Notes In Observance – WCWC 3/26/16: Medically Released

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 3/26/16)

Medically Released 

– Caleb Konley continues to light it up as the WCWC Northwest Pacific Champion, resorting to lowly tactics to keep his belt. His show-opening backstage promo put over his concern for “Gentleman Brawler” Eric Right’s sleeper hold as a dangerous move and pushed for it to be illegal in the upcoming Championship match. They got over that this was a heel clearly scared of a legitimate wrestling move that wasn’t actually illegal. The match itself stayed to the tame formula of their past encounter. Liked the little things like Right coming out without his “Mustache Brigade,” showing he was serious this time around. The twist here was even though Konley pushed for the sleeper to be illegal on Right’s end, he did the move himself and almost won, if it wasn’t for Right’s magic tonic, but when that backfired, Konley hit a back leg low-blow out of the Referee’s view to retain his Title. We’d say it ended there, but Right applied the sleeper after the bell and laid Konley out. Guess the feud will continue?

– The WCWC Tag Team Champions Greg Romero/”Rock God” Ricky Gibson also remain hot Champions, with their manager Mr. Tubbs, racking up wins as of late, albeit because of the 8-ball. At the same time, WCWC has been carefully grooming Marcus Malone as the impressive rookie. He has had one notable victory over WCWC Legacy Champion Grappler III and has busted out great performances despite coming up short most of the time. Gibson and Malone had decent chemistry, allowing for the match to help keep the heels victorious through dirty deeds while giving Malone another breakthrough performance. As you’d probably guess, the 8-ball made the ultimate difference, Romero knocking Malone off the tope rope to help Gibson win. Are we going to get a Malone-Romero match next week? As far as the Champs’ backstage post-match promo, we liked how they justified their actions by saying everybody were cheaters in their own way, all to beat the system. Smart use of heel logic mixed with an element of truth.

– We’re still loving the Kate Carney alliance, as the Ethan HD-Mikey O’Shea match continued their recent feud. The action was entertaining, with Ethan going right to the attack before O’Shea could even enter the ring. It was more about the finish though, with “Carney Couture” making the difference, as she clobbered O’Shea with her designer handbag, knocking O’Shea into the Blackout. Deadly combo that gives Ethan another credible win and the heel some momentum. Our one gripe with this was that at this point of the show, it was becoming apparent most of the match finishes revolve around outside interference. Can we ever get one show without one of these finishes? It’s come to the point where it’s expected.

– The Sugar Brown-Crash Test Cody match continued off the last bout, this time with the finish switched around. CTC brought some raged animosity, which turned things up a notch than usual. At least the finish helped CTC grab a win, with “Carney Couture” backfiring. So essentially, they traded singles victories.

– In the main event picture, there was plenty of recent buildup to The Grappler’s in-ring return, marred by the refusal of his doctor, Dr. Goldfarb to sign a medical release form, also having to deal with The Wrecking Crew constantly trying to screw him out of competing at every turn. Matt Striker’s heel mic work has also been a highlight of this storyline, constantly picking on Grappler. We saw a payoff to a degree here, as Grappler dragged Goldfarb out to the ring to get him to sign the release because he wanted his hands badly on Striker. Gangrel has also gotten involved in the storyline as an ally of Grappler and helped him lay out Goldfarb to get him to sign the paper, albeit while unconscious. The main event, Gangrel/Grappler-Striker/G3, was good while it lasted. We had the battle of the Grapplers mixing in with Striker heeling it up with his mocking mannerisms. That all led to the confusing finish though, where we’re not quite sure what happened, but disqualifying The Wrecking Crew to give the babyfaces the DQ win, it does lead smoothly into next week, as we wonder what’ll happen next. We also liked the post-match angle of Striker getting laid out by Gangrel/Grappler, getting carried to the back by his WC buddies.






Quick Results

  • WCWC Pacific Northwest Championship – Eric Right’s Sleeper Hold Deemed Illegal – Caleb Konley (Champion) def. “Gentleman Brawler” Eric Right via pinfall to retain
  • “The Rock God” Ricky Gibson (w/Mr. Tubbs, Greg Romero) def. Marcus Malone via pinfall
  • Ethan HD (w/Kate Carney) def. Mikey O’Shea via pinfall
  • Crash Test Cody def. Sugar Brown (w/Kate Carney) via pinfall
  • Gangrel/The Grappler def. Matt Striker/Grappler III (w/Jeremy Blanchard) via DQ

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