Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 4/19/16: Hale And Hardy

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 4/19/16)

Hale And Hardy 

– Only in TNA would you have a ladder match where the winner controls the division also include Champion of said division. Anyways, the match involved Gail Kim, Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky, Marti Bell, Rebel, Maria and Knockouts Champion Jade. If Jade won this, couldn’t she simply book herself not to defend the belt ever? We did like the fact that commentary addressed this logic hole later in the match by having The Pope say that every Champion had to defend their belt every 30 days, no exceptions. It was also cool to see Rosemary play a factor by attacking Kim and having her Decay buddies escort her out, an apparent kidnapping. Of course, Maria loved this. The powerbomb by Marti Bell was pretty, but not replay worthy. Maria and a kendo stick reigned supreme and before long, she assumed control of the Knockouts. Are we back to the “glory days” of a Knockouts authority figure a la Brooke Hogan? Good god, we hope not.

– TNA World Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway cut a backstage promo that expressed dissatisfaction towards Lashley’s actions last week, spearing him three times and forcing him to walk with taped ribs. He made it known he’d call Lashley out.

– Backstage, Maria and The Miracle stood happy, as Maria claimed things would change starting next week now that she held all the power.

– Somewhere else backstage, Decay carried Kim atop the rafters. Yup, clear footage of clear criminal action like kidnapping. Sounds like pro wrestling to us.

– The in-ring segment with Galloway, Tyrus and Rockstar Spud provided good hype for their match to take place the next week at Sacrifice. Galloway made it known he wasn’t medically cleared to wrestle, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t fight. Spud coming out to The Smashing Pumpkins’ “Zero” was a cool touch, but his promo was mad rambling about it being Jeff Hardy’s last TNA night and that “he was warned,” drawing out Tyrus, who finally “cashed in” his Title shot for the following week, calling Galloway a coward who was hiding behind a doctor’s note and that waiting to strike would pay off for him. As for the heel attack, it was well-done, but we can’t feel sympathy for Galloway since it seemed like he instigated it by picking on Spud, which led to them attacking him. They were about to leave the ring otherwise. As far as the attack, we loved the added emphasis on injuring his hurt ribs more with the numerous big splashes. It was old-school in a good way. Another good thing it does is that it saves Galloway-Lashley for a later date, likely Slammiversary at this rate.

– What’s so special about a “Hardy Brand Cam” than it being handheld? Could’ve gotten better quality from an iPhone 4. Anyways, as far as the content, it was strong, with Matt calling Jeff a quitter and that he needed to stop existing as a Hardy to save his legacy and his brand.

– Back to Decay’s horror lair, where Rosemary held Kim tight and referred to her as a pawn to getting what they wanted. Was Rosemary laying claim to the Knockouts Championship? Probably not, since they had the wrong Knockout. Oh, what could it be? Don’t hurt yourself thinking this one.

– The three-way X-Division Championship match between Champion Trevor Lee, Eddie Edwards and DJ Z was okay for what it was, but not nearly long enough to be memorable. This was by design, since it was more about the finish, where Andrew Everett appeared to help Lee win, also assisting Gregory Shane Helms in the process. The post-match beatdown by the heel trio confirmed an alliance of sorts. Josh Mathews deemed them the “Helms Army.” Maybe they’ll don a better name? The backstage promo that followed gave us better hope, as Lee informed us that the “Apex Of Agility” Everett was now part of the Helms Dynasty and they’d run roughshod over the X-Division. Good stuff.

– TNA King Of The Mountain Champion Eric Young is (as you’d expect) on his way out of TNA and it appears he’ll go out by losing his Title and putting over Bram. Never hurts to pass the torch. As far as their in-ring segment, it set the stage for everything to happen at Sacrifice the following week. Young made it simple by saying that he was fed up with management catering to other guys like Galloway, Ethan Carter III and Lashley, ignoring him and he’d walk out. It’s a little odd that Bram’s face turn came from simply not following Young on his way out the door, then just talking about how EY’s Title would look better on him. Young’s low blow/piledriver attack was strong and we apparently had one last match left for EY. Also loved the added beard rant where Young literally grabbed scissors and cut a part of Bram’s beard off, saying he was a copycat.

– Jeff’s backstage promo (amidst applying faceprint, which seems to be what he does during every backstage promo) got over that this was a battle for the ages, but he’d lay it all on the line and never quit, because he needed to shut Matt up, because the Title made him a different person among all their similarities. It was the one stark difference and he needed to end it. Pure emotion.

– The in-ring segment with EC3, The Miracle and Maria was a strong build to their also-announced Sacrifice match that’d be No Disqualification to decide a clear-cut winner. Miracle’s view of it was that he was a “white knight” that served “Prince Ethan” his deserved karma and made him lose his riches, friends and gold, making Ethan blame his shortcomings on “The Miracle.” Basically, he held all the power now. EC3’s retort that despite Miracle winning in the record books, he didn’t win decisively and proposed a match where one would be decisive. It was a great back-and-forth exchange that eventually saw Miracle agree to the match with the motivation that being the one to end EC3’s unpinned and unsubmitted 24-month streak would make people believe he was indeed “The Miracle.” Liked Ec3’s closing line that it’d take a “Miracle” to beat him. Great hype overall.

– Backstage, Kim awoke to find herself in the arms of decay, calling them insane as Crazzy Steve made it look like he’d lick her. Yup. So pro wrestling.

– Sure, Al Snow wrestling in 2016 excites few, but he’s doing well in his “pro wrestling conservative” heel role, exemplified in his match against Mahabali Shera. His pre-match promo put strong heat on him by insulting pro wrestling fans by calling them part of the problem, in that they still watch it no matter how much they complain online. The match was heel cheating 101 as Snow eventually won by using a foreign object, thus becoming a walking hypocrisy. It worked well and in the process, builds Grado to an awaited return. Will Snow make an example of anyone else?

– Eli Drake can sure talk. However, him leading a talking segment entitled “Fact Of Life” has us a bit scared for what to expect.

– The in-ring segment with Decay, Kim and TNA World Tag Team Champions Beer Money was to-the-point in that Decay abducted Kim to get BM to give them a Title shot, as BM accepted. Only thing that was odd was that there was no physicality, which could’ve helped things. We’re not sure what the “Valley Of Shadows” are, but we’ll just assume this match will be under Monster’s Ball rules. Will Kim play a role in the match in taking out Rosemary? Will we simply forget this by the following week? You know TNA, folks.

– The “I Quit” match involving Matt and Jeff Hardy went above and beyond our expectations by giving us more than your usual “I Quit” match. This one felt like an all-out war and most of the match took place out of the ring, in the production area. Some dangerous spots involving chairs and barricades, but the biggest one by far was Jeff’s Swanton from near the top of the rafters to put Matt away through a table. Purely insane. Logically, it ended the match in an apparent no-contest and meant that the feud could only continue from here.






Quick Results

  • Winner Controls Knockouts Division – Ladder Match – Maria def. Gail Kim, Jade, Marti Bell, Rebel, Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne
  • X-Division Championship – Three-Way – Trevor Lee (Champion) (w/Gregory Shane Helms) def. DJ Z and Eddie Edwards via pinfall to retain
  • Al Snow def. Mahabali Shera via pinfall
  • “I Quit” Match – Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy to a no-contest 

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