Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 4/6/16: Rise Or Die Trying

Lucha UndergroundBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 4/6/16)

Rise Or Die Trying 

– As Lucha Underground’s second season continues nods on, so do the semi-enticing storylines. They haven’t been as polished as last year’s, but with Dario Cueto back, we’re as close to “throwback” as possible. It might as well be Thursday. Hardy har har. Anyways, the opening video reminded us of Sexy Star’s affected state thanks to Marty “The Moth” Martinez and Mariposa, as well as Joey Ryan/Ricky Reyes working together as underground police officers in an attempt to take down Dario, while his brother Matanza has tightly gripped the Lucha Underground Championship, downing any challengers to this point.

– The Vampire-Dario bathroom cutscene was a solid follow-up to the previous week’s events, as Dario pulled his corporate weight over Vampiro’s “commentary” duties in an attempt to subdue any attempts at revenge from Pentagon Jr. or his “Master.” Vampiro appeared immensely conflicted, which worked for his character, who’s tormented by his own mind sometimes.

– The Captain Vasquez/Officer Ryan/Officer Reyes cutscene was a welcome advance in the “undercover cop” storyline, as we learned that the Captain demanded real evidence that Dario was back and told her boys to do anything possible to take him down. Ryan was priceless here, as he bragged about introducing himself to Dario and in turn, getting rewarded with a chance to advance to the next round in the Trios Tournament and it worked out because he’d get to team with his fellow officer.

– Season two has brought us new female talent like Taya and Kobra Moon. Taya has been established as Johnny Mundo’s slimy hardcore sidekick, while KM likes to… hiss like a snake. Yeah, some character development would be nice. We got a taste of it during the KM-Ivelisse match, but not nearly enough to hold our attention. There was a decent exchange of chain wrestling and submissions, but little more was done here than help further establish Ivelisse as the “badass chick.”

– Finally, some character exposition on Killshot. Much necessary as far as his hype video goes. So essentially, he’s a military veteran who escaped from a 13-month enemy capture stint thanks to his keen skill of accuracy with weapons. His “killer instinct” was his best asset as he attempted to blend in LUG’s realm. To this point. Killshot was growing popular with the crowd for his pleasing offense, but lacked a true character. This was a step in the right direction.

– The cutscene with Famous B, Mascarita Sagrada, Sexy Star and The Mack helped advance two storylines in one shot. Famous B continued recruiting new clients in his own epic B-Movie-esque fashion, before crossing paths with The Mack, who tried to convince Sexy Star to provide moral support as he was teaming up with Moth/Mariposa in the Trios Tournament. It wasn’t strange to see Sexy turn down the offer given her ties to Moth/Mariposa initially, but it was cool to see that transition into motivation as she lifted weights more intensely after Mack walked away.

– The most entertaining part of the hour (unexpectedly) came from the Trios Tournament Round One match between The Crew/Ryan and Moth/Mariposa/Mack. This kept our attention all throughout, as we loved the “bitter partners” angle provided on both teams (Ryan/Cortez Castro, Moth/Mack) that ended up leading to the logical finish. Mack/Moth traded “blind tags” (hard chops) and Mack slapped Moth so hard he fell into The Crew’s finisher. Also never thought we’d see the sight of Mr. Cisco in the role of the hot tag, but it actually happened, folks. The post-match angle was also well-done as Sexy Star ran in to save Mack from a further Mariposa beatdown and instead beat her down. This was her glorious “return” to the Sexy Star of old.

– Prince Puma talks and we get a hell of a team between him, Rey Mysterio and Dragon Azteca Jr. for Trios Tournament action for the next week. That cutscene accomplished so much. kudos.

– Fenix could arguably be LUG’s top pure babyface at the moment. His comeback spirit is incomparable to others and he had been greatly popular with the fans. Sure, he lost the belt in Aztec Warfare II rather decisively, but his rematch would allow him to come close to victory against Matanza if not beat him, right? Nope. The build for Matanza has gone to the point where he even senselessly overpowers everything that Fenix throws at him. Yup, the guy who can best “A Man of A Thousand Deaths” can’t beat this guy. Disappointing match to say the least, though the ending itself was actually interesting, with Catrina interrupting a post-match beatdown from Matanza, which set up Mil Muertes attacking him from behind and clearing him from the ring. The dynamic between Fenix and Muertes was what made this unique, as the rivals suddenly appear aligned, indirectly. It’ll be interesting to see where that leads at least, because Matanza sucks.






Quick Results

  • Ivelisse def. Kobra Moon via pinfall
  • Trios Tournament – Round One – Joey Ryan/The Crew def. Marty “The Moth” Martinez/Mariposa/The Mack via pinfall to advance 
  • Lucha Underground Championship – Matanza Cueto (w/Dario Cueto) def. Fenix via pinfall to retain 

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