Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 3/30/16: El Jefe Is Back

Lucha UndergroundBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 3/30/16)

El Jefe Is Back 

– As the above words will declare, this was sort of a “homecoming” for LUG, reverting to what made Season one memorable – live bands, an intriguing heel authority figure and surprise announcements. This was all attributed to one “El Jefe,” aka Dario Cueto. Yup, he’s back in his Temple. The opening video chronicled this, as well as reminding us of the Sexy Star/Mack/Marty “The Moth” Martinez/Mariposa feud, Ivelisse/Son Of Havoc/Angelico getting their Trios Championship back and how Matanza Cueto single-handedly eliminated seven individuals from Aztec Warfare to become the new Lucha Underground Champion.

– The in-ring segment with Dario Cueto and Pentagon Jr. was a good follow-up to last week’s events, allowing Cueto to have his “I’m back” promo with announcements for a new Trios Championship Tournament interrupted by an angry Pentagon, who wanted nothing more than the LUG Championship since he was uninvited from Aztec Warfare and demanded a shot against Matanza. Cueto sent the wrong message by telling Pentagon he wasn’t “Championship material” and paid for it, almost by having his arm broken, painted in a corner to give Pentagon his match.

– Since they abandoned Chavo Guerrero Jr., we’re guessing The Crew are now babyfaces of some sort. Their pairing against Johnny Mundo/Taya was odd booking, but did allow the progressing Mundo-Cage feud to progress some more, as Cage stood out at ringside, making Mundo run away and leave Taya to take the fall for his team. Mundo plays the coward heel excellently.

– A highlight this season has been the transition of Martinez from Temple-obsessed “Aztec Pride” fanboy into a sadistic, clever heel. This was the perfect time for some exposition on his character as we saw a cutscene that showed him donning a polo shirt in a chair explaining how the Moths once ruled the Aztec tribes and how he came from a wealthy family that passed down the Mariposa mask through generations, possessing it as their greatest weapon and now his own sister, the deadliest Mariposa yet, wears it. It was epic in that B-Movie kind of way.

– The cutscene with Black Lotus (mainly ineffective here), Cueto and Catrina was a necessary interaction to explain some motivations as for where things lie. It makes sense for Catrina to be a bit vengeful about her Temple being taken back under the leadership of its original owner and want her man, Mil Muertes to defeat Matanza to get it back under her management. Cueto also did his usual thing when he thanked Catrina for keeping it going in his absence and proposed working with her in lieu of having common enemies, but it didn’t quite go his way.

– The Trios Championship elimination match between Champions SOH/Ivelisse/Angelico and The Disciples Of Death seemed to have the added stipulation if nothing else than to give the match needed drama. DOD are mostly ineffective jobbers doing Catrina’s dirty work, but because they’re void of any personality, they come off as mindless zombies who happen to wrestle. The slight suspense in the match came from Catrina distracting Ivelisse for the first fall and then SOH being in a two-on-one deficit, before Angelico did a nice double stomp spot and Ivelisse kicked Catrina out cold. Highlights aside, it was fairly formulaic and hopefully moves the Trios Champions onto better things. Who’ll emerge from the Trios Tournament?

– The cutscene with Rey Mysterio and Dario laid perspective on the past and the future. Mysterio was right about his suspicions of Matanza being responsible for the original Dragon Azteca disappearing, while Dario reverted the subject on being “starstruck” by Mysterio and giving Mysterio and Dragon Azteca Jr. the chance to team up in the Temple.

– The Sexy Star-Mariposa match was a necessary squash to both display how “affected” Sexy Star was by Mariposa and also establishing Marty’s sister as an unstoppable force. It was quickly over via a vicious-looking split finisher from Mariposa, who then preceded to beat up (with Marty’s help) The Mack and Sexy Star.

– The cutscene with Dario “releasing the cage” to let his brother free to extract punishment on Pentagon Jr. since he asked for it was a slight throwback to season one, except we know who’s behind the cage bars this time.

– The LUG Championship match between Champion Matanza and Pentagon was a mixed bag. On one hand, Pentagon logically came kicking at Matanza, who then mainly no-sold, tossed Pentagon around and took over the bout, eventually putting Pentagon down. The most intriguing part of it was post-match, where Matanza kicked Vampiro out cold when he checked on Pentagon and then powerbombed Pentagon through the announce table for a spot where the table actually breaks. Despite the fancy hardwood damage, the efforts to build Matanza up have been tame. Yes, he’s big and strong, a wee bit athletic, but we’re not convinced he’s the guy fit for the role LUG seems to want him to be. It’s asking a lot for the dedicated viewers to believe that every single babyface in LUG can’t defeat this guy. Hopefully it’s leading to something bigger and better.






Quick Results

  • The Crew def. Johnny Mundo/Taya via pinfall
  • Trios Championship – Elimination Match – Ivelisse/Son Of Havoc/Angelico (Champions) def. The Disciples Of Death (w/Catrina) to retain 
  • Mariposa (w/Marty “The Moth” Martinez) def. Sexy Star (w/The Mack) via pinfall
  • Lucha Underground Championship – Matanza Cueto (Champion) def. Pentagon Jr. via pinfall to retain 

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