Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 4/13/16: The Trios Heats Up

Lucha UndergroundBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 4/13/16)

The Trios Heats Up

– Season two of LUG has now become synonymous with Dario Cueto, a Trios Tournament and now LUG Champion Matanza as this unstoppable force. Sure, everything sans Matanza is hints of season one greatness, but there are many new characters on the scene, namely from the AAA promotion. Things feel fresh even if the formula per se, isn’t. That said, the opening video concentrated on the seven medallions of the ancient Aztec tribes being released again for the LUG Gift Of The Gods Championship, the story so far on the Cage-Johnny Mundo feud and the latest on Matanza and the Trios Tournament.

– Since it worked so well with the current Trios Champions Ivelisse/Son Of Havoc/Angelico last year, it didn’t hurt to have the same storyline again, but instead use it to feed into the Cage-Mundo/Taya feud. The cutscene in Dario’s office where he told the three of them they’d be a team was consistent with his character always “making things interesting.” Meanwhile, also liked the little things, like Taya ignoring Dario’s handshake upon a proper introduction. This would mean either they’d actually coexist or fall apart. Win win both scenarios.

– Killshot has a couple of decent in-ring performances and suddenly gets character exposition, which never hurts to see. It continued off the recent hype video that established him as a militaristic aerialist with sharp accuracy. Fits his name and the crowd certainly digs him more each week. His match against Argenis was nothing more than enhancement stuff, but it lasted long enough to help get Killshot over some more. Where will it all go?

– The cutscene with Dragon Azteca Jr. and Black Lotus was consistent with the DA side of things as far as his suspicions of Black Lotus and why she’d work with the man who killed her trainer. She had a decent explanation in that she had no other alternative, but they’d get their revenge together one day. Sometimes you wonder if she was just pulling the wool over his eyes, but it’s something to watch as the season progresses.

– Daga, notorious as the “jobber” of AAA’s Los Perros del Mal stable, found himself in LUG for a chance to impress. Sure, his personality was short on excitement here, but his credibility was a point made by Dario himself when he regarded him as a “great talent.” This would be a good set-up to Daga’s LUG debut against Texano, someone he had history with in Mexico, as they both sought one of the gold medallions.

– The GOTG Medallions match between Daga and Texano started out slow, but built its way into something the crowd was into by the finish. Commentary served Daga well as an established newcomer with something to prove, while Texano stood tall as a veteran. Also good to see that commentary mentioned their previous tag history and it played into their in-ring chemistry. Daga seemed at home in the Temple environment and his athleticism eventually won everyone over, but it was a better decision to give the nod to Texano, as it keeps him busy from odd storylines, while Daga can further showcase himself in future bouts.

– Even though he seems to have gone tecnico with Matanza the new Champion, Mil Muertes still has his morbid edge with Catrina by his side. The news here was that the Disciples Of Death begged for Mil’s forgiveness as they’d be in the Trios Tournament and Catrina promised him he’d be new LUG Champ. Mil’s big screams are always epic.

– The main event First-Round Trios Tournament match between Rey Mysterio/DA Jr./Prince Puma and Mundo/Taya/Cage was abundantly entertaining like we thought it’d be. Mundo/Taya stood loyal to each other as a dirty duo, while Mysterio did his thing in short doses, also letting DA get over in key spots. Some great near-falls towards the end, as we predicted the “All-Star” team would overpower the “unlikely trio” and it was a better story that way. Logically, it was the tension between Cage and Mundo that did them in as the Temple went electric for the finish where Puma got the pinfall. Cage/Mundo get to act on their blood feud, while the All-Stars carry on. Perfect.

– With some attempt to build interest towards another likely bland Matanza main event, the idea was at least there with the final cutscene between him and Dario, as Dario spoke of his beastly brother as a prized possession and that’s why he caged him. The best thing about Matanza remains Dario, so at least that worked. Let’s just hope he doesn’t squash LUG’s biggest beast to this point, one Mil Muertes.






Quick Results

  • Killshot def. Argenis via pinfall 
  • Gift Of The Gods Medallion Match – Texano def. Daga via pinfall to earn a Medallion 
  • Trios Tournament – First Round – Rey Mysterio/Drgaon Azteca Jr./Prince Puma def. Johnny Mundo/Taya/Cage via pinfall to advance to next round 

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