Notes In Observance – WCWC 4/16/16: When Grapplers Collide

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post. 






(Aired 4/16/16)

When Grapplers Collide

– Matt Striker continues to be a ball with his loudmouth cowardly heel persona with Jeremy Blanchard at his side. This week, we got the continuation of his program with Gangrel, carrying off the stipulation of last week’s loss to Jeff Boom that he’d have to wrestle Gangrel blindfolded. Striker opened things up by aggressively declining the stipulation before being confronted by Gangrel/Boom, the latter whom urged him to “be a man and grow a pair.” Was a good showing for Boom, who possesses the “talk” to back up the “walk.” As far as the match itself, it was more for the comedic spots of Striker eventually eating his words and falling everywhere with the blindfold on before heading backstage. We’re not sure why Greg Romero and Spider Warrior hit the ring to attack Gangrel only to get easily taken out, but it played into the clever heel finish where Blanchard distracted the Referee and Striker hit Gangrel with brass knuckles with the blindfold up, only to put it back on and “feel” his way to Gangrel, pinning the former WCWC Pacific Northwest Champion and earning another bragging right.

– After all the hype, this’d be the chance for The Grappler to finally get his hands on WCWC Legacy Champion Grappler III in a one-on-one contest. The Grappler’s backstage promo provided great hype for the feud-ending affair, getting over the storyline that the teacher would get his revenge against the student that turned his back on him. Liked Grappler’s “I taught you everything that you know, but not everything that I know” line.

– The celebration for WCWC Pacific Northwest Champion Eric Right was cut short as per the in-ring segment with him and Caleb Konley. All in all, it established that Konley protested the decision because Right won the second fall of their 20-Minute Iron Man match by using the sleeper, which was deemed illegal headed in. Faced against the law, Right had no other choice but to surrender back the belt to still-Champion Konley, who then celebrated like he found a lost love. Right asking for one more shot made sense, as did it for Konley to laugh and turn it down. With the following week being WCWC’s 100th TV episode, it was time to raise some stakes and Right claimed he’d put his mustache on the line against Konley’s Title, which was then accepted. Geez, that’s all it took? On one hand, we wouldn’t expect Konley to lose again, but would they really shed Right of his trademark ‘stache? Maybe the times are changing.

– Ethan HD/Khash seemed to be a unique pairing for sure, accompanied by Kate Carney, probably more for Ethan than anything. We wouldn’t write out a future team with them though. They took on the slumping Whirlwind Gentlemen in a contest that saw Ethan dominate before WG turned the match upside down in the second half, winning with their double-team finisher. Khash was sort of just there the whole time sans a clever heel moment where he tried to eliminate the hot tag, but again, it was all about getting WG back to victory.

– The Greg Romero-Boom match showcased one half of the WCWC Tag Team Champions Romero taking on the upstart rookie. This was a clever pairing that ironically played off the show’s opening match where they were both indirectly involved. Nice start with Romero faking a promo to only cheap shot Boom and it turned out to be a short, pleasant match where Boom exemplified his signature moves before getting done in by the 8-ball power shot. Romero wins and the Tag Champs stay hot.

– Konley’s backstage promo further hyped the following week’s match, as he confidently boasted that Right was dumb for coming close to winning only to fall back to his old ways and that there was no way he’d win now. He was looking forward to shaving the ‘stache to say the least.

– The “Rock God” Gibson-Mikey O’Shea match was also another short bout that inadvertently hyped next week’s triple threat Tag Title match that would involve Champions Romero/Gibson, WG and O’Shea/Marcus Malone. The match pace went to the heels early on, as they bent the rules to gain the advantage. Eventually, Malone would come out to be the equalizer and O’Shea would finish Gibson off with the Gunslinger.

– Main event time… The entire Wrecking Crew (Kassius Koonz, Blanchard, Striker) made their presence known, accompanying G3 to the ring, as Morty Lipschitz also sat in on commentary. It was go time and The Grappler had a mountain to climb in the form of WC on the outside, making things harder by tugging at his legs from the apron. Eventually, the Referee ejected everybody and that was the start of the turning point. We were initially confused by the “Grappler Switch” where Original Grappler (we’ll call him “OG”) got knocked to the back and out came a younger, faster OG with a… mustache. Hmm. It was obvious that Right donned the OG attire to get one over on the biggest cheaters, eventually slipping on the Sleeper before they “switched” back and OG got the pinfall. Post-match saw OG announce he was hanging up his boots (almost literally) as he announced his retirement from pro wrestling. In the battle of tradition against “new and improved,” tradition wins. Alright ending with the proper payoff (not without its odd booking) and excellent hype for episode 100 to air the following week. Color us hyped.






Quick Results

  • Matt Striker Must Wrestle Blindfolded – Matt Striker (w/Jeremy Blanchard) def. Gangrel via pinfall
  • The Whirlwind Gentlemen def. Ethan HD (w/Kate Carney)/Khash via pinfall
  • Greg Romero (w/Mr. Tubbs, “The Rock God” Ricky Gibson) def. Jeff Boom via pinfall
  • Mikey O’Shea def. “The Rock God” Ricky Gibson (w/Greg Romero) via pinfall 
  • The Grappler def. Grappler III via pinfall 

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