Cueto has a flare for the dramatic and unusual, which prompted him to play God with the three men’s fates, changing his mind from teaming them together in the Trios Tournament to putting Fenix with two rudos – “Darewolf” PJ Black and the loudmouth heel Jack Evans and pitting Aerostar-Drago into battle for Ancient Aztec Medallion two. This’d be awesome no matter what.

– Drago and Aerostar helped put LUG on the map with their Best-Of-Five series last season and this time, we got more of that classic mat magic. Your usual lively encounter, this one didn’t slow down, even when Aerostar slipped up on the ropes. They worked it into a consecutive spot, which made us wonder if it was a work the whole time. Many highlight reel-esque aerials, but in the end, it was Aerostar who became victorious. Aerostar had been revealed as a time-traveling warrior of the stars this season and thus, it made sense to push him further. Drago has been on-and-off this season, not a big player like season one, so him losing was okay here. So if you’re keeping score at home or your cave, the two Ancient Aztec Medallions of seven so far belong to Texano and Aerostar.

– We got excellent hype for next week’s Johnny Mundo-Cage match… in a cage with the cutscene between Mundo and Taya. It fits Taya’s character to get (or demand) opportunities for her new man, this time it being one of the Aztec Medallions and we got Dario without getting him when she revealed that he scheduled Mundo in a match for one of them and it was against… Cage in a cage. Also liked how Mundo’s intensity grew in his training after hearing the news. This should be the payoff of the feud if anything, unless it builds to something bigger.

– Between the “unlikely” dynamic between babyface Fenix and cocky high-flyers Black/Evans and the non-stop action, this made the Trios Tournament match between them and The Disciples Of Death quite entertaining, start to finish. It all started with the douche duo purposely not tagging in Fenix, before he eventually blind tagged himself in. Evans was hilarious here with his lines, particularly when he bragged about being about to pull off a big move and ended up hung in the corner, begging to get out. Fenix got plenty of airtime and it seemed as if he actually gained Black’s support throughout the match, while Evans remained in there for himself and took out the other opponents, inadvertently setting things up for Fenix to take control. It should be noted that DOD looked their most strongest, but it was to help Fenix’s comeback offense to get over better. Matt Striker boldly noted on commentary that the three aerialists can be deadly when they’re on the same page, but the trick was getting them to read the same book. Luckily, we’ll get to see this “unlikely” trio battle again. It’ll be interesting to see if they repeat the story of Trios Champions Ivelisse/Son Of Havoc/Angelico or if they’ll be used as pawns to set up what we think’ll happen – Drago/Fenix against Evans/Black in some kind of tag stipulation. Anyways, nice finishing touch with Evans shoving Fenix away so he could get his hand raised in victory.

– Speaking of the Trios Champions, the cutscene with them in Dario’s office made things even better, as Dario informed them that the Tournament wasn’t to determine #1 contender’s, but new Champions. They’d receive a bye straight to the final, but would have to defend against the three remaining teams in a four-team elimination for the belts. Hot damn.

– The cutscene with DOD, Catrina and Muertes was the surefire “deaths” of two of DOD’s members by the purple guy. It was consistent with Catrina scolding them for ruining their last chance to impress Muertes (mentioning that they lost to Fenix too) and when she demanded a good reason not to destroy all of them, the purple guy attacked and ripped the hearts out of the other two. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with him as the season progresses.

– Battle time – the LUG Championship match between Champion Matanza and Muertes was actually Janitor Beast’s best effort to date, thanks to Muertes. It stuck to a fight/brawl vibe the whole time and their similar builds helped sell this as an even matchup. Also liked the little moments like Catrina and Dario each trying to interfere on their representative’s behalf. The match held our interests even as they worked their way up the stairs and above the office. The Flatliner through the roof was not only an awesome spot, but it also ended it in a no-contest, meaning that Muertes wouldn’t be pinned cleanly, Matanza didn’t get pinned cleanly but showed vulnerability and some kind of rematch is in store for the future since we had no clear-cut winner. Maybe this also means that Matanza takes a back seat for some time, evidenced by Dario’s long scream as he looked down towards the hole in his roof. The one thing that sucks is that Matanza’s LUG Champion, so he’ll have to reappear eventually, but it was nice to see him actually in a good match for once.

– The final cutscene in the LAPD office between Captain Vasquez and Councilman Delgado revealed statuses of past talent like Bael as “deceased” and Big Ryck, Alberto El Patron, Blue Demon Jr. and Hernandez as “missing” as per the bulletin board. We also got more development in the story of Vasquez desperate to take down Dario, as Delgado strongly urged Vasquez to drop the case, as just some “friendly advice from an old friend,” having nothing to do with his employer, the mayor. It certainly has our attention of why they might want the case to get dropped. We’re due for something big at the end of the season, there’s no doubt.






Quick Results

  • Ancient Aztec Medallion #2 Match – Aerostar def. Drago via pinfall
  • Trios Tournament – First Round – Fenix/Darewolf PJ Black/Jack Evans def. The Disciples Of Death (w/Catrina) via pinfall to advance to next round 
  • Lucha Underground Championship – Matanza Cueto (w/Dario Cueto) and Mil Muertes (w/Catrina) to a no-contest; Matanza retains 

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