Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 3/22/16: Get To Action

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 3/22/16)

Get To Action

– Most of 2016’s beginning was dedicated to building Matt Hardy and his growing “Brand,” with his wife Reby, Tyrus and Rockstar Spud as unstoppable forces when banded together. Matt was on the verge of a complete career resurgence with his “Iconic” character and held on to the World Title with a strong grasp, even though we knew Drew Galloway was waiting in the wings. Perhaps it was risky to take the belt off Matt so soon, but if it’d go to anybody, Galloway was a fine choice. The opening video showed how it all went down last week, with Galloway undoing a fully thought-out Matt plan to keep his Title.

– The opening in-ring segment with Galloway, Matt, Tyrus, Reby, Spud, Jeff Hardy, TNA King Of The Mountain Champion Eric Young, Bram, Ethan Carter III, The Miracle, Maria and Dixie Carter featured 11 people (holy cow) but did a good job of setting up the show’s later main event based off one thing – everybody claiming they should be getting the first Title shot against Galloway. As for Galloway’s “celebration promo,” it was okay, though we’re not sure painting him as a company savior works in a babyface light. Doesn’t him winning the belt already bring the company back to prominence? Did he need to say it himself? Matt was in classic heel conspiracy mode, which fit his character. Jeff had a claim to the Title since he was unfairly taken out of last week’s main event by Young, which again led to Young/Bram attacking him again and the MH Brand attacking Galloway. EC3 saved Galloway from getting powerbombed through a table by Young and then staked his claim for the belt, followed by Miracle/Maria. After Galloway proclaimed himself a “fighting Champion,” Dixie Carter booked the main event, which was a gauntlet to decide who’d get that first shot at Galloway.

– The backstage promo from TNA World Tag Team Champions Beer Money was them cracking jokes on facing old TNA teams like the legendary Pacman Jones/Truth and America’s Most Wanted for their Tag Team Invitational, where they challenged any former Tag Champs in TNA history. The “joke” in bringing up AMW was that Storm was a member of that team and would need to be on both teams in the match. Meh. All that did was remind us of Pacman Jones in TNA and that’s never good.

– Not much of the lottery drawing segments for the main event gauntlet did anything more than simply hype the match itself with short promos, so we’ll condense it into one paragraph for your reading pleasure. The Miracle gave a good promo that sent a message to Galloway that he ultimately decided the company’s course and winning the belt would fulfill his destiny of “saving” the company. EY talked himself up as one of pro wrestling’s most dangerous people and then saw Willow again lurking in the background. Jeff talked about his constant setbacks and how it was his time for retribution. EC3 was gunning for Miracle with some cutesy lines. The most memorable one was easily the MH Brand segment, where Matt cried “conspiracy” and actually swapped numbers with Spud.

– With Jessie Godderz coming into his own as “The Man” and Robbie E getting a revamped career push, perhaps it wasn’t the best time to reunite The Bro-Mans, but alas, it happened and it was our TNA World Tag Team Championship match. The action was okay for what it was and we liked how the finish showed BM taking the momentum back. On that note, it did seem odd that Godderz and Robbie were once at each other’s throats last time they were on screen together and now were suddenly buddy-buddy again.

– Decay’s backstage promo had Abyss talk why they bonded together (people wouldn’t understand it apparently) and it solidly hyped the No Disqualification match between Crazzy Steve and Eddie Edwards, designed to be something up Decay’s alley. As far as the match itself, it was pretty decent as far as what two men could do with chairs in this day and age, but we liked how Edwards went over despite the numbers game working against him. He looked smart outwitting both Steve and Rosemary.

– Maria’s backstage promo towards Knockouts Champion Gail Kim was finely delivered, as she criticized Kim for changing nothing in the division while being Champion, something she’d look to do if she ever became the Champion. She also threw in her face that she pinned her last week.

– A shining positive in recent weeks has been the revert of Lashley’s character to the no-nonsense badass that simply does what he wants. His backstage segment with Dixie Carter showed him “getting his wish.” We’d guess he got a spot in the gauntlet?

– In theory, Maria getting out of a match with Kim to give her shot to one of The Dollhouse members in an attempt to paint herself as a leader and break up the faction was okay. The result wasn’t too desirable. We’re all for The Dollhouse splitting up; after all, they could redesign the division with individual characters if need be. The three-way between Marti Bell, Jade and Rebel with Maria on commentary was bad by usual standards and was six minutes too long. Some rough botches and terrible timed spots. At the least, Jade seems to have potential with Maria on her side, but we recently seen Kim defeat Jade in convincing fashion for the same Title. What’s to stop us from believing it won’t happen again?

– Grado and Mahabali Shera planning a party for next week is a scary thought. A very scary thought. So much for the “new, serious” Grado.

– The main event gauntlet to decide Galloway’s first Title defense opponent was an entertaining way to advance several feuds within one match, while ultimately giving everyone what they wanted to see. The pre-match Lashley-Galloway promo exchange was intense yet interesting, as we found out Lashley was indeed granted a spot in the match. Loved the way Lashley grinned at the announce booth on his way out and referred to Pope as a “little bitch,” which drew death stares from Pope. The match featured other aspects too, like EC3 starting from the beginning and constantly having to come back against the stacked odds, almost doing so right towards the end when Matt eliminated him. There were also seeds planted for Young-Bram to break up based on the accidental elimination of Young by Bram. Most notably, Pope got revenge against Lashley by eliminating him from the match himself, which then they brawled to the back. The finishing moments was all brother against brother, culminating in Jeff putting Matt over the tope rope. Galloway and Jeff should provide a fun main event for the next week’s show for sure.






Quick Results

  • TNA World Tag Team Championship – Beer Money (Champions) def. BroMans via pinfall to retain
  • No Disqualification Match – Eddie Edwards def. Crazzy Steve (w/Rosemary) via pinfall
  • Winner Gets Maria’s Knockouts Championship Title Shot – Three-Way – Jade def. Marti Bell and Rebel via pinfall
  • Winner Gets TNA World Heavyweight Championship Title Shot – Gauntlet Battle Royale – Jeff Hardy def. Matt Hardy, Ethan Carter III, Lashley, Bram, Eric Young, Tyrus, Rockstar Spud and The Miracle 

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