Notes In Observance – AML Wrestling LIVE! 4/15/16: Walking The Talk

Photo courtesy of Eventbrite.

Photo courtesy of Eventbrite.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent televisions shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 4/15/16)

Walking The Talk

– This recap follows episodes #51-54 since #55/56 are simply “best of.” Episode #51 was spearheaded by the Caprice Coleman-Vordell Walker bout. We had some good hype beforehand with a backstage segment that showed some nice interaction between the two. Coleman has some charisma, even if we’re unsure exactly what his character is supposed to be, though it borders on “Black Priest.” Walker on the other hand, has been pushed as a juggernaut heel, seemingly a better role for him. Think of Lashley’s current TNA character if one needs a comparison. It was a good mesh of personalities and with both guys on “hot runs,” something had to give. A little disappointing as far as the match, since the pace was deadly slow and almost sleep-inducing, but there were moments of clever ring psychology and painful-looking technical maneuvers. Also some cool highlights, like Walker’s top rope belly-to-belly suplex and Coleman’s Frankensteiner, but things ended before they reached second gear. We liked the finish though, which was essentially Walker using brass knuckles to get a pinfall before the decision got reversed when he was caught after the object fell off his hands when the Referee raised his hands. Ever the muscleman, Walker took out a table and set it in the corner, also shoving the Referee down. Walker’s spinebuster on Coleman through the table looked vicious, giving Walker some great heat. Owner Tracy Myers being at ringside also made it feel bigger.

– Episode #52 was all about the AML Wrestling Championship match between Champion Greek God Papadon and King Shane Williams. The backstage segment involving the two going face-to-face was superb. Williams came off as a clean-cut “good guy,” using how he moved to the south to become the best as his rally call. You can look at Williams and see how he’s been compared to Jerry “The King” Lawler. On the other side, Papadon was a “New Yawkah” who put over his Greek background and Championship as that of being better than you. He oozes heel charisma all over. This match was Williams’ long-awaited Title shot and the chemistry was definitely there, working as an “old school meets new school” kind of vibe. Papadon enhanced his New York side for easy heat in the south, while Williams built his offense around being the dramatic babyface. There was also a good sense of urgency in the pace as the match progressed, making things better. The finish was the talking point though, as Walker attacked Williams before he could hit a Piledriver that would’ve surely won him the belt. Yup, Walker was back again. This time, he wreaked havoc by tying Queen Taeler to the rope and Piledrove Williams onto a chair before attacking any officials that attempted to intervene, even the AML Manager. This was monster heat compared to what ended the previous episode. Myers grabbing a mic and subsequently firing Walker was expected, but we’re not sure if it was a way to write Walker off or to set something else up. If we know Walker’s character, he’ll have an answer to this.

– Episode #53 saw Zane Dawson (sort of a hybrid of the late Balls Mahoney and Bray Wyatt) take on Damien Wayne. Dawson’s manager, George South, cut a pre-match promo that insulted everyone in attendance and put over his representative. South was reminiscent of Jimmy Hart, which always works. The match told a good story, as Dawson dissected Wayne using the outside environment before Wayne started a late comeback that ultimately got squandered by a lariat that knocked him out of the ring. The finish was heel cheating 101, as Dawson used a distraction by South, a low blow and his feet on the ropes to win. Wayne’s post-match promo reflects this disappointment, but that Dawson’s lowly tactics would bring out a side of him he didn’t want to see.

– Episode #54 was practically “The Cedric Alexander Show,” but we have no complaints. Alexander’s manager, THE Tommy Thomas made it more worthwhile. He was loud, boisterous and a great promo cutter. It was similar to Alexander’s Ring Of Honor gimmick, just with a different manager, but there seems to be something better with Thomas than you get with Veda Scott. Alexander set forth an open challenge to take out fury from losing to Coleman, a guy who went on to become AML Wrestling Champion to lose it not after long. The intrigue was from who’d accept the challenge and the surprise didn’t disappoint. It turned out to be Caleb Konley. If you follow our West Coast Wrestling Connection coverage, you’ll know Konley is a prominently featured talent. Konley worked a babyface style here, which seems to be a better fit for him, even though he makes a great heel too. In what was considered Konley’s AML debut, he mostly impressed, hanging in there with Alexander, even coming close to victory himself. With most open challenges, it usually goes the way of the person who sets the challenge and since this was new, we doubted that Alexander would lose here. Great sequence towards the end, as the match kept a fast pace throughout, with Konley kicking out of a Michinoku Driver to look strong before succumbing to a distraction from Thomas that took him off his game to get caught in the Lumbar-Jack to lose. All in all, a great match while Alexander’s post-match promo put himself over as the best thing going and Thomas repeated the chant “Best-Wrestler-Ever!” to close it out. We’re looking forward to see what more comes out of this challenge and Konley shined.






Quick Results

  • Caprice Coleman def. Vordell Walker via reversed decision 
  • AML Championship – King Shane Williams (Champion) (w/Queen Taeler) def. The Greek God Papadon (Champion) via DQ; Papadon retains 
  • Zane Dawson (w/George South) def. Damien Wayne via pinfall
  • Cedric Alexander (w/THE Tommy Thomas) def. Caleb Konley via pinfall 

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