Top Five WWE Returns We’d Like To See

By Anthony Zevoteck



Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

WWE can be a “make it or break it” territory for a wrestling career. It has been proven that when things go great, they go very great, to the point that when a superstar leaves the company, it can leave a hole that while Creative fills, fans can’t help but fantasize “what if.” 

“What if they had been given full time to blossom?” 

“What if they actually got that push?”

Of course, the biggest: “What if they ever come back to WWE?” 

In 2015, we saw both The Dudley Boyz and Alberto Del Rio make their returns and that proves that anybody could come back to WWE no matter how bad the departure might’ve been.

Below are five returns we think are possible sometime down the road and of course, fantasized by WWE fans daily. 






5) Shelton Benjamin 

Between 2003 and 2005, Benjamin transitioned from a successful tag team with Charlie Haas into a formidable singles competitor, highlighted by three consecutive victories over Triple H and feud with Evolution in 2004. With his exciting offense and athleticism, he was primed for a top run on the card, before getting saddled with a “Mama” and sent to the relaunched ECW brand. Despite the change to blonde hair and “Gold Standard” moniker, it wasn’t enough to keep him afloat, as WWE released him in 2010, to fans’ dismay. For the last six years, Benjamin has dipped around the independent circuit, working for companies ranging from Ring Of Honor to New Japan Pro-Wrestling and even Global Force Wrestling. At 40 years old, he could come back to WWE to a big pop and reestablish himself as a main event player. He has name recognition and who wouldn’t want one last run?




4) Kharma 

Kharma, known better as Awesome Kong of TNA fame, established herself as a monstrous force capable of putting on excellent matches, making a WWE run imminent. Her arrival there was met with an overwhelming welcome from fans desperate to see change to the then-fledgling Divas Division. After some intense vignettes that portrayed her as a beast that tore up dolls, she made her debut, squashing and dismantling Divas alike before infamously breaking down to tears. A short feud with the Bella Twins was cut short because of a revealed pregnancy and Kharma would soon leave afterwards. Despite a brief 2012 Royal Rumble surprise appearance, many would still love to see what a full WWE run would do for her career. With her recent TNA stint now behind her, it may become a reality.




3) Drew McIntyre

Early in his WWE run, he was branded by Vince McMahon himself as the “Chosen One” destined for Championships and success. Despite his great performances, mediocre feuds and a brief Intercontinental Championship reign weren’t enough to keep him relevant and he sunk to the bottom of the card faster than a bowling ball in a bathtub. It got worse when he was saddled with the dreadful 3MB gimmick with Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal, but was eventually let go. Since appearing in TNA, he has found massive success as Drew Galloway, their top babyface who simply loves to wrestle. One could argue that TNA might be his best option, but wouldn’t it be awesome to see him come back to WWE treated with the push he should’ve gotten from the get-go?




2) John Morrison

Morrison first became notorious as a tag team wrestler in 2005 under the Johnny Nitro name as part of the “paparazzi-obsessed, fur coat-wearing celebrities” MNM, who won Championship gold on their SmackDown debut. He then took off on his own with inspiration from Jim Morrison, essentially turning into a 1960’s rocker with keen wrestling aerial abilities. “The Shaman of Sexy” quickly became one of the rebranded ECW’s top names while also establishing himself in a tag team with The Miz, which helped both guys get over with fans who were initially critical of the duo. After his 2012 WWE departure, he joined the independent scene before eventually settling with Lucha Underground for the long run as Johnny Mundo, an over-the-top version of himself. Although he’s one of the reasons LUG has taken off, we can’t count out one final WWE run. He’d give the United States and Intercontinental Championship pictures a good shakeup.




1) CM Punk

Undoubtedly, if you ask most pro wrestling fans who they’d like to see return to WWE, CM Punk will definitely be the answer. The guy left the company more than two years ago and even in recent shows, chants of his name still echo through arena walls. At one time, he set the WWE ablaze with the “Reality Era,” his anti-authority character catching on with fans desperate for creative change. Punk’s name will remain in WWE history books as the longest reigning WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the modern era with 434 days, but as we all know, his departure didn’t occur under the best of terms and he has voiced many frustrations with the company over various platforms, making a WWE return highly unlikely, coupled with that of his signing with the UFC and taking up MMA. However, never say never. Bridges can be rebuilt. Fences can be mended. Bret Hart, who had the most unceremonious exit from the company, eventually spoke with them again in 2005 for DVD footage and then coming back to WWE TV in the years to follow. Who knows what could happen years down the road?

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